Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthdays R Us

This may be one of those posts that will only interest you if we share DNA. I mean, as opposed to all my other posts which I know have you glued to the edge of your seat. ahem

My mom celebrated her birthday this past weekend and spent a few days here with me before my sister, nephew, brother and sister in law joined us for a Saturday cookout. The weather was glorious and we had fun hanging out on the patio, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, and gabbing under the stars.

Hosting a birthday is a big job, one that requires assistance.
Someone needs to saw wood...

help open the cards and gifts...

and of course blow out the candles...

Good thing we had that sort of help available. Keep in mind, your
helper needs time to chillax with the guys when all is said and done.

My family headed home on Sunday afternoon so hubs and I took the pup for a walk thru some nearby woods.

We hadn't been on this particular path before but it was so pretty. I love the high canopy of trees and we saw several beaver dams too.

No beavers but we did see plenty of felled trees they'd been snacking on.
We also saw this interesting little creature~

You'll have to click to enlarge the photo so you can spot him...
just pretend its a game of I Spy.

At first we thought it might be a muskrat but upon closer inspection and a little help from google we're pretty sure it was a mink. Not sure I've ever seen a mink before.

Other than in c-o-a-t form I mean.
Can mink spell?

Someone was exhausted after our outing.

Two someones actually.
And won't those someones be happy to see they made the blog today?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Love the last picture!!!

  2. Great picture of Hubs and Pup! Made me smile!

  3. We don't share DNA but I loved the pix! Your mother is lovely! And I can tell her day was wonderful! Love the one with hubs and the pup! How cute is that?!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad YOU didn't come across any angry beavers or angry minks. :) I hope the puppy isn't upset to find her picture on the blog!

  5. Well hard workers require some hard sleeping! So cute. Glad you had a great time this past weekend.

  6. Happy late birthday to your mom! Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom! That last picture surprised me. Don't think I've ever seen a picture of your hubs when he wasn't in motion before. I think he's like mine--very hard to catch and hold still! : )

  8. I see you were busy celebrating birthdays this weekend, too! Your new patio makes such a great place to get together :)

    I love the last photo, too.

  9. Happy Birthday to your momma! Love that last picture!

  10. I snapped a picture of my sleeping husband, too! Just waiting for the perfect time to show it off! :)

  11. Once the mink is a coat I don't think it matters if it can spell. Is that like a twist on the "if a tree falls in the woods..." question? Happy Belated to your Mom!

  12. I can tell your mom had a great time!!!

  13. nah..we don't share DNA and I loved your post. That puppy is so darn cute. Sounds like a great time.

  14. Looks like a fun party. The scenery on your walk was beautiful! So relaxing...

  15. awww... happy birthday to your mama. love this last pic. too cute.

    question... when you walk through wooded areas, do you bring bear repellent?

  16. Looks like a fun birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to your mom! Love that path you took, it's lovely. A mink! I don't think I have ever seen one either but I do remember years ago when they had mink farms :(