Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the road again

It sure feels like we were gone for more than five days. Monday morning we packed a-gain and loaded the rental car a-gain and then headed over to SC to spend a too short day and a half with our girls. As I said, when you're 'in the neighborhood' you have to make the most of it. Plus daughter1 has been working overtime (yay!) and had the day off on Tuesday and daughter2 took the day off as well so Carpe Diem.

When we arrived on Monday we made a bee line for Target and Bed Bath and Beyond because really what would a trip to collegetown be without dropping some money there? I know the economy is bad but I gotta think Bed Bath and Beyond must have soaring sales in the month of August. We certainly do our part every.single.year. Anyway, daughter2 will be in an apt this year too which means she upgrades from the single dorm bed to a double which also means new bedding. And a few other bits and bobs to make the apartment feel like home. I'm pretty sure they always need just 'one more thing'. I saw some bedding I'd like to get for one of my bedrooms too but oh yeah, we're not shopping for me. Daughter2 conveniently has a birthday near the start of the school year so some of the 'fun stuff' will be birthday gifts from her aunts and uncles. And since she had been browsing online she knew exactly what she wanted which made it all relatively painless...we've more or less got this down to a science now.

Monday night we took the chickas and daughter1's boyfriend out for Indian food. I haven't had Indian food since we left the UK and it was so good. We love the downtown area in the city where my girls live and we walked a little before heading back to their apt to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette. I have to say the ending surprised me and I liked the way she let Chris down. It's always a little crazy sad the way they normally do it which is to profess their undying love for one guy and then say, excuse me while I go break this other guys heart. I'll be right back. Ugh.

We wanted to have some fun on Tuesday but my word it was hot. We met the girls for breakfast and then decided to go play some putt putt before it got any hotter. The girls took us to a local 'fun park' which has an indoor arcade and more importantly, air conditioning. They also have three putt putt courses, several race tracks, batting cages, and more. We pretty much had the putt putt course to ourselves and I'm not lying when I say by the time we finished we were melting. Daughter1 made it all the way to hole 15 before she knocked one out of the park. She's enthusiastic that one. Here she is being her father...'I just want to see what's back here'...

They had colored all the water on the course blue and I was pretty sure she was going to be the same before the day was over.

Its hard to concentrate with these two on the course.

Miss sweetness kept score...She was momentarily annoyed with me because I crossed out a number on her perfectly perfect score sheet. She is her mother's daughter. In my defense she gave me a 5 when I had a 4 and I think she knew I wouldn't stand for that.

Hubs and the girls raced some go-karts and then we played two highly competitive games of air hockey and a few rounds of skee ball. I rocked at skee ball in case you are interested. As we were leaving we made two kids really happy by giving them all of our reward tickets. There are many things I miss about the growing up years but standing in front of a glass case for three hours to hand over 4,000 tickets for a plastic ring-no I think I want a bracelet-no, maybe a stuffed animal-no, wait, I want the ring after all-is not one of them.

At this point it was early afternoon and we decided we couldn't do anything else outdoors so we hit the bowling alley. We were just a walking advertisement for family fun on Tuesday weren't we? When we walked into the bowling alley a day camp was wrapping up their game and wow was it ever loud. Plus they had all the super light bowling balls so daughter1 was in trouble. Fortunately they cleared out and she snagged an 8 lb. ball which still carries her halfway down the alley since she weighs less than air. Whose child is she anyway?

We had plans to meet my sister, brother in law and niece for dinner but first we had to make our required stops to fill up the cars and the refrigerator. It's a nice treat to have mom and dad in town. We said our goodbyes after dinner because we were leaving early in the morning to drive back to Atlanta for our flight home. For the record... I hate saying goodbye. The thought I have at that moment is always the same....this was so nice but it was not enough time. I love being with my girls and I wonder if I will ever feel like, please go away I need a break from you? I don't think so. More time. Less distance. It's the soundtrack of my life.


  1. I'm so glad you got to spend some fun time with the girls! It made me tired just reading all the fun things you guys did. Love the pictures:)

  2. I love that you took your grown up girls to play putt-putt. what a fun family!

  3. You guys always look like you're having so much FUN. And you always make me smile while you're at it.

  4. What a fun time with the girls, sounds like a whirl wind trip, love it shopping eating and laughter!

  5. So glad you were able to get in a much needed visit with the daughters. Oh the joy of family fun time. Have a fabulous weekend. Blessings, SusanD

  6. I'm beginning to wish my dd had chosen UGA for's only 45 mins from our door...cause i know i'm going to want to see her more than once a semester. but, she chose out of state, so she'll be 4 hours away.
    What fun ya'l me hope for fun times ahead
    have a great weekend.

  7. It's neat that y'all still do goofy stuff together.

    And Ali was a class act, as classy as you can be falling in love on primetime.

  8. We're exactly three weeks from departure. We need a dorm sized fridge, a dorm sized area rug, a clothes drying rack and a shower caddy. Oh, and I need a tranquilizer!

    Hold me up a little longer, Lord...

  9. You guys could've been a commercial for the town's Chamber of Commerce - What to do in Collegetown... :)
    We too will have the Daughter off campus this year so.... new bedding for a double and dresser and bike.... it never ends.
    I've got 3 weeks until the exodus begins.
    And even though the dishwasher, washer, dryer, eating... is non-stop here right now and a little frustrating, I'm not looking forward to the alternative soon to be taking place.
    I guess not until they are married, living close by will it be the best of all worlds! Right?

  10. Oh yes, I know that soundtrack so well! I love how you really enjoy life at it´s fullest when you DO get together. That picture of your hubs and daughter on the poles is hilarious. Looks like two storks to me. :)

  11. Brings back memories of my parents' visits to Ann Arbor :)

  12. the thought of TWO in college at the same time literally takes my breath away...
    congrats on 1 being done!
    thx 4 coming by

  13. What a fun time with the girls. You sure packed a lot in. I'm like you, Joyce, I will never get tired of being with my girls. Love my girl time with my daughters. Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  14. Boy I could have written this post myself! We just moved our college daughter to another apartment a few weeks ago and your day sounded all to familiar! But like you, I live for those days!

    So glad you had such a nice time with your girls!

  15. It sounds like a perfect visit. (except for the heat) I haven't played miniature golf in ages. We also enjoy shopping with our children. It is so much fun to treat them!

  16. Putt putt golf,Oh yes I love miniature golf, my husband and I always have a good laugh when we go too. Great post!
    Have a nice weekend, Katherine

  17. Hi Joyce,

    I always enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of your lovely family. I left a little something for you on my blog this afternoon.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Awww... What sweet memories and cute pix! :)

  19. Joyce,

    Thanks for sharing your family memories with all of us. I too, loved the way Allie handled herself on the Bachlorette and hope that for once some of these people make a connection that lasts.

    Here's to golf, and giving away all your tickets to some wonderful kids that were blessed by your generosity.

    Wanted to wish you a great weekend!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  20. Hi Joyce, what a great trip that must have been! Have not been mini golfing in several years..we used to as kids all the time..
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi to me and my roosters..Always love the visit!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. It's so very hard to think of your hubs as being as responsible and professional as he is, especially when I see pictures of him goofing around! He hasn't changed a bit, has he? :D
    We don't get to do a lot of fun stuff with all of our boys at the same time; it's neat that y'all can still find time to do that!

  22. Sounds like a great time was had by all! So glad you got to spend some time with your girls and you all surely did pack in the fun in just a short amount of time! Wow! :-)

  23. I know you had a wonderful time with them. I do not know how you do it, saying good-bye to them and then having the distance between you. We just got Brooke all settled in (sort of) to her room at school over the weekend and when we said good bye last night a little of my heart broke again. That's kind of sad seeing that she is exactly 16.3 miles away from me, but who is counting. I already have several trips planned for the week to take some more things to her. There was a little spot in the corner that didn't have something wedged into it so of course we need to feel it up!

  24. So glad you were able to make a stop by to see the girls.
    How fun! You guys did so many fun things. I'm glad you always take lots of pictures. :)
    I loved going shopping before the kids started back to school.
    I remember the first time we moved them to their dorm/apt. It was so much fun buying all the food etc. for them.
    I also remember very well having to saying goodbye and drive away. Although ours were only an hour or so away, it was still goodbye.
    A change - a new chapter.
    God is good and He always gets us through changes & has something brand new & exciting ahead.

  25. Hello? Where are you? You are missed!