Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments

I thought I'd link up with Friday Fragments today.

Because it's Friday.

And I've got some fragments.

How do y'all like the many rules of grammar and punctuation I bent in that first little blurb?  I bet some of you are twitching.

Normally that sort of thing would make me twitch too, but there are days I feel the need to make my own rules on this blog.  And sometimes a thought is better expressed in something less than a complete sentence.

And sometimes I need to begin a sentence with the word And.
My editor says its okay.

On to my Friday Fragments...

Hubs has been faithfully working out to the Insanity program and is quickly seeing results.  I figured I'd give it a try too, and now that I have there are some thoughts I need to share-
That name is no accident. 

Jillian Michaels has nothin' on Shaun T.  
For those who don't know, he's the host of Insanity.

I use the term 'host' loosely. 

Speaking of things that are insane...airline tickets.  What in the world?  I booked a flight for daughter2 for the Thanksgiving holiday and the cost was positively astronomical.  I realize flights are always higher around the holidays, but this is the most I've paid since my girls went off to uni several years ago.  I suppose the price of fuel contributes to the higher costs too, but still...its insane!  And it doesn't do a thing for your abs.  

I had an online conversation with my daughter1 yesterday that at one point was so technologically challenging, she said ever so sweetly, 'Let's just move on from that topic because I have no idea what you're talking about.'  How in the world do I have a blog?  

You may recall the weather at my house on Halloween of last year.  It looked like this-

A literal foot and a half of snow.   That's one of our large plum trees plummeting to the ground under the weight of the white stuff.  It created a huge mess, not to mention the expense.  

Word on the street is we're in for some delightful weather this Halloween too.  They're calling this one Frankenstorm and it's supposed to bring high winds and torrential rain to our neck of the woods right around Halloween.

Did I mention we're in the middle of a landscaping project and there is mega dirt involved?  Yeah. Well we are and there is. Really hoping it all stays put.  

You're invited to spill your random thoughts today here to add your link to Friday Fragments.   Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Snow for Halloween? Can't even imagine that. We are to have a cold front come thru northwest Louisiana in the morning with a low in the 50's. I know, laugh, laugh. Sure hope the storm misses you next week. Enjoyed your fragments!

  2. I don't know what I expected from Friday Fragments..... I will watch out for it next week.
    Enjoyed your bits and pieces/fragments.

  3. I know we had a pass last winter, but I am NOT looking forward to getting slammed this year.
    Hope you escape the worst of Sandy, or Frankenstorm!

  4. Last year Halloween was cancelled till another day. Was it that way by you? I am just glad Kevin is home next week and I am not ALONE like I was for last years storm.

  5. I'm worried about the storm. We will be right in the area where it is supposed to hit the hardest. Looks like Halloween won't be happening. :(

  6. Happy Friday! They are calling for possible snow here next week. But definitely rain and wind...I wonder if I should buy more candy...I've ate most of what I bought already! Your daughter cracks me up....gotta love here directness! My hubby is doing P90X and having amazing results...It's too intense for me. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Halloween and Northern NJ never seem to equal a nice day! I remember snow in the past, and if not snow, then a bitter, cold rain - and wind. The poor kids always bundle up and wear heavy coats over their costumes.

  8. Yes, I so agree with you on the price of airline tickets. I cringe each time I've bought a ticket the past few months, but I still do it. :o)

    Oh, I hope they can wrap up your landscaping project before the bad weather hits. Otherwise, you may have a mess.

    Enjoyed your fragments!

  9. Wow. Snow for Halloween...can't imagine! It's suppose to be unseasonably cold here next week; glad I just got my new jacket from Land's End!
    Good to see you participating this week! :)

  10. We just got our first real snow, but it should be gone by Halloween. I hope the storm misses does sound like a big one that to create a mega-mess.

  11. Hope the dirt stays put. Our Halloween is going to be cold ... but even with colder temperatures, it sounds like it's going to be better weather than what you all will be getting. Hopefully Sandy aka Frankenstorm decides to head further out to sea instead.

  12. It is getting colder here. I hope the storm misses you. I think snow for Halloween is a bit early.

  13. that storm was terrible last year- I still can't believe how much snow we got! That is not normal! It looks like we are going to get walloped with this nasty storm next week too. Ugh! I bet the foodstore shelves are empty already.

  14. We are told that we will most likely loose power for Halloween because we are in the path as well. Snow again! Loss of power again! Super cold again! Welcome to NE and I hope it means that the rest of winter will be mild like last winter that case, I'm OK with a terrible Halloween. Good luck to you.

  15. I remember when we lived in New Jersey those storms that would come up the coast when the hurricanes hit Florida - I can still picture the rain and wind. That will be a little crazy for the trick or treaters!

  16. We SHOULD get snow like that here in central Wisconsin, but last year??? NOPE. That kicked off a long drought.

    I sure hope we get snow this winter, though it isn't starting yet.

    I don't know for holiday tickets, but under normal conditions I've found that if I keep checking on prices, I manage to get them for A LOT less than the first price I found. Of course you have to start the process early and keep checking every few days until you find the price is right.

    Once the first price I found was over $1000, but I ended up getting the same trip for less than $300 by just continuing to check.

  17. Sorry for missing HodgePodge this week. It is a great hop.

  18. Gee whiz, I am lucky to go for a walk. That program looks intense. My bowling partner Marite' is from France, last Christmas they paid $6,000. each for their tickets. In the summer they were $3,200. each. It just blows my mind!!! I hope your weather holds off because Halloween is not fun in that kind of weather.
    Have a nice weekend.

  19. That is CRAZY to get that much snow on Halloween! We got about 6-8 inches here in Jan. or Feb. of last year, I think. You'd have thought we were under blizzard conditions! The south just isn't prepared for snow, at all.

  20. I did think of you yesterday when Sam Champion said the storm was going to hit the Jersey Shore bad! Sorry.
    I sure hope the progress on the wall is not too hampered. Ugh, and just when you get started too! Figures, doesn't it?!
    Ugh airline prices! Tell me about it. We purchased Turkey day flights for Miss K. a while ago but still... a little hop up from the Bay area that usually is under 250.00 had us using some miles to buy it down and it was still a hundred more. Which reminds me we still have to get the xmas flights. Oh well.
    Have a great (wet) weekend. ;)

  21. your blog - your rules - that's one of the benefits of blogging. Hope that storm is not too bad.

  22. I remember lots of cold and drizzly weather for trick or treating but I don't remember any foot plus of snow. I think I'd remember that, too. Youch!

    Good luck during the Frankenstorm. It sounds like it will be a read doozy.

  23. Wow! That is a ridiculous amount of snow! :O

  24. I am nervous about Sandy. Last year was a mess here in Philadelphia with Irene and then the Halloween snow. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
    I am hosting a workshop on how to start a blog next week...I feel like a fraud:)
    I have been doing a lot of traveling to book events and airline tickets are just ridiculous and the service is disgusting. I am starting to enjoy driving except for flat tires and oh my is gas expensive especially with a big truck hauling a motorcycle.
    Have a great weekend and stay safe...

  25. Snow should NOT be allowed on Halloween!

  26. Hoping the frankenstorm misses you... we've got a bit of wind tonight and are expecting some rain tomorrow, but Charleston is really on the outside edge of the storm, so fingers crossed we won't have much damage...

  27. You are entitled to use as much artistic license as you want in a blog. I find it’s usually obvious when it’s written word mimicking speech and written work badly mimicking actually knowing how to write. I could “hear” you just fine!

    I hope your dirt doesn’t end up being a mudscape on the side of the neighbor’s house! Sending good thoughts and a prayer that it’s not as bad as they’re forecasting!

  28. I heart fragments. I live and speak fragments so I totally enjoyed this post!
    I came by to check on you and wish you well with "Sandy".
    Watching the weather channel has made me somewhat fearful for you.
    I'm praying all will be well for you and your family.

  29. Hello! It's great to meet you! Thanks for joining in :)

    As a mom with an almost-empty nest (unless you count the puppies), I hope I can count on your words of wisdom as I head down this scary road. My husband and I have always been close to our kids; this is going to be so strange.

    Sorry to hear you'll soon be meeting Frankenstorm. (and what a creative name!)

    I did not twitch, surprisingly, and I agree with you completely; you should be able to write however you want on your blog :)

    Again, thanks for linking up. Have a great rest-of-your weekend!

  30. Thanks for stopping by! I keep hoping Sandy will turn south, we need the rain desperately. We used straw to "hold" the dirt in place in our yard, honestly not really sure how well it worked, but it made DB feel much better!

  31. I feel your pain with the airline tickets! I hope they don't continue to go up because my grands fly sometimes twice a year for visits and it makes it hard!

    I pray you and everyone in Sandy's path are safe and don't get too much damage. I was just seeing the shore in NC and thinking how it will look in a few days. A Florida native, I'm no stagger to storm damage!

  32. I just hopped by to check on you since I know you (and one of your daughters) live in the general path of "Frankenstrom". I certainly hope it's not as bad as they are predicting. Will be sending up prayers for safety and little damage!

    As for airline tickets, EVERYTHING is getting more astronomical by the week--with the exception of "take home pay". Sigh... Is there an end in sight???

  33. We are currently posted in Alaska and we still don't have snow for Halloween. My children are very discouraged.

    That insanity workout sounds fun but crazy, am I right?

    Airline tickets are one of the reasons why we have been seriously bummed about the holidays this year but will make it work. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!