Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair to partly fattening

This was the first weekend in a while we have not packed a suitcase to travel somewhere and it felt good.
Really good.
We stayed in Friday night, grilled out and watched Pillars of the Earth.
Is anyone watching the mini-series? It's good!

Saturday we did our usual breakfast out which is typically followed by a trip to the hardware store.
Like most homeowners we have an ongoing to-do list around here but guess what?
You need to stay home if you want to actually check anything off.
We managed to knock out a few chores and then decided to spend the rest of the day at the NJ State fair which was in its final weekend.

The last time we were at the NJ State Fair we were accompanied by this...

Big huge giant sigh.

Back then we patted the baby goats and rode the merry go round...

And I'm sorry about those turquoise socks daughter1.
I really have no explaination other than to say it was 1992 and I was probably ignoring the laundry pile in order to take you to the fair.

In 1992 when we headed to the car at the end of the day
we would have this sack of sugar to buckle into a car seat...

Time where did you go?
And what have you done with my babies?

A lot has changed in our home in the intervening years, but the fair?
Not so much.
Let's start with the food...
holy moly!
I had kind of forgotten about the variety and quantity of food available at the fair. You can get absolutely everything including this...

I gotta say that when I think filet or lobster dinner, state fair is not the first thing that comes to mind.
Luckily the surf and turf stand is right beside this one...

That's more like it.

And I'm proud to say I did not indulge in a funnel cake.
I'm watching what I eat, remember?

Hubs however may have had one of these...

How could he not???
It's also possible I had a bite
or five but I definitely did not have funnel cake.

So, besides the food what else is happening at the fair?
Well, we wandered thru the livestock arenas and here's my favorite-
a chicken with some crazy hair and a perfect name... Rod Stewart.

Does Robinson's Paddling Porkers perform at your state fair because apparently they are a favorite attraction at fairs all across the US and Canada?

The Paddling Porkers are pigs who race on a track and then do the pig version of a biathlon. They march themselves right up a ramp and into a pool for the swim across.
They are adorable.

Yes, pigs swim.

What do you imagine is the incentive needed to make a pig race and swim?
Turns out it's oreo cookies which makes perfect sense to me.
Of course little Lindsay Loham would run and swim for an oreo reward.
I mean it sure beats working for Jimmy Dean.
And that's the pig's real name people...I did not make that up.

In other exciting news I saw my first tractor pull...

The drivers all wore helmets but they didn't go fast...hmmm....
I guess maybe sometimes they overestimate their ability and pop a wheelie?
It was actually kind of fun to watch.
Or maybe the diesel fumes just got to me.

We also watched some of the show jumping...

saw a world champion chainsaw carver create a bear out of a stump...

skipped right on by this...


Also skipped right on by this...


Wondered about this...

And all in all had such a nice day we never gave this a single thought...

Maybe one.


  1. What a fun day at the fair! Brought back lots of wonderful memories for you! Our state fair here in NC is in October. I agree with you on the to do list. I have been gone so many weekends this summer that I am not getting a thing done around the house. I need to stay home for a change, but that will have to be after my vacation this week. The mountains are calling my name tomorrow. Have a wonderful week. Hope your daughter feels better. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. What an awesome time you had at the fair, I almost felt like I was there with you (and had I been I could not have passed up the funnel cake!). Your daughters were super cuties!!

  3. I love the fair. The hubs may or may not take me. But I know I'll be going at least once with a friend. We eat weird fair food. I'll be sure to take and post pics. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  4. That actually looked like fun and I have never had one desire to ever go to the fair!

    I miss my babies too. Where did the years go?

  5. Oh, darn. I was just asking my husband if he would miss these years (with our kids being young) and he said,
    What is wrong with him? :)
    I bet he will.

  6. I'm going to have to rent Pillars of the Earth. I keep meaning to read the book but don't have the time to commit right now.

    And yes, I got through college with Clif Notes.

  7. I feel your Big. Huge. Sigh. The socks and Rod Stewart made me giggle. I completely understand laundry piles and bad hair days. ;)

  8. Hi Joyce ~~ A lot of the state fairs are going on now. My sister does the Iowas state fair in pretty good. For years and years she worked there as a volunteer but now has retired.

    I went on down. The Moscow picture was enjoyable as were the Chicago picture and tales. You get around pretty well. Some day we could trade notes.

  9. I LOVE the pictures! :) Sorry I've been MIA for so long - Camp ate my life! But I'm glad to be back and able to catch up some!

  10. Y'know, normally I'd love some steak and lobster but NOT at the fair. The fair is all about food you can only buy once a year from a stand.

    I can't believe you passed up funnel cake. I hope it doesn't haunt you all year!

  11. Loved this trip to the fair with your family! Brought back lots of memories...I also am loving Pillars of the Earth...I am thinking of rereading it and World Without End...

  12. That looks like fun and the food looks awesome.
    Love the pictures from the last time you were at the fair. So cute!

  13. oK, Now I'm wondering about that sign too..... Fairs are so fun. When I went to the Farmer's Fair (yes, that's the name, my boys LOVED the lawn mower races. Very exciting stuff (but they really did go fast - for a lawnmower).

    Looks like fun.