Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Random Game of Tag

Raise your hand if you think summertime takes a long time to get here but once it arrives it moves like a speeding locomotive...winter arrives and it hovers. Why is that?

Moving know it just wouldn't be Wednesday without a little bit of random so here you go...

1. People in the south like to talk about the weather almost as much as people in England like to talk about the weather. We won't mention how often I talk about the weather. Hey-it's Wednesday people.

2. It is so humid here that talking about the weather is completely know its bad when you step outside at 7 am and your sunglasses immediately fog up.

3. I wish we could grow crepe myrtle in our little corner of the Northeast...they are so beautiful all across the south...even the tiniest shopping center has a patch of them blooming in all their pink, white, or lilac glory.

4. My mom is turning 80 next week and I'm hosting a family party to celebrate. Does anyone else have trouble thinking of their mother as the age she actually is? In my mind when I think of my mom she is about 40 years old. She will always be that age in my head.

5. My girls have tried on a lot of clothes in the past two days and every single thing looks positively adorable on them. How is 00 petite even a real size?

6. I think red ripe watermelon is one of the best things ever created. It satisfies my sweet tooth yet its not chocolate. Plus, it is packed with anti-oxidants and has blah blah blah lots of other health benefits (you can read more about that here if you like). I eat a ridiculous amount of watermelon in the summertime.

7. I believe I've mentioned a time or ten that I'm hanging out with my girls this week which doesn't leave a lot of time for the ole blog. Last weekend Mary over at Life in a Small Town tagged me in a game of blog tag. I figured today was the perfect day to play along...the next five questions are part of the tag and they are for sure random so it works for me. Thanks Mary!

1. (aka 8.) What’s your staple meal (ie. what meal do you cook most often when you can’t be bothered to be adventurous)?

In the summertime it's all about the vegetables...a plate of tomatoes usually with fresh mozzarella and home grown basil, squash fixed some way and of course some sweet Jersey corn and we're good to go...hubs will throw something on the grill...does that count as my staple meal?

In the winter it's definitely a pot of soup/chili/stew or spaghetti and meatballs...comfort food.

2. (aka 9.)- What do you want to be when you grow up?

I fear I am grown up.
Just in case author...a grandmother...a million things.

3. (aka 10.)- What book are you reading at the moment (if any)?

I am always reading at least one book. I have a couple going now but just finished The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister and I liked it a lot. Her writing is lovely plus its set in a cooking school which speaks to me.

4. (aka 11.) How do you relax?

Reading is probably my number 1 way to relax and if there's a beach involved so much the better. I guess I'd also say cooking...I know some people find that really stressful but I love to cook. Then there's blogging, working crossword puzzles, sudoku, napping on my sun room couch...I'm not really a person who has trouble relaxing.

5. (aka 12.) What color are the interior walls of your home?

bold-navy blue, gold, and a warm red downstairs with mostly warm neutrals upstairs although our bedroom is a sagey green which I love. I'm not a pastel person when it comes to paint color. Or life.


  1. I'm not pastel either. I love bright, vivid colors. It is definitely humid outside and it makes my hair frizz way more than normal.

  2. I do love bright colors too, and it is hot and humid in the South too, giggles, yeah and do remember, us Southern girls do not sweat, we glisten. Hugs my friend.

  3. I"m raising my hand! I think it's because we wait for Summer to come and dread Winter arriving. Basically it's all mental. Ha
    I know what you mean about your moms age, mine just turned 70 but I think she should only be 50 ish. But that's because I only feel 30 ish. :)

  4. 00 petite! They are like half-people! :)

  5. My hand is raised high and waiving wildly here! lol. Great random. I love melon too. And you are so right. It will satisfy a sweet craving. Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

  6. Your randoms are always fun to read. Hope you survive the heat. We're headed to Seattle in about 10 days. Can't wait to get out of the heat.

  7. I think around 40 is the perfect age to remember our mothers and ourselves. I heard 40 is the new 29. Love the crepe myrtles too. I have a few small ones in the yard that are struggling...but I keep up hope!

  8. Hope you have a great time with your girls and that your Mother's party is fabulous. Don't worry about the blog. We will be right here when you get back:)

  9. Awww... Happy birthday to your mom!
    I'm now craving watermelon... in the middle of the night. :) Your crepe myrtles are lovely!

  10. I am in total agreement with you, Summer seems to take too long to get here and doesn't last nearly long enough! I've missed reading your posts, what a great one to return to. And thanks for reminding me of the delicious goodness of watermelon, now I'm going to have to stop by the farmstand and pick one up this afternoon! ;)

  11. My mom turned 80 last December and I have to agree with you--I can't believe she is that age. In my mind, she isn't!

    The crepe myrtles are real pretty. I saw a plant today (I'm not a plant person so please don't ask what it was.) that was had red spear-like flowers on it.