Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Ahhh, Mr. Rogers.  Raise your hand if you think America could use the soothing tones of Mr. Rogers right about now?  Sigh.

Anyway, back to my neighborhood and yesterday, because today it is a not so beautiful day...windy, gray and rainy.  But yesterday?  Yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Or a neighborly day in the beautywood, whichever you prefer.  

Is it obnoxious how much I talk about how pretty the autumn has been?

But y'all! the autumn! it's so pretty!

Yesterday I grabbed my camera as the pup and I headed out for our walk. It's a little challenging to take photos, and at the same time contain a dog who is on the scent of a rabbit/bird/squirrel/groundhog/chipmunk/bumble bee, but I persevered.

Photographs simply cannot do the color justice.
I snap them anyway.

I want to remember the rainbow of an October morning.


and yellow...


and green...


 and purple...

and blue...

I can walk a rainbow.
It's close enough to touch.  

That Mr. Rogers knew what he was talking about... is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  


  1. Mr. Rodgers is a fond memory I have from childhood. That song will always have a special part of my heart. Your pictures are pretty. Sometimes photo cannot capture the colors, but the true spirit is behind them. Happy Weekend!

  2. I know what you mean! Just can't get enough of all that beautiful fall color. Every morning I feel so blessed to be able to see it, to walk among the fallen leaves, even on a drizzly day. (I have to walk out on a drizzly day because my dogs stay right on the doorstep unless I go out with them. Grrrrr.)

    Have a beautiful weekend, Joyce!

  3. I saw the same beautiful colors when I was dog walking yesterday. The red bushes are so favorite I think.
    There is a kid's cartoon show these days based on Mr. Rogers (I can't remember the name of it). I watched it with my 4 yr old granddaughter the other day and somehow it was strangely comforting...and very cute.

  4. we've not had any color yet...yours is soooo pretty. Enjoy!

  5. I miss fall colors so much. Oklahoma doesn't get very many and two years of drought sort of make it impossible. So I'll enjoy your photos and wish I was there.

  6. So very beautiful and not it is not in the least bit obnoxious! I have so totally enjoyed the colors this year!

  7. Its very beautiful in your neck of the woods. Enjoy!

  8. oh so gorgeous, thanks for sharing them :)

  9. The colors are amazing. Thank you so much because I don't get to see the views/colors you have within your reach!

  10. Fantastic pictures! I think fall just skipped Minnesota or it happened while we were in Tennessee. Glad the pups didn't get in your way too much!

  11. Sigh. Do you think one of the reasons we appreciate it so much is that it's so fleeting? A week ago my neighborhood was glorious. A few days and a nasty wind later and it's gone.

    Glad you got such wonderful pictures of your colors while they're there.

  12. Wow! The fall colors are magnificent!

  13. Gorgeous! It really has been a amazing colorful Autumn! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Beautiful! And you're so right -- we could use a lot more Mister Rogers attitude in this country.

  15. Most loverly!! It has been a dreamy fall, hasn't it?

  16. Yes. It IS obnoxious the way you keep on and on about autumn. LOL Not really! I'm so glad you're getting to experience it and I'm equally glad you're sharing because, apparently, that's all I'm going to get again this year. We've got some cooler temps but very little color. I guess I'm going to have to go off in search of some. Beautiful post! And you're right about Mr. Rogers.

  17. We are still all green here in NC! Loved the sneak peak!!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! I love fall - especially the fall colors. And I'm hoping for some beautiful colors in our yard next fall. We picked out some trees for our backyard (to replace the ones that didn't survive our hot, dry summer) ... and they're all going to have gorgeous fall color.