Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Monday. Oh wait...it's Tuesday.

I'm not really writing a blog post because wow, we've had a little mini whirlwind of a trip which may or may not be over as I type this and I am going to need more brain power than I currently posses to recap our extended weekend. In the past four days we've seen college friends in one state, my in-laws in another, and my children in yet another. Oh, and I met a sweet blog friend in person too. Whew! To add more fun to all the fun I spent the entire day before we flew out laying on my bathroom floor wishing I'd never eaten whatever it was I ate that resulted in me spending the day up close and personal with my bathroom tile.

If I had to sum it all up in a single sentence it would be this.... Old friends never get old and new friends are really nice too, birthdays are meant to be celebrated, and seeing my children even for a day or two makes my heart happy. It's a run on sentence but it's a sentence nonetheless and I think I told you I haven't had enough coffee (or sleep) to write something sensible today.

I am curious about something though....when you click on your google reader after being incommunicado for 4 or 5 days and there are over 200+ posts to be read what do you do? Do you say sorry and then hit delete all? Do you scan and read a few? Or do you slog thru all 200+? I'm leaning towards option A so if I missed something fabulous you wrote please let me know. I'm sure I'll catch up on a few but most likely not all.

And I realize you are probably thinking, hey, didn't she say four paragraphs ago that she wasn't writing a post today? You should know that I don't consider this an actual post...it's just a friendly update. I'll get it together for a real post sometime Wednesday. That's tomorrow, right?

Happy Monday Tuesday!


  1. Sound like you had a FABULOUS weekend!! There is really nothing like old friends. Then top it off with time with family and your girls - perfect:)

    As for your Google Reader - I feel your pain. I can't imagine how many will be in my account when I get back from camping. I think, I will peruse them to make sure that I didn't miss anything big. There will be a few blogs that I will go back and look at most posts. These are the blogs that I read regularly and comment on:)

  2. I click "all read" on the people I don't know and I try to skim the ones I do. I hate to miss anything.

  3. You are so secretive these days! :) And you may or may not be required to do your Fat Tuesday check in today.

    I'm watching you.

  4. welcome home, glad you had fun!

    I get rid of the feed, go to my favorites directly and read the most recent post or two.

    I'm all about favoritism!

  5. Ewww... bummer on the mini sickness attack! Those kind of extended weekends with so much going on always put me behind something awful. But it's a good thing to see friends and family and just to live life! You'll catch up when you chatch up. :)

  6. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. As for the 200+ posts, I would ignore most of them--except for mine, of course. : )

  7. LOL! You can make even the most random post funny.
    Yeah, when I have those 200 post to read, I usually just pick a few favorites to read, then I click on "mark as read" for the rest. It´s just too stressful to go back and read every post. I think people understand. Nothing important happened here, so you can just skip my blog.... :)
    Glad you´re back.

  8. You crack me up! I start browsing through them in google reader until I get tired of reading, then I'll hit mark all as read. I feel guilty doing that, but I just don't have the time...sometime.

  9. mini whirlwinds are sometimes fun...just don't want them to be a habit...they tire me out.

    how did it go meeting one of your sweet blogger friends?

    bathroom floors tend to be VERY uncomfortable...sorry for your time suffering but thankful it didn't occur while you were on your trip.

    I make a quick scan through the topics of posts and those catching my eye, I read. the others lose out.

    welcome home...

  10. Hello there, Joyce,

    Nice non-post! lol Glad you got to spend time with your girlies and all that other fun stuff you did.

    I have been THE worst post-er ever and am glad to visit around when I can. I miss being consistent at yours. I feel a little out of the Joyce loop, not on purpose though. Just busy!

  11. Honestly, after being gone, I am so overwhelmed with the posts in my reader that I tend to read & skim my favorites (yours being one of those) :) and some of the others that I have in my reader more for decorating, quilting, crafting or photography ideas, I usually click read all so the boldness of the font disappears. I figure what I don't see then I won't be tempted to cram into an already full craft schedule. Does all that rambling make sense? Bottom line is - yes I delete some without ever reading them. :)

  12. What an exciting time you are having. Love the header. I'm sure daughter #1 made it for you. So excited about her new venture. There is no way to read all those posts. I keep up with my favorites and just forget the rest. Not enough hours in the day. Love & blessings from NC!

  13. Oh I hope you're feeling better Friend! {Hugs} Have a super day today!!!