Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random with a side of birthday

It's Wednesday which means its once again time for the weekly random dozen hosted by Linda. It's also time for someone in my house to turn one year older and Linda conveniently worked that into her questions for me this week. Feel free to join in the fun and link your own answers to the questions by clicking on the donuts...

1. What insect are you most afraid of? Feel free to post a picture.

Well, to be honest, I'm not a fan of any insect but I particularly dislike spiders and most especially the kind that crunch when you squash them. Or when you yell and your hubs comes running and squashes them for you.

2. What is the greenest/most organic thing about you or that you do?

I guess recycling, which really is such a habit now I don't even think about it. I was thinking recently about the fact that my kids have grown up never throwing cans or bottles in a regular trash bin.

I do buy local produce and I also buy seasonal produce but that's easy because its fabulous. I read Barbara Kingsolver's book, Animal Vegetable Mineral, a couple of years ago and it did get me thinking about where my food comes from and it made me want to buy local when possible. We have a lot of farms and orchards in our neck of the woods so that's not especially difficult.

3. Tell me about a recurring dream that haunts you.

Huh? Might be time to cut back on the Starbucks Linda : )

4. Have you ever missed a flight? What were the circumstances?

I have never actually missed a flight because I am one of those people who like to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I fly a lot but I avoid connections whenever possible because I dislike all that up and down business.

We were bumped off of our return flight from Dubai to London because BA had oversold our flight by 30 seats. Seriously? Did they really think 30 people wouldn't show? Every single person booked, showed, and we were bumped. They ended up putting us on an Emirates flight where my daughter thought for about 5 minutes she'd like to be a flight attendant so she could wear the super cute hat that is part of their uniform. Then she remembered that she doesn't like all that up and down business either so nah. I recently wrote a long and picture laden post here about our trip to Dubai...I'm sure that intro makes you want to click right over and read doesn't it?

5. What do you consider your best feature?

My eyes.

6. What was the last concert you went to?

Brooks and Dunn -The Last Rodeo..it was on a weekend trip to Chicago and I wrote about it here. They were fab. In June we saw The Eagles, Keith Urban and The Dixie Chicks all together and they were also fab. Coincidentally I wrote about that one too and you can read it here.

7. Describe the most embarrassing church moment you ever experienced.

nada, I got nothin'.

8. Are you a whistler, hummer, or singer?

Much to my family's dismay, I'm a singer. Just typing that seems wrong.
How about this...I'm a person who loves to sing. Much better.

9. George Washington Carver said, "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only tune in." What is God saying to you through nature today or this very minute?

I look out my window every morning and see woods that change with the seasons, a beautiful sunrise, the mountains,

and so much wildlife...

It's a visual reminder that God is in control of the universe...that if He can number the stars and paint the sky with a million shades of pink...

He is able.

'...I tell you, do not worry about your life, ....look at the birds of the air;...are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life..." from Matthew 6

10. On September 1, 1752 the Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia. What memorable event will take place in your life on September 1, 2010?

I'm so happy to see this question because today, September 1, 2010, is my hubs birthday. I wrote a post about him on his birthday last year which you can read here. (I'm all about linking to my own blog today folks.)

I did post this video on his facebook page this morning because the song says it all...Happy Birthday Hubs!

11. Taco Bell or the Liberty Bell? (You must choose.)

The Liberty Bell of course. There is mucho Mexican food to be had but only one Liberty Bell. Plus I'm loyal to all things Philadelphia. I grew up just across the bridge from the city and have seen the bell many times. Did you know the Liberty Bell is inscribed with part of a verse from the book of Leviticus? "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and to all the inhabitants thereof."

12. Do you believe men and women can have purely platonic friendships?

Hmmm...this is an interesting question. I like to think so. I have men I consider friends. My hubs has women friends. I think women can definitely have a platonic friendship with a man. I think some men can have platonic friendships with some women but I guess you'd need to ask a man what he's really thinking. I am not sure all men are capable of purely platonic friendships with women but I feel sure that some are.


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Love, love, love the pics with #9! I am such a fan of God's creation, such a fan. And I am super jealous of the view outside your window, can I come visit you when the fall foliage is at it's peak? :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

    I'm sO glad I'm not the ONLY person who thought "physical" at the mention of "feature"... I certainly have better features than my hair... but, oh well...

    You certainly have some beautiful views from your home for God to work with!!! :)

  3. Awesome answers and I love your pictures!!

  4. Not only do I want to be adopted into your family, but... may we be neighbors as well? Beautiful views from your home! Hope your hubs has a wonderful birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday to your Hubs! Thanks for the tip about my wrong link. Or my missing link. : )

  6. Happy Birthday to the hubs! :-)
    You have a breathtaking view, Joyce! Wow!
    I've always wanted to visit Philadelphia and see the bell but don't know if I ever will!
    Looks like the spider wins out today on being the least liked!

  7. Happy Birthday, Hubby!
    What a beautiful view you have from your home!
    I'm not afraid of insects. But put a rodent in front of me and I'm going crazy!

  8. I love Philadelphia, though I may love Taco Bell more. You know how I am with corn products, Joyce.

    ANYHOO, next time I'm in Philly I'm taking the kids to the train station to get a hoagie. When I was living/working in DC and going back and forth to Philly for my job, my last stop was always the hoagie place where I would pick up orders for everyone in the office.




    I have recurring dreams about them, they were that good.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoyed reading your answers. Love the pics of your view. Absolutely amazing. :)

  10. Hope your hubs had a good day!
    I'm singing along as I'm typing! I used to horrify middle son by singing in the stores...mostly Food City who has the most awesome songs playing on their system!
    And, are you serious that that's the view from your window? How incredibly awesome is that? I'd sit in that window and never move.
    I really, really believe that a man & woman can be just friends. To be honest, I'd much rather be in a group of guys than girls (as long as my husband is there, of course!).

  11. Happy Birthday to your husband! I didn't realize we were born (I'm guessing he was born the same year) 28 days apart! (He's older.)

  12. Your pictures from your house are amazing. It must be stunning when it's snowing too. Love the one with the deer!

    Hope you have a great night celebrating Hubby's birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday to your hubs! Enjoyed your pics what a wonderful view! Great answers as always.
    until next time... nel

  14. I think almost everyone said spider today.
    Love the view, awesome pictures.

  15. The pictures are AMAZING...I especially love the pinks in the third one! Great answers!!

  16. Great answers. I love the pics. That sunset is AMAZING! Thanks for visiting me at Ramblings & More - and for the compliment on the background! :-)