Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Solving the Rubik's Cube

It's Tuesday which means I need to post the questions for this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. You'll find the questions at the end of this post but please don't skip the lovely deliciousness I am going to share with you first.

Daughter1 was home for the weekend and she'd seen something online she wanted us to try and so we did. Because that's what mothers and daughters do...they try new things together. It's called an edible Rubik's Cube on some of the websites I've seen so we'll go with that because it does kind of look like a Rubik's Cube. If you were born post 1980 you might need to visit our friend Google. Anyhoo-here are the ingredients. You will not need a pen for this one.

feta cheese

The quantity depends on just how tall you want your cube to be but we used about half a watermelon, six kiwi, and one package of feta. There is a bit of waste since you need everything to be identical in shape but we just threw the scraps into a bowl and that made a nice snack later.

Cut the ingredients into cubes and you want the cubes to be the same size or at least as close to that as you can get. Then you work your puzzle. Layer the fruit and cheese in an aesthetically pleasing pattern and stack until you have what you want.

Here we are putting ours together-

It would appear I'm trying to correct my daughter the artiste. Why?? She is definitely the one with the eye for the lovely so why am I fixing her kiwi placement? Because I'm a control freak that's why.

That's the US women's soccer team getting beat by Japan on the TV in the background. Bother.

Wouldn't it be fun to bring this into a dinner party? Ours is a little more Jenga than Rubiks and we agreed that next time we'd use a small square or rectangular cookie cutter to achieve perfection. I believe I mentioned I'm a control freak, didn't I?

Now, on to the questions for the Wednesday Hodgepodge...answer these on your own blog and then come back tomorrow to link answers. The more the merrier so don't be shy!

1. July 20th marks the anniversary of the first time man stood on the moon. Flash forward 42 years to July 8, 2011 which marked the start of the final Space Shuttle mission. Should we continue to explore space? Should nations devote more or fewer of their resources to exploring space? Would you want to go into space if the opportunity arose?

2. What are three things in your freezer?

3. If you could see any band/artist perform live tonite who would it be? It has to be someone living...no Beatles, Elvis, etc.

4. Ice-cubed or crushed? Or are you one of those people who don't like ice?

5. The owner of a small restaurant outside of Pittsburgh recently announced he was banning children under six, saying they regularly disrupted other customer's meals. You can read the story in more detail here but isn't this a perfect topic to discuss in our Wednesday Hodgepodge? Have at it friends...what are your thoughts?

6. What was your first car? How did it come to be yours?

7. If I had a nickle for every time I _________________ I'd be rich.

8. Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Ooh, I like the edible Rubik's cube. Not sure I'd have the patience to put it together, but I'd love to be part of the dis-assembling of it. To me when food becomes more science (or math) than art, I go AWOL from the kitchen!

  2. I can't imagine how frustrating it might have been to get that thing to hold together, but boy is the final product ever cool!! :-)

  3. jenga. *giggle* i love that you two did this! and, i believe, you both have a great eye for the lovely, {pinterest} friend. ;)

  4. Your Rubik's cube looked really neat! And I'm looking forward to these questions. : )

  5. Joyce, you never cease to amaze me! Who knew there was an edible Rubik's Cube?! I love it!

  6. It looks like fun, but how do you eat it?

  7. That turned out really cute.
    Thanks for the questions.

  8. That looks good and I'll bet it tasted delicious. So creative. I agree that it looks like it would have been easier if you'd had square cookie cutter or something to help you form it.

  9. Love the Rubik idea - and mother/daughter bonding. Very creative.

  10. I had forgotten about the edible Rubik's cube! I loved it when I first saw in online. How fun that you tried to make it! I think you did a great job. I've been at a loss as to how to make that work in my kitchen. I'm sure it tasted delicious!