Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Say Cheese! It's The Hodgepodge

Welcome to June and this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then hop over and leave a comment for your neighbor there.  

From this Side of the Pond

1. It's National Cheese Day (June 4)...does anyone not like cheese? What's your favorite? Last thing you ate or made with cheese? 

I know people who can't eat cheese, but I don't know anyone who doesn't like cheese. How to pick a favorite? It depends on what we're doing (is it dinner? an appetizer? a sandwich?) and the time of day. Actually time of day doesn't factor in as I can pretty much eat cheese anytime. 

I love a good hard cheddar, mozzarella melted on pizza or atop a red ripe tomato with a sprig of fresh basil, a warm Brie in France, parmesan shaved over a salad or chunked on a cheese board, and even a good ole slice of American on a ham sandwich. 

Last thing I ate with cheese was a turkey wrap I made for lunch that had just a sprinkle of cheddar on it. 

2. Last time you were instructed to 'say cheese!'? How do you feel about having your picture taken? 

A few pics were snapped when we were with friends this past weekend, so that was probably the most recent. I don't mind having my picture taken if the person taking the picture aims for a nice angle. I don't need it perfect, I like real, but hubs has been known to snap my picture while I'm still mid-sentence, talking with my hands, or pushing my hair away from my face, and I'm not so much a fan of that. 

3. What's your travel packing strategy? Are you typically a light packer or do you throw in everything but the ktichen sink? When flying do you check a bag or aim for carry on only? 

With all the travel we've done and still do you'd think I'd be an expert, but nope. I've improved, but have not mastered the art of traveling light. And if it's a road trip I adopt the motto of 'just throw it in the car. in case we need/want it' whatever 'it' may be. No need to pack light if we've got a whole car we can fill, right? Hubs may or may not agree. Also I like a suitcase, but then I also love to have a couple of totes for different things. I like to use packing cubes and have clothes separated by outfit or day/night etc. 

I'm better with air travel because space is limited. For years I never worried about checking a bag for a week long stay someplace, but now we try our best to get everything in carry ons to be sure we have it on the other end. When we took a nine day road trip up the coast of California about a year and a half ago (which included a wedding along the way) I got everything into my two carryons.  

4. What is it about people's cell phone habits that you find most annoying? 

The list is long, but lately it's people on their phones in the car. Speaking as someone who has been on the road a lot recently, it seems like everyone is on their phone. I'm not talking about people using hands free, or their speaker, I'm talking about people literally holding their phone up in front of their face. I can't tell you how many people we saw facetiming!! while also driving on our most recent road trip. 

Oh, and one more annoying phone thing (I told you the list is long). People talking on their phone in a bathroom stall. Ewwwwwww!!!

5. What will be your summer mantra/slogan? 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My daughter1, who has the loveliest way with words, and who is just the sweetest, and who manages this adorable crew all day every day...

...and who blogs at Sincerely Shannon is celebrating a birthday later this week. If you have a minute, hop over to her blog and wish her a happy day. 

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  1. How could I have forgotten about people talking on their phone in the public bathroom?? That is a big EWWWW!

  2. There is no need to pack light when traveling by car! Air, of course, is a different story. Regarding cell phones and cars- our state recently passed a law to make it illegal to be holding a phone while driving. At first I was not in favor of this... government intrusion and so on. But I have changed my tune and am glad for this law. Not everyone obeys it but I think it will have an impact on distracted driving due to cell phones.

  3. My husband likes to snap a "selfie" of the two of us in the car whenever I fall asleep in the passenger seat. Never ever flattering! LOL Thankfully he exercises discretion in who he shares those photos with. I agree with you about not bothering to pack light when traveling by car. Have a great week!

  4. Love the pic with your summer mantra! I too am trying to find the good in each day. I don't know why but I have become very aware of the ways that each days has highs and lows, peaks and valleys. I am trying to be grateful for the little niceties as each day passes. As always, thanks for hosting!

  5. We have E-DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act) in Washington, so you have to be hands-free, but it doesn't stop people! Yep, public bathroom conversations are yeuch! Thanks for hosting the Hodgepodge.

  6. I was glad to see Alabama's upping its "hands-free" law, but wonder just how it can be enforced. I'm never comfortable observing those who drive and text, facetime, etc. and try to put as much distance between their car and mine as is possible.
    Your 'girl' has such a beautiful family ... I'm going to go over her way and introduce myself!

  7. Hi Joyce, first ... I loved Shannon's latest post. :-) You are right she has a wonderful way of putting her heart into words.
    Ha Ha... I am still laughing about how Hubs captures you on camera. Too Funny!!
    Happy Summer Days,

  8. There really are many annoying phone habits and talking in a bathroom stall is just gross! Distracted driving is a problem. Even the hands free can be distracting for many if engrossed in an engrossing conversation. A few years back my husband was sitting at a light, stopped and was rear ended by someone talking on cellphone. Totaled our car ( one more payment to go) and sent my husband to the hospital. The driver was a teen.
    Thanks for hostessing the Hodgepodge. Have a great week!

  9. I love the picture at the end! I will have to check out her blog. I guess those bathroom conversations could be yucky, unless they were using handless earphones. Number 5 is a good reminder to be positive. Pretty picture too!

  10. We do think a lot alike. Loved the pic of you and your kids. They are so adorable, and I did take you advise and visit with Shannon. So enjoyed her writing and could almost picture her relaxing on the beach. Mary-Beth is going to miss that family.

  11. Great answers to some damn good questions and you ended with a nice photo.
    Weird people don't like cheese, me well my favourite is Colby but I also like Swiss, Tasty and Cheddar.
    I can't remember the last time I was asked to say cheese but I have no problem having my photo taken even if I am unphotogenic.
    Compared to Tim I pack light, he is an over packer, packing far more then is needed.
    I find it rude to answer the phone while engaged with someone else like at a checkout, Tim will be having a conversation with me or one of our girls his phone will ring and he will answer it and wonder off mid conversation.

  12. Facetiming while! I agree about trying to get it all in a carry-on for air travel. I will often carry-on going to the destination and then check it on the way back so I don't have to deal with it in the airport. Hope you are having a great week!

  13. A great slogan. I'll have to click over with a Happy Birthday. I'm glad I can tolerate cheese. It took a lot of years for our son to figure out he is lactose intolerant. When he's around we don't serve cheesy things, or milk filled things. :) Packing is a fine art that I have not mastered for sure. Happy June to you!

  14. I much prefer a road trip to flying, even when it takes two extra days. I put the hanger rod across the back seat and hang my clothes there. I only pack unmentionables, PJs, and toiletries in my bag. So easy!! LOL Thank you for a cheesy and very fun Hodgepodge!! Happy birthday to Shannon. I enjoyed her most recent posts!

  15. My middle son will only eat cheese on pizza and otherwise does not like the texture at all-- not cold, not melted... I think it's just weird! LOL Even when driving I try to limit what I pack but my husband always reminds me I can bring as much as I want since we have the whole back of the car so I think it's funny that in our families those roles are reversed.

  16. I do like cheese. Gabby makes a cheese board often and they are so good. That's cute about hubs taking your photo. I love a road trip for packing because it doesn't matter so much. I am impressed with how you will pack outfits. Yes, it sucks when luggage is lost. I agree with you on the cell phones. My phone stays in my purse when I drive and I usually don't have it hooked up to the car for talking. Love your montra. Happy Birthday to Daughter#1.

  17. I passed a guy the other day who couldn't stay in his lane...he was talking on his phone with his phone in his hand. It's just dangerous and I wish law enforcement could enforce it better. I agree with talking on the phone in the bathroom...that's just gross!

  18. In Belgium we have a law now, which forbids to telephone in your car and the fine is severe ! I don't have a hand free phone, so if I want to call somebody or answer a call, I have to stop my car and only then I can call if I don't want to pay 120$ or more !