Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movin' on up

I'm in South Carolina for a couple of days, helping daughter2 move into her apartment for the new school year.

Remember when 'new school year' meant Disney lunchboxes and fun backpacks and cute dresses?

Blonde headed cutie pies wearing pony tails and little socks and excited smiles?

Or in some cases, nervous smiles?

Me too.

These days 'new school year' means unloading a storage unit that you were oh so happy to just get the door closed on last spring.
It might have required four people to lean and push but by golly it closed.

It means moving a hundred and one boxes and assorted bags up and down stairs and in and out of too small cars that are filled to 'infinity and beyond'.

And let's not forget the rolling shelving units with drawers that come flying out every.single.time. you pick them up because you forget the drawers roll out.

How many times am I going to do that??

Gone are the days of standing in front of the brightly colored back to school displays where we
would spend hours agonizing over just the right lunchbox.

These days we stand in front of this...

and I help my 'blonde headed cutie pie', still with the pony tail, as she balances precariously on a chair while attempting to nab a just out of reach bin inside a storage unit...

...a storage unit where the temperature must be no less than 125 degrees.

Oh believe me, we still agonize.

We might not take a traditional silly bus stop picture anymore...

But smiling roommates make for a pretty cute photo too.


  1. Fun never ends....I hope she has a great school year!

  2. Looks like fun..... Ok, not so much, but I'm sure you loved spending the weekend with your daughter. And just think, you don't have to do it again for another 9 months:)

  3. My dad loathed the day I moved into and out of my dorm rooms in college. Particularly when I lived in the high rise dorms on the 6th floor and the elevator was broken. Oh. the. agony.

  4. Some days I thank God I have boys. I asked them to pack for the weekend at their grandparents and they brought me a t-shirt.

    That's it.



    Which I stuffed in amongst my four pairs of shoes that I needed for a less than 48 hour trip.

  5. She's still a cutie-patootie. ;)

  6. Hope she does great. I know it must be strange not to have her sister going back to school with her.

  7. You are such a nice mom! Normally I'm opposed to boyfriends, but in this case it might have been useful to have one around to do the toting, huh?

  8. I love all the pictures. Since our children became adults, going to college, getting married, etc. it seems that a move is always going on!!! Since my son bought a condo last year I believe some of it should stop now!

  9. Oh my goodness! Way to pull at the heartstrings. And I was freaking out that Arielle was starting high school. I'm crumbling at thinking what lies ahead in 4 years.

    Thanks for sharing this very touching moment with us!

  10. I feel for you with the heat!

  11. Happy new school year to your daughter! Be glad you got to help her move in. I missed that part of my daughters life... ;(

  12. Moving day for us was this weekend...glad I have a boy...who is in the Corps of Cadets...not much space to allow for the comforts of home. He left his little frig home because of space issues.

    Cute pictures! Wish your daughter all the best for me!

  13. How exciting! I always loved school and the start of a new year!

  14. Joyce,

    What an amazing look back at what pride you must feel in raising such an amazing daughter or two and having them be a blessing right back to you in so many ways.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  15. The time flies just like everyone warned me it would as I was carrying each one in a snuggie, nursing from a boppy, or pushing them in a buggy.

    I love the last photo of all those cute college girlies. Is she a junior now?