Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Houston we have a Wednesday Hodgepodge-Vol 34

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge! I've just returned from a fun filled few days spent with old friends and 'family' so I've got oodles of catching up to do. I'll write about our weekend after the Hodgepodge though because its Wednesday and Wednesdays are for Hodgepodgeiness, right?

Don't forget to add your link at the bottom of my post and then hop around to see what sort of randomness everyone else is sharing today. Here are my answers~

1. What is the most useful book in your house?

My address book. Okay, I know lots of people are going to say The Bible and of course that is life's instruction book and by far the most consulted book in my house but I was looking for answers besides that one... If I'm choosing something besides that it will be my address book. I like to communicate. ahem.

2. What's worse-being too hot or too cold?

Too hot. At least when I'm cold I can add layers but when I'm too hot there's only so much I can do to get cool. Without embarrassing anyone I mean.

3. Share something that made you smile this past weekend.

I spent the weekend at a wedding in Houston. A friend's son was married on Sunday and daughter1 joined us for the big day. She went to high school with the groom and several friends from her high school were also in attendance...she hasn't seen these friends in five years. Since my girls went to high school overseas they don't get to experience the re-connecting that occurs amongst American high school friends in the US who see each other regularly on holidays and summer breaks after graduating. These 'kids' are scattered to the four corners and it made my heart happy to see them together again. It made her heart happy too.

I'm going to write more about our weekend later this week.

4. How do you like your hamburgers? Or don't you?

I love hamburgers cooked on the grill and then topped with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles. I do not like them too well done though and that seems to be the way we feel like burgers should be cooked nowadays. Just one more reason I should be living in France...they like their beef rare.

5. What's your summer beach read? If its not summer in your part of the world then tell us what book you're reading while curled up in front of the fire sipping hot cocoa.

At the moment I'm reading the newest Kate Morton novel entitled The Distant Hours. I've read other books by this same author (she's Australian) and liked them a lot, particularly The House at Riverton.

6. How was your birthday celebrated when you were a kid?

I wrote a Flashback Friday post on this topic a while back which you can read here...there are pictures-whoohoo! I do remember having birthday parties but I'm not sure if I had one every year. They were typically at home parties with cake and games and goody bags. My birthday was at the very least celebrated by my family with a special dinner. I always asked for a made from scratch German chocolate cake and my mother always obliged. I didn't have a lot of sleepover birthdays but I remember having one in grade 6 where we played the obligatory Truth or Dare, got no sleep, and probably made my parents nuts. Pretty sure that last bit is in the handbook of how to throw a proper sleepover.

7. What is something that is totally uncool that you love anyway?

ABBA. I know I know....but I can't help it. Oh, I know people roll their eyes whenever anyone mentions ABBA but those same people know all the words to their many hits. You just can't help but sing along at the top of your lungs. That's not just me is it? And their outfits? They are so uncool they are cool.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have so many random thoughts today I don't know where to about I share a little travel pet peeve? People who talk VERY LOUDLY on their mobile phones the entire time you are boarding the plane up to and including while putting their bag in the overhead compartment. Then the very second the plane lands and we're given the all clear to use mobile devices they get right back on their VERY LOUD business call as we're all lined up in the aisle to disembark. Really, is your business so important the call can't wait three minutes until we're in the terminal? Maybe if you're a brain surgeon and someone is on the operating table somewhere waiting on a word from you but otherwise this sort of behavior strikes me as really inconsiderate.

Also-it's hot in Houston in July. Just sayin'.


  1. Love ABBA....and same thing annoys me on's so rude! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

  2. Why is it people always talk so loud on their cell phones? I mean, I catch myself raising my voice too when I use a cell phone. I don't know why. I don't ever fly so I haven't noticed your complaint, but I notice people being so loud in restaurants and stores, etc. Wonder why?

    I agree with you on the hamburgers and the too hot/too cold question. I do not like my hamburgers overdone and definitely too hot is the problem. :)

    Thanks for another week of great questions.

  3. Daughter #2 likes hamburgers and steak almost rare. Of course, I fuss on her about this, but she says Mom it tastes better that way.

  4. Oh Houston! Kevin's home away from home! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  5. I agree with you about those very loud cell phone conversations--anywhere! How annoying!

    I still like Abba...wonder what ever happened to them?!

    Can't wait to hear details of the wedding and your trip. I've missed your posts!

  6. This was a fun post to read! And I'm with you on that last point for sure! I don't know why people think we're interested in hearing their conversations. lol

  7. Oh, I can't stand people talking loud on their cell phones anywhere!!! Really... do they even think that everyone around them is hearing their conversation or maybe they don't care- LOL.

  8. That's a great answer. I go to my address book all the time! Sounds like the wedding was fun. I certainly hear you on the cell phones from the planes. I was on 7 flights the last three weeks and that is definitely annoying.

  9. I LOVE Abba! (Didn't know they were uncool. LOL) And I love rare beef! :)

  10. I love love ABBA too. Who cares what other people think! :)
    Glad you had a good time at the wedding. Sounds (and looks) like a great weekend.

  11. Growing up in Canada, I always thought I really hated the cold until I moved to Texas for the summer. Then... I was SO happy to have cold weather again!

  12. I love, love, love ABBA. I have to say though that the whole Mama Mia on Broadway and in the movies phenomenon has made them cool again.
    At least that's what I tell myself.

  13. I can't say anything, though. My guilty pleasure is Bon Jovi. And I totally agree about loud, obnoxious people and their phones!

  14. Then I am a nerd too. I love ABBA!!!

  15. People talk loud on their cells everywhere! I can't stress enough how little I care about what they have to say--I give dirty looks and sigh loudly, but to no avail. Maybe I'll try 'accidentally' bumping into them hard enough to knock it out of their hands. LOL

  16. I am so with you on the hamburgers!! We ought to start our own restaurant so we can get burgers done to our liking. ha!

  17. I agree with you on the address book! I am a stickler about making sure it gets put back into the drawer it goes in, so I can quickly find it. However, the rest of the family is not always so careful..

  18. One of my most favorite things to do is dance and sing Dancing Queen at the top of my lungs as I do housework... (much to my children's dismay and embarrassment... which makes it all the more worth it!)

  19. How exciting that the `kids` were able to meet up with each other.

    My hubby says I talk too loud on the cell phone. I seem to think I need to speak louder so they can hear me :) I'm trying to train myself to talk quieter. If I'm at home I take the cell phone to the bedroom, so I don't disturb the rest of the family.

  20. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you.. I love your last thought. Then all of a sudden when they turn their phone back on they have a 100 messages and go straight to work..

    It does get hot for sure in Houston in the Summer. I lived there about 10 years ago I think.. Have a great night..

  21. I admit to being a total dork: I LOVE ABBA! I can't get enough of Mamma Mia! :D
    Oh, and the Small Town's high school band booster association is called ABBA! :D