Thursday, June 17, 2010

I ain't missing you at all

It's a gray day here today. What is up with all the crazy rain lately? We haven't had the flooding like some places but we've had a lot of rain and I've got the yellow tipped leaves on my tomato plants to prove it. They are screaming for sunshine. We aren't getting gentle rains either....none of those lovely soft summer showers. It's been more like dry skies one minute and a deluge complete with thunder and lightning the next. Then it quits just as suddenly and the humidity cranks back up. Did you come here to read about the weather? Sorry.

I skipped my weekly random dozen yesterday because it was our anniversary and I wanted to write something anniversary-ish. It's a day late but here is this week's random dozen...

1. I think I'll count the blurb about the weather as item #1. It was pretty random.

2. In spite of the rain my dahlias are finally blooming.

I guess they're rebels.
They are beautiful.

3. Speaking of beautiful...these were delivered yesterday...

I always get yellow roses on special occasions...they are opening up nicely today and are definitely a bright spot on this dreary Thursday.

4. Does anyone else find it completely unfair that I ate a salad at home for my anniversary dinner while hubs had an exotic something in a restaurant in Istanbul? A restaurant with an underground cave that has been around since 300 something AD? Yeah.

5. I've been reviewing the budget hubs and I made last summer when we were buying this house. We've been in almost a year now so I thought I'd see how we did in allocating monies to various categories. Here are my conclusions-
  • owning a home is expensive
  • our lawn/snow plow guy should be taking a nice holiday this year
  • so should our hair dresser
  • and probably our dry cleaner too
6. When hubs is out of town I stay up ridunkulously late.

7. When hubs is in town I am generally in a Rip Van Winkle sleep on the sofa by 8:30 PM. Come home hubs...I need my beauty sleep. Seriously. The circles are so dark and deep you are not going to recognize me.

8. What in the world was up with all the singing on The Bachelorette this week? And it was really bad singing too. And Awk-ward. With a capital A. Remind me again why I watch that show?

9. I took a yoga class on Tuesday evening. I know the rest of the world has been doing yoga since 1972 and I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon but I really enjoyed it. It's not held in a gym which is part of its appeal. I belong to a gym but I'm not really a gym person. Actually I'm more of a chocolate cake person which is why I joined a gym in the first place. And I love to swim which is why I joined this particular gym but I detest all the rigamarole associated with it...I know some people live for their gym workouts but I much prefer a hike outdoors.

10. I went to the library on Tuesday and checked out out a few hundred books, mostly mysteries...see #6.

11. Daughter1 is starting a job today. Yay for grown kids working! It's a nice job but not what she wants to do forever. Its good to start somewhere though, especially when you have a car and an apartment and electricity and stuff.

12. I miss my girls. It doesn't feel like summer without kids sleeping until noon and me complaining about it and then making lots of noise to try to wake them up and then yelling, 'Are we ever going to get out of the house???!' while they take two hours to get showered, fix hair, and check facebook. Then we get in my car and they shriek MOM!!! because I have my radio a little bit, ahem, loud, and we head out to lunch/shopping/movie/bookstore and we talk so much I go past the road I need to be on and I also maybe annoy them a little bit but in a sweet way that they kinda want to laugh too. Then later I look in their bathrooms and see their pjs on the floor and their hot rollers and makeup and contact solution scattered all across the counters and I ask them if this is how they live at school and they roll their eyes and I sigh. Then we'd play Wii and I'd be over zealous and they'd make fun of that and we would laugh. A lot. Later we'd all lounge on the big comfy couch with popcorn and Twizzlers and watch that silly Bachelorette or that silly NJ Housewives or that old favorite The Little Mermaid all together and I'd get hugs and kisses and not feel off kilter.

Well now...that was surprisingly therapeutic.


  1. What a beautiful dahlia and yellow roses! Loved this post and you talking about your girls.

  2. I just started swimming...needed something other than running. I also am not a "gym" person, but it has the pool. It also has a yoga class, but I am fearful that I'll be an idiot not knowing what to do or how to do it. Get over it, right??

    Have a great day and hurry home hubs!!

  3. I with you on #12! No kids around here either and it's weird, weird, weird! Will we really ever get used to being empty nesters? I doubt it!

  4. Joyce,

    So sorry that you both had to be apart on your anniversary and sending you both wishing from a sunny, too hot, overly dry, probably going to burn up like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible, state of CA.

    I can't sleep when Steve isn't home either, the house makes way too many noises I can't explain and never happen when he is home.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Love the dahial is beautiful. So are the yellow roses, my favorites! Good for you with the Yoga class. I do nothing to help myself!!
    My hubs will be home tonight and our anniversary is next week. I think he will be home :)

  6. Hubs outdid himself with the yellow roses, but I do think he needs to take you out for a nice dinner when he returns.

  7. Joyce,

    I love your random posts. I especially loved you reminiscing in #12 about your precious girls. I enjoy so much how you word things.

    Happy Anniversary! Was that yesterday or today? I'm so behind on reading blogs and blogging myself, that I can't keep it straight.

    Guess what? I am watching the Bachelorette now. Sigh. It's addictive and that's why you like it, too, I'm guessing. I like happy endings even it they are attained in such a strange, dramatic, dating-too-many-people-at-once kind of way. Actually, you might know my stance on courtships and purity which the Bachelorette is the antithesis to. Sigh again.

    I'm doing well, by the way. I just feel overly busy with trying to get everything just the way I want it around here, taking the kids to basketball camp, VBS, and still grading school tests & things. Every so often I take a moment and think about my friends and experiences in England and really get sad. Then it's time to fix lunch or dinner again and reality sets back in.

    It's hard to believe that you have been back in the U.S. for around a year now. How are you doing? :-)

    Many Blessings to you,

  8. Yes please, I want all of #12 please!!! I couldn't have said it better. I love you and miss you too!

  9. I tend to stay up late when DH is out of town too. It's hard being home alone, especially on a special day! Hang in there, he'll be home soon.

  10. Loved #12 and I would totally be jealous of the Istanbul restaurant!

  11. I hope your hubs is home for the weekend and takes you out for a proper dinner! Love the flowers!

  12. I enjoyed your list. I need to get to the library for some good summer reading.

  13. So jealous of your Dahlia...I'm just glad I haven't killed the one PTO gave us for teacher appreciation.
    I bet hubs does something extra special when he gets home! Or maybe he'll bring you back something uber-special!
    Loved the item about your girlies...y'all are so sweet!

  14. Awwww....I just read your daughter's comment to #12...."yes, please, I want all of #12".....awww, how precious. They DO miss us sometimes! They really do!!! :-)
    I miss those times with my son, too, Joyce. We used to take an occasional day off of homeschooling and watch chick flicks together or when he was younger it might be Cinderelly ;-) or Jungle Book or The Incredible Journey. *sighhhhh*
    Loved reading randomness AND Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs.
    Your dahlias and roses are simply beautiful!!
    AND lastly, we had the same rain a few days ago but now it is hot and humid here.

  15. I love your randomness. All. of. it. And I'm pretty sure my bathroom looks like your girls have been there. ;) {Your last one made me look forward to the years ahead instead of always getting teary over the seasons that are slipping through my fingers... Sigh.} Happy Anniversary!

  16. Enjoyed your post! So sorry you are missing your hubs and your girls. Hope he will be home soon! Your relationship with your girls reminds me of me and my daughter. She knew I was mom, but we were also best friends. And I miss her something terrible!
    until next time... nel

  17. Your flowers are beautiful! And I agree with #12--except with my boys.