Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Morning Merry Sunshine

Good Monday did your day start? I awakened to the sound of the dog throwing up at approximately 5:15 am which is always a wonderful way to begin a new week. It's amazing how fast you can move from a dead sleep to a sprint when you realize what's about to happen. I was almost quick enough but sadly, almost doesn't count. sigh.

My weekend started out with a little excitement too. I was running errands on Friday when this happened about three cars ahead of me, coming down the hill in the opposite direction.

I have no idea how this occurred other than to say I could see it was a young driver and the curve there is a little on the sharp side. Still, I think you have to be going pretty fast to flip a truck on a residential road in traffic in the middle of the day. The driver appeared to be okay-climbed out on her own and was sitting up on the grass. I had the impression the driver was a girl but it may have been a boy (I was trying not to have an accident myself as I was rerouted around the scene). When you have young drivers in your house this sort of thing rockets your stomach straight into your throat and causes your heart to pound. It also makes you want to call your kids and give them 'a lecture' on defensive driving but you resist and just tell them you love them a lot and to please be careful when they're out and about.

On a happier note-we had a super fun weekend except as is always always always the case when daughters are home visiting, the weekend went by at supersonic speed. We picked up daughter1 and her boyfriend at the train station on Friday night and returned them to the train station yesterday. The blink of an eye.

I don't think I've mentioned my favorite blog topic lately-the weather. Glor-i-ous! Check this out-

Hubs laughed when he saw this picture but I'm sorry, a cloudless blue sky Saturday requires a picture, don't you think?

First thing on the agenda Saturday was waking everybody up. It is no easy task to get a 20-something up and moving on a Saturday morning, especially when she had been up almost all night on Thursday thanks to a certain boy named Harry Potter. The boyfriend slept in too but the thing about boys is they can be up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

20-something girls must first employ all their hair products and brushes and tools to make themselves look adorable even though when you are 20-something you pretty much always look adorable.

We headed out into the very lovely NJ countryside around noon and our first stop was a small farm winery for a tour and tasting. We tasted wine right out of the barrel which was interesting. The vineyards are so pretty...guess why they call it a farm winery?

After we left the winery we headed across the road into New York state and had a lovely lunch in one of our favorite small towns. We wound around a bit more and stopped at a second farm winery, this one with the most beautiful scenery...

No sheep but still, there's a reason they're called farm wineries...

I would have liked a tour of the house too...just look at the cellar cut into the side of the hill-

We came back towards home and stopped at a local restaurant where people bring their classic cars on Saturday nights. The hubs and the boyfriend were in 7th heaven and I took this opportunity to educate daughter1 on something else that might be considered a classic....

...the 8-track tape. She'd never seen one before and this person had some good ones. Why yes, I did put my camera inside someone's '79 Trans Am for a picture. I have a blog ya know!

Couldn't really top that so we headed for home. Hubs grilled steaks and it cooled off so we sat around the most beautiful fire and roasted marshmallows and told stories and laughed a lot.

Let's discuss this picture for a second. There are many things wrong-the lighting, the angle, the smoke from the fire making it a little blurry. The lights are on in my kitchen and they're creating funny reflections. And no, those are not dead bodies in the background-hubs had already covered the table and lounge chairs for the evening. But when I see this picture I don't pay a lot of attention to those things. It makes me happy.

Like the weekend.
Like every weekend with a daughter in the house.


  1. Pictures of a perfect weekend don't need to be perfect! Glad you had a great time...minus the dog vomit.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I passed the restaurant with the cars on Saturday night!
    I love the places you find to go to.

  3. I hate the "sound" of throwing up...anytime of the day! LOL

    Sounds like a nice weekend...daughters, boyfriends, wineries, steaks grillin'...Love it!

    So! People still have 8 track tapes, huh? We finally discarded ours about 4 years ago. Oh the memories that went along with those old tapes...

    Have a great week, Joyce!

  4. What a pleasant weekend! I've simply been tending my garden and passing out vegetables!

  5. Wishing I was still there!! Love you!

  6. That flipped vehicle made my stomach "rocket" as you say. My sister flipped a car she was test-driving, and--by the mercy of God-- crawled out unscathed. My daughter has had 2 accidents and there are NO words to describe the feeling when you hear on the other end of the line, "Mom! Can you come? I was in an accident...!" I guess chills just writing this.
    And the getting a 20-something girl up and out of the house---very familiar with that scenario. You want to let them sleep but you DO want them to get up before the sun SETS again. Yay for a glorious BLUE (funny) picturesque sky.

  7. Minus the dog vomit, sounds like a pretty great weekend! We have a lot of wineries in our area, but there aren't any farm wineries. Now I'm kind of jealous!

  8. Love all the pics. The car flipped over makes me kind of sick to my stomach, my 16 year old drives an '88 Blazer, known to flip over quite easily. Sure hope this never happens to him!!

  9. Pick up trucks flip way too easily - one of the reasons we decided not to get one for our teen. I'm glad the driver was okay.

    Um, you never mentioned that your teensy daughter was dating a GIANT. :)

  10. The boyfriend is very tall! Sounds like another good weekend!

  11. I still stop when I hear sirens and do a mental check as to where my young drivers are. Will that ever stop? ugh.

    I love the blue sky picture! Wish it was here. ha.

    I'm with Mary ... very very tall! :)

  12. That pic brought back some great memories of my parent's 8 track player blasting away.

    I wish I thought a cloudless blue sky was amazing. We are stuck in a drought that just won't end.

  13. Accidents happen too frequently around here. Charlie was in the insurance business for over 25 yrs. and he always gave a 'talk' (his word-way too blunt for me) to young drivers.
    Glad you had a sunny weekend.

  14. The picture with your daughter warms my heart. Who cares about the camera technical aspects when you've got a pic like that?

    And a woman after my own heart...sticking your head inside the car to get a pic of the 8track tapes! Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission! LOL

  15. I guess it was a country weekend! We did marshmallows too, but I think I forgot to mention that. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Hope your dog is feeling better.

  16. So many comments....
    The photo of the blue sky looks like the one I took of a seagull when we were on Nantucket. He was just to the right. :)
    We had our daughter (and son-in-law) home this weekend too! I agree about it going by way too fast, though. They brought their puppy who decided to pee on our living room carpet for fun. :/ He also left his nose prints on the windows. There was so many new things to look at! :)
    My 20something daughter looked so darn adorable Sunday morning I about died. :)
    I miss her already.

  17. That sky picture is wonderful and definitely needed to be taken! :) I thought of you as I was swimming in the lake this weekend. :)

  18. Love the blue sky and yes it needed to be taken! I hope no one got hurt in that crash. Sounds like a great weekend. Good for you.

  19. Sounds (and looks) like you had a lot of fun this weekend! : )

  20. Obviously driving too fast. I hope she learned her lesson and she was very lucky not to be dead. Love the blue sky photo. Looks like you had a perfect weekend.