Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday Thirteen

Yes I know this sort of post is supposed to be written on a Thursday and then I'm supposed to call it Thursday thirteen like everybody else, but I have thirteen things today so Monday thirteen it is. I've been traveling and having fun and not reading blogs or writing blogs or commenting on blogs so I have lots to catch up on. I won't be catching you up on everything right now but I am going to throw a few random thoughts out there so I can begin to de-clutter my brain. In my defense I started this list before I left town last week.

1. U2. Oh my stars. They were positively amazing. Seriously, I'm lacking adjectives. Best concert ever.

2. Did I just use the expression, 'Oh my stars'? My grandma used the expression 'Oh my stars'. She also liked to say 'Well Good Gravy' and 'Land Sakes Alive'. She did not however, follow U2. Land Sakes alive has an interesting origin-it stems from that long ago time when people were making the dangerous trek from Europe to America via the rocking rolling sea. As you know, many died or spent weeks or months in misery as they crossed the ocean. As land appeared they would proclaim, "Land, for the sake of God, we're alive" which was shortened to 'land sakes alive'. That's how I sometimes feel when I step off a boat.

Didn't know when you started reading today that this post would be both random and educational, did you?

3. You need a picture of U2, right?

Wait...that's not Bono. That is actually hubs and his brother who just so happened to be at the concert too. He lives a long long way from NJ so we don't get to see him very often. His company box was on the other side of the stadium from our company box and fyi-Giants Stadium is pretty darn big and the security around the corporate boxes is tight. Hubs made friends with one of the area supervisors on our side of the stadium and he happily escorted us over to the other side so we could say hi to the brother before the show started. Nice people are nice.

4. Here's the set-

Positively massive and it had so many tricks of lighting and sight and sound. The screens were just incredible and it's all impossible to capture in a photo but really, it was amazing!

5. Let's change topics and talk about my recent new addictions. Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy almonds would be one. If you haven't tried them and you like a little zing in your snacks then these are for you my friend.

6. Here's my other new addiction-Pinterest. I knew I shouldn't even go there but go there I did. There is pretty and clever in abundance on this site and I cannot look away. I'm at JoDaley if you are already there or you want an invite to join.

7. Words With Friends is an old addiction but if you play send me your screen name-again, Jodaley

8. I really don't need more addictions. I have a blog, remember?

9. Hubs and I might be a little bit intense. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything but is just something I've been thinking about lately. I especially noticed this when daughter1 was home recently. She'd only been in the house a short while before we were more or less grilling her about her job. Sometimes we are too much. We know this but we just can't seem to help it.

10. My new favorite website-What Kate Wore. Is anyone else more than a little bit fascinated by the Duchess of Cambridge? This website is devoted to her wardrobe.

11. The Bachelorette. Land sakes alive, please just let this season end.

12. I saw a few minutes of the new show 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show last week...they actually sicced a dog on someone. Good gravy! I won't be watching this one. Is that how you spell sicced?

13. #13 already? I haven't even mentioned the weekend but the weekend deserves its own post which will be coming. It's all in my head right now but I'll get it on my blog just as soon as I get life reorganized at home. Traveling tends to turn things upside down, doesn't it?


  1. great list...that concert did look like fun!
    i'll be trying those almonds...i'm a huge wasabi lover ;)
    girl, i am so gonna friend you for Wordw/aFriend...look for skoots1mom ;)...i've been playing a current game with our youth fun, quick (unless i get stuck w/o a word, hahah)

  2. i looooooooove the wasabi almonds!
    and i agree about bachelorette;
    it just isnt the same as everyone elses seasons;
    just boring this time

  3. hahah, i found you...sent you a word ;)

  4. I love What Kate Wore! And I completely agree about this season of The Bachelorette. You can only watch so many episodes of someone crying before you're over it.

  5. Couldn't find the Duchess of Cambridge Fashion Web Site. Would love to. Definitely an Anglophile.

  6. #2 good to know!
    #3 Those are some good looking brothers! ;)
    #6 Pinterest confuses me, perhaps I should take the time to figure it out. But then I don't need another "habit" either. Hmm
    #7 Me too. I'll start a game!
    #9 that's not being intense - that's being an interested parent. Isn't it? I might be intense too. Hmm
    #10 Love it!
    #11 Amen
    #12 Have not watched it and now I know I don't have to. Thank you
    #13 I'm glad you're having great weekends! We are living through you! :)

  7. #10-good gravy!

    :) I lack the gene that enables me to care about people's wardrobes.
    What is wrong with me?

  8. I LOVE those almonds!!! I usually have a can of either those or the sea salt and vinegar almonds in the cupboard for snacking.

  9. I think you and I are having the same kind of Monday! The day after traveling!

    The U2 concert set looks interesting--and large! Imagine playing and singing for a group that large...WOW.

    I know what you mean about being "intense". I tend to be the same way...LOL

  10. I must admit I am addicted to Duchess of Cambridge as much or probably a little bit more than Princess Dianna. Going to check out website.

  11. Educational AND random ... what a combination. ;-)

    I can't wait to read about your weekend.

  12. Okay, you've REALLY taken me back to yonder years with those expressions. I don't think I've heard "land sake's alive" since 3rd grade or "good gravy" either for at least 20 years. I only heard them in the Midwest, so I guess the settlers loved their land so much they kept declaring land sakes alive long after the boat landed. Anyway that was a lot of words I used to comment. Oh my stars, I'm wordy. Which makes me think yes, indeedy, I would love to play Words with Friends. Never have. Is it self-explanatory or should you give a tutorial??

    Glad the U2 concert was all you hyped it to be. Friends of ours went (was this the Philly one?) and absolutely loved it, but more than the concert, made Christian acquaintances in the 45 minutes that the concert was delayed. I'm talking about some serious "only God could arrange these connections" among total strangers.

  13. Well, I could just about cut and paste this post onto my blog. We are so much alike it is almost scary. I didn't see U2 when they were here (right down the street at NC State - and I could kick myself) but saw the stage go up from the company box. I love the wasabi almonds! I am addicted to Pinterest. I have it on my phone, laptop and ipad. All of my girls are on there too. My hubs and I are intense too. We try so hard to not go there especially with the older girls, but it is just so hard to let or babies fly own their own. This Bachelorette is a dud. I want to know if something is wrong with me to be so interested in "What Kate Wore". Really? How old am I? I pretend to be doing research for my girls! :)
    The gameshow game is awful, but I am looking forward to that show where teams get to try to hide a briefcase of money from detectives. I love Amazing Race and it is from the same group so hopefully it will be decent.

    I feel sad that I do not feel "close" to my blog friends, but am going to start working on that!

  14. Glad you loved the concert. I also enjoyed the history lesson. I have heard great things about that site and I'm afraid to go, I don't need another addiction! You know I read and scroll down to comment and then go back up.
    (pop up makes that easier) Anyway I didn't know you said addiction in the next sentance!
    I didn't copy you, honest to God. Believe me I am on my daughter often about things, I just can't help myself either. We.Do.Know.Better
    Okay I will definitely check out that sight with Kate, I'm a fan for sure! Yes, traveling does set us back, I feel so behind and I've been home for four weeks tomorrow!!!