Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Real Housewife from NJ

Yesterday I was cleaning out my refrigerator because that is what real housewives from NJ do and as I was cleaning I saw a couple of episodes of the show by the same name and it got me to thinking about something. Do people who read my blog watch that program? Do people who read my blog think all NJ housewives are like the women on that show? Does anybody think I sit around with my friends every day and every night and talk about other 'friends' who aren't there? Excessively. To the point that you want to cover your ears and sing lalalalala when they start talking? Does anybody think I would spend over $1900 in one fell swoop in a children's boutique? Does anybody think my hubs would be okay with it if I did? Uh...he wouldn't, just so we're clear.

Speaking of reality programming (and I think 'reality' is now a misnomer because seriously, editing is not part of 'reality'), are you watching The Bachelorette this season? Last night was something. Not sure what word to use but let's just say the new bachelorette is definitely the touchy feely type. Can we say awkward? I can't help myself...I always think of their mamas watching and cringe. Alot.

And my poor hubs.

I saw the first two episodes when he was out of town but when we were channel surfing over the weekend (yeah, the life of a NJ housewife really is pretty exciting) I told him that they were replaying last week's episode if he wanted to catch up and he said, "I am NOT watching that!" Last night he had a business dinner and I was secretly happy because it meant I could watch the new episode and text my daughter back and forth with commentary throughout the show because that's what we like to do.

Except hub's dinner ended early and he came in while the show was still on.
Oh dear.

So he sat down on the couch and began telling me about some stuff at work and before you know it he is commenting on the wrestler's hair and all the tears and whoa, she's friendly isn't she? Again, it's like a train wreck... you just can't help but get sucked into the drama that is reality television. And fyi, boy drama on The Bachelorette is different than girl drama on The Bachelor. And I know it sounds sexist but it feels different watching a Bachelorette audition potential husbands than it does watching a Bachelor audition potential wives. Different in a sleazy icky sort of way.

Okay, back to the real housewife from NJ...today I'm headed to the gym and then will finish up some cleaning in preparation for house guests arriving Thursday, plan menus, indulge in a pedicure, vote in the primary (yes, real housewives from NJ vote), and meet hubs and some friends for dinner later. There will be no swearing, no table turning, and no excessive bling in case you are wondering. Just another glamorous day in paradise NJ.

I really don't understand why I don't have my own show?


  1. I agree the life of a "real" housewife of NJ is very exciting. Yesterday, I vacuumed & did laundry. I did manage to sneak lunch in with a friend, but it was at the park with my 3 year old.

    I do think people not from this area do get a bad sense of what NJ is about. With shows like real housewives, NJ shore, and all the other bad NJ stereo types. They would be surprised if they saw how large we live. :)

  2. I am sure you would have a great show. It would be scary for me to have a show...Thank you for your prayers and support.

  3. Welllll....I've only seen snippets of the Bachelorette but I might have to give it a peek now that you have piqued my interest...:-) BUT, do we really think this is the way to find true love? Oh. my. word. :-)
    AND I've only seen some episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City or was it Manhattan? I can't remember but it just made me so weary to watch it because I felt so sorry for those women who were constantly jockeyeing for status and so on.
    Now, as to New Jersey? :-) I've only seen snippets of Jersey Shore here and there on other shows, like GMA, and I've not had the privilege of seeing any of the Real Housewives from New Jersey but I am sure you are not even close to being one of them, Joyce. My goodness! LOL
    And to think people from other countries possibly think that this is what real life is like here in America? Oh. my. word.

  4. I grew up in NJ and have 3 sister's in NJ still...I have seen a few " housewives" of NJ type in there area...but mostly NJ wives are like everybody else...I love NJ and hate shows like the and Jersey shore giving the Garden State a bad name!

  5. I'm a Jersey girl, but have never seen the show. I can imagine the stereotypes that you described to be exactly what they would portray on this show. It is few and far between that you find women like this there. They are typically "guidettes" from certain areas, but aren't the norm. It gives us all a bad rap. Do they still have big hair, manicured nails, with lots of make-up on all the while chewing gum through endless conversations while holding their purses on bent arms? I don't miss that part of my beloved home state, but I sure do miss the real Jersey shore.

    And the Bachelorette? Oh my, does that woman have no shame? I have watched it this season, but missed last night. I think of their mommas, too, and cringe at what they must be thinking. It would shock America if a woman with morals showed up and decided not to let anyone touch her, but court her and sweep her off her feet. I must be dreaming, that will never happen!

  6. Very cute post Joyce. My husband LOVES Desperate Housewives. I have to leave the room! UGH!
    I don't watch any reality shows . . . occasionally Survivor but the people there make me so mad, I usually leave the room on that one too.
    I hope people don't think those people are the norm. We are 20 miles away from OC, and I am not ANYTHING like those women! I've heard they are a mess!
    :) Have a great day! karen

  7. If you had your own show, I'd watch. Except that I'm pretty sure it would have to be on National Geographic or The Discovery Channel or The Food Network or HGTV since your life is definitely more educational in nature (as in..."What TO do" and not "What the Heck are these people thinking?!" type programming).

  8. LOL. I have not watched NJ Housewives or any of them actually but I have no idea why you do not have your own show! I'm pretty sure it would be so much more entertaining! I mean, you at least would show us how to cook/bake something.
    I know, right?! regarding the Bach. Yikes, Ali seems to be kissing really early in the selection process. Ugh

  9. Reality is not reality. In some cases it's people who have thrown away any and all claims at class and/or appropriate behavior for their fifteen minutes of fame. In other cases it's sheer voyeurism. Glad to know you're not like the ones on TV. (I never thought you were!) : )

  10. Reality = boo!

    But then, I'm a guy.

  11. Joyce,

    I did watch the Bachelorette and agree with you and most of the readers who have commented. I am not sure this is ever the perfect way to find true love than throwing yourself at everyone who pays the least bit attention to you.

    In reality, I like the wrestler, he shows true character in spite of all the others.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. I don't watch that show...just so you know. I am a little disappointed that I won't be reading about botox parties, cat fights, and drunkedness on this blog, but you have to remember you went abroad and got "refined", so you don't really count...ha ha!!

  13. You should totally have your own show! You are an axciting gal! Don't underestimate yourself! :)

  14. OH, my husband HATES it when I have my TV nights. This means I watch Grey´s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. He barely makes it through those, and since they are fiction shows, he "lets" me. But I know he would HATE the Bachlorette. Good thing we don´t get that show here.
    I´ve seen the NJ Housewives a few times, but I think it´s so unrealistic. I mean, come on, we´re talking REALITY here. And you just confirmed the fact the real people don´t live like that. The producers should think about that.

  15. Well, you know how I feel about the Real Housewives. They are all comedies, right? And, now, after reading comments, I may have to watch the Bachelorette.

  16. It really is different watching The Bachelorette, isn't it? It's all a train wreck though... you really can't help but watch. ;)

    And the Housewives of {insert any location}... I don't watch, but have only caught a few when there was nothing else... and I obviously had a momentary lapse of sanity. ;) Where do they find these people? Seriously.

    I'm convinced those 'reality' shows are scripted for the most part.

    The network should call you instead. Just sayin'.

  17. I would watch your show Joyce. I am sure it would be a hit. I know I would get to laugh, you always make me laugh. Thanks for sharing!
    until next time... nel

  18. I do watch the housewives of NJ. I also know that all NJ woman are not like them! I don't watch any of the other housewive shows I just got hooked on the NJ group last year. You just have to laugh and know how crazy the show is!
    I don't watch the bachelor shows.