Friday, October 12, 2012

A few things on Friday

I feel the need to spill a few words here today.  I read recently that people who number lists on their blogs are telling readers they couldn't think of anything really interesting to say so they made a list.  I want to keep your expectations high, but not numbering these random thoughts seemed confusing.  Which is why this post is now a list. And super interesting!

1. There is far too much rudeness in America today. I think I'm right in saying most citizens of this great land recognize we have very serious issues to address. Disagreement on how best to solve the deep and complex problems we face is to be expected and healthy debate is worthwhile. Arguing the facts behind your particular position is not only smart, but also admirable.

Being rude and disrespectful?

It is not okay to be rude.  It's especially not okay when you hold one of the highest, most recognizable offices in the land. People will argue (more, still, again) today saying he did what needed to be done, but seriously, is this the example we are holding up for our children??? For anyone???  Aiyiyi.

My girls know when I see bad behavior I feel the need to address it with them-

Dear Daughters...treat people with respect, even (and maybe most especially) those with whom you disagree.  Expressing your viewpoint with anything less than common courtesy makes you look small- minded and arrogant.  It also suggests your momma didn't raise you right. She did. 

2. Let's talk about something happy, shall we?  Last Sunday evening we had tickets to see Christopher Cross in concert. In case you don't know, or in case you weren't even a twinkle in your parents eye when he hit it big, Christopher Cross had one of those amazing record breaking debut albums (yes,  albums-it was 1980 people!) where every single song was an enormous hit.  He won five grammys and later an Oscar for his theme song to the movie Arthur.  His voice is beautiful and clear and his range is positively stunning.  Still is, some 30+ odd years later.

He was playing in a small venue not far from here, an old movie theatre that's been converted for live performances.  There's not a bad seat in the house and we were front and center, only about five rows from the stage. As soon as we sat down I warned the man next to me I'd be singing along to which he replied, "I've got my earplugs so no problem."  Wise man.

You should know I was not the only one singing along.  The entire audience was singing along which made me wonder about something.  Do you think in 30+ years a new generation of 50-somethings will be sitting in a converted movie theatre in tiny town singing all the words to Baby Baby while a more mature Justin Bieber sits on stage?  

3. I was 20 years old in 1980, a college girl living far from home.  
It also happens to be the year I met a boy.  

I liked him.  

A lot.   

He's still okay.  

I remember my 20th  birthday because three of my besties trekked with me from collegetown Tennessee alllll the way to NJ for a long celebratory weekend.   

Obviously making the most of my birthday is not something new around here.  

4.  I'm getting my flu shot today.  
Told you this list was super interesting.  

5.  Finally, it would not be the start of fall if I didn't post a picture of my favorite tree-

Hubs says I post far, far too many pictures of this tree on my blog, but y' turns the most lovely shade of golden yellow this time of year. 

Here's hoping your weekend is also filled with the orangey-gold loveliness of an autumn landscape, and kindness greets you wherever your feet may roam.  


  1. I hope to take a ride this weekend and get some fall pictures!

  2. You should've linked up with Friday Fragments @ Half-Past Kissin' Time!
    Christopher Cross: *sigh* *double sigh* They don't make songs like that anymore. Glad to hear he still has it!
    I don't need to say this, but I SOOOO agree with you on #1. Kudos to Ryan for keeping his cool (although there were a couple of eye raises!) and being the better person!
    That tree is really pretty...hubs needs to remember the rest of us don't see that tree every day! :)

  3. I definitely think that yellow is my favorite fall just POPS! I'm still jealous you got to see Christopher Cross in concert. Glad you had a memorable night!

  4. 1. Amen
    2. LOve me some Christopher Cross
    3. The 80's were good, weren't they?
    4. I've never had a flu shot ~ and have yet to get the flu. Knocking on wood here.
    5. The trees are pretty, keep showing them to us.

    I like numbered lists. :)

  5. Agree on rudeness. I do believve you just might be talking about last night's debate! They were not acting & speaking like dignified, well mannered men. I wonder what their mothers think about it?? ha

  6. Hope you have a wonderful weekend also. Yes our country needs a huge lesson in being respectful.
    So glad you enjoyed the concert. Have to laugh about it but most likely they will be going to Justin Bieber concerts 30 years from now! Love the photos from your past and of course the foliage pictures are beautiful.

  7. 1. Couldn't have said it better myself. I just hope America "gets it" on Nov. 6th!
    2. I've heard Christopher Cross twice this week on my XM and thought of you both times. He is wonderful! Can't imagine seeing him in concert.
    3. You just keep on posting those pictures of that tree. It makes me smile, it is just beautiful!

    And, a lovely fall weekend to you too!

  8. Right on about the rudeness thought!! Loved Christopher Cross. Hope you have no problems with the flu shot and I think that tree is beautiful.

  9. personally, i love your trees. this far south, most of ours stay green. and amen & amen to your #1. miss reading blogs as of late. trying to keep all of my plates spinning over here. ;)

  10. I love a nice, list-y post myself. :) Christopher Cross, oh his voice is dreamy. And, yes, AMEN, to #1. Wow, how embarrassing it was to watch him with that toothy grin.

    Thank you for the recipe. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend, Joyce.

  11. He was slightly before my time but I totally remember Christopher Cross. What a great concert that must have been.

  12. A numbered list seems a wonderful way to keep things organized to me, and yes, far too much rudeness. Just proves that they can't make a logical argument.

  13. I agree with you about the rudeness, he interrupted so much I wanted to pinch him.

    I also like a good list and I feel that numbering the randomness seems like a better transition than a screeching change of direction, even though I can usually follow a screeching change of direction with the best of them!

    Purty tree! My favorites are the red and orange ones, pure deliciousness!

    Christopher Cross was HUGE the year I graduated from high school. Sailing......

  14. Couldn't agree more re: rudeness and the lack of common courtesy these days. A shame.

    Those trees are pretty. As much as I love the red and orange leaves of fall, those bright yellow ones really stand out to me. We need to go select a couple of trees to replace the two that died in our back yard, and I think I want to choose trees that will be a vivid, gorgeous yellow/gold.

  15. So agree on the rudeness, It makes me sick...doing a little blog hopping tonight and visiting friends.Happy Sunday

  16. 1. AGREED! And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that debates were arguing different sides of an issue, NOT demeaning each other for having opinions. Also, one of the issues I work most on at school is the rude and disrespectful issue. The 4th and 5th graders already know how low my tolerance is for that.
    2. I LOVE lists!
    3. Your list was so interesting!
    4. LOVELOVELOVE the tree!

    Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

  17. Please continue to post photos of your gorgeous tree! I would love to see that golden beauty in person. I absolutely agree about rudeness. It's way too common and it stinks. Seeing Christopher Cross sounds wonderful. I'm a child of the 80's and he's one of my favorites. It sounds like it was a fantastic venue to see him. I love those intimate settings. I would definitely be singing along. Fun!

  18. Rudeness is NOT necessary, especially not in our elected officials!

    Your tree is beautiful... I don't know about autumn in your neck of the woods this year, but the colors here are not what they normally are this time of year... We just don't have the reds and vibrant oranges we usually have here in Maine.

  19. I love lists, so this post is right up my alley!

    I was totally disgusted by the rudeness during debate the other night, and am appalled by the way some people seem to think "he did what he needed to do". What??? I was raised better than that!

    I always enjoy your lovely fall photographs since we don't experience those kinds of vibrant colors around here! Post away!