Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ridin' the Storm Out

Did you hear there's a storm a-brewin'?  I live in the teeny tiny state expected to take the brunt of Sandy's fury and we've spent the weekend preparing as best we can.  So, what does that mean-to prepare?

Well, different things depending where you live, but for us here's how the weekend went-

1.  Hubs hovers over the landscape crew as they frantically try to get every tree, plant, and rock in place before the rains come.

They do.  There's more to come, but everything that was delivered has been dealt with which is good. Since we're not in charge of the weather there's nothing more we can do in this regard, and the landscaper assures us they will repair what is damaged.

Or blown away.

Or floats down the street.

Speaking of damage...apparently while I was at the supermarket on Saturday the brake on their truck failed and 30,000 pounds of steel rolled unatteded down our street. Thankfully the only thing it took out was our neighbor's mailbox, but just thinking about what could have happened shaved at least  ten years off my life.  

Back to my list...

2.  Inventory the battery stock, check power status on flashlights and camping lantern, move a flashlight upstairs, pull out candles, matches, and my yoga pants.  Hey, if I'm hunkering down I wanna be comfy.

3.  Use what's in the freezer to make room for bags of ice.  Realize the pathetic lack of contents is for once, a blessing.

4.  Make your first trip to the market.  Buy bags of ice so when the power fails (and we've been assured it will) you can hopefully stretch the longevity of some foods by transitioning to a cooler.

5.  On the way home from the market think of items you will definitely need, but didn't buy.

6.  Make a second trip to the market.  Get everything on your list and thank your lucky stars you don't have to see the inside of that
circus store again anytime soon.

7.  Turn onto your street and notice text from hubs saying you might want to pick up more bottled water as he's doled out some of the stash to a landscape crew of ten.

8.  On the way back to the store, stop to fill up the car in case you need to make a quick getaway.  Getaway to where I have no idea, because according to one local forecaster, this storm is 'biblical in nature'. 

What does that even mean-'biblical in nature'?  Did people in Bible times have cars to carry them away from dangerous coasts, supermarkets where they could load up on bottled water, and emergency service personnel doing things like lowering the water in the reservoirs to minimze the damage?

There's plenty of time to contemplate this notion as you sit in a queue at the petrol station, because everyone else in town has the same checklist.  All of tinytown is filling up their vehicles, or in many instances their gas cans needed to power their generators.

Which also did not exist in biblical times.
Just sayin'.

Not trying to minimize the seriousness of our current weather predicament, just making an observation about weatherpeople and their love of a good descriptor.

9.  Back at the ranch you run the dishwasher, the vacuum, and the washing machine. Pat yourself on the back because every dish is clean, every floor is vacuumed, and every item of clothing is washed, dryed, and put away.   The upside of a hurricane if there is such a thing.

10.  Make chocolate chip cookies.
That needs no explaination, right?

11.  Take a long hot shower, wash and dry hair, and shave your legs.  No power means no hot water.

12.  No power also means no power.  Try not to think about what that means in terms of your morning coffee.

13.  Brew coffee before going to bed Sunday night so you can at least have it iced in the morning.  Not the same effect as piping hot, but still delivers a very necessary jolt of caffeine.

14.  Fill the bathtub.  If there's no power we'll have water available to flush toilets.  We've been told to plan on being housebound and without power for a full 36 hours.  We'll be needing that water.

15.  Charge all phones and ipads.  Be thankful for your stash of 'real' books.  Now you can read without running down the power on your ipad and save that juice for important stuff.

Like checking facebook and your blog.

As an aside, and because I know some of you reading are wondering, the Hodgepodge will post come rain or come shine.

I think.

I've set it to post so now its up to the internet fairies.

16.  Make certain there is enough dog food in the storage container to last thru the next few days.  Wish you were as oblivious to the impending storm as your pup, who sleeps contentedly in a comfy chair by the TV.

17.  Remove all furniture, patio heaters, potted plants, hanging baskets, and pumpkins from the front porch, driveway, and back patio.  

Actually...tell hubs to do it.  You're making your third trip to the market, remember?

18.  Call daughter1 in the suburbs of our nation's capitol and review her checklist.

19.  Make a lovely pre-storm roast chicken with sauteed spinach and maple glazed roasted butternut squash.  Appreciate a warm meal, cooked in a hot oven, eaten with the lights on.

20.   Feel grateful for refrigeration, electricity, a well stocked pantry, and a safe place to ride out life's storms...for all the things we take for granted...

...and for the things we don't.


  1. Good luck! It certainly sounds like you are ready...unless you need to go to the food store one more time! Stay safe.

  2. We did some of those preparations too. Looks like Sandy is on her way. The winds have picked up here. Stay safe.

  3. A couple of my co-workers' husbands are in your state ready to bring back your power should the need arise! Wishing you safe keeping as you wait Sandy out!

  4. Good luck. Your storm prep plan sounds solid. Lets pray it weakens before it hits. I always cook a turkey or chicken before a major storm too. I will remember the choc chip cookies though.
    Stay safe.

  5. Stay safe, Joyce ! It's alittle bit overwhelming and scary to me. We have done most on your list.

  6. It sounds like you are pretty well set....and I hope you don't need any of it. If you do, be safe and know that there are many of us thinking about you.

  7. It sounds like you are ready for whatever comes your way, and you still have your sense of humor - AMAZING!! I'll be checking on TWC periodically and thinking of you and my good friend who lives in Rehoboth, DE. May protection and provision be on hand for both of you!!

  8. Oh, you are too funny, Joyce. Hey, thanks for the idea to make my coffee now, in case... Me without caffeine OR power could well be WAY worse than a hurricane. Oh, and reading the line about the 30,000 pounds of steel and the failed truck brake...oh, my WORD! At least you know that God is in your landscape redo, no matter what happens! Thanks for posting the checklist. I think I've taken care of all the same things except 1) vacuuming 2) shaving and 3)baking cookies. I guess I should inquire here as the priorities of those 3.

  9. Oh, thinking about that steel rolling down the hill and the damage it could have done is very scary and so glad you didn't have that worry in the end.

    And, sounds like you have done all that could be done to prepare for Sandy. And, as they say, what will be will be. I just pray that everyone is safe.

    Blessings to you in the days ahead!

  10. Love your checklist - and your attitude. Might as well celebrate the humor. Stay safe, warm and dry.

  11. Yikes! So thankful you got the chocolate chip cookies made and your legs shaved. ;) Will be thinking of you and praying for your safety. (Kinda glad hubby didn't consider the possible job in MA)

  12. Sounds like your as ready as you can be. See you on the other side of this thing!

  13. Praying for safety for all those in the storms path. Good to see you seem to be prepared. Be safe.

  14. Sounds like you did a good job getting ready for this thing. Be safe and prayers are with you.

  15. Looks like you should be about as prepared as is possible, given the size of this storm. Praying that you will be safe.

  16. I am impressed with your storm preparedness. You rock! Praying that you will be safe and not need any of the things you have.

  17. I think your ready! I was in NJ for Irene and shocked at the damage and how fast it came in. We don't have a generator but other than filling tub which I never thought about we are ready. Though I'm going to make cookies today because that just makes perfect sense. Stay safe!

  18. I'm thinking how calm I have been. Of course I am way up in New Hampshire, and I don't expect to have much impact. We are well stocked up and have plenty of food and water, all that's left to do is move the patio chairs and table in. Then watch the leaves blow!

  19. You really sound prepare for everything. Hoping you won't get the worst of it. Stay safe!

  20. Praying for your safety! Hope you made enough cookies. :)

    Good Luck!!

  21. So, out of all that, I need to know:
    How do you make the maple glazed butternut squash? (ha, ha!)
    Sounds like you're prepared!

  22. awesome list and beautiful tree pic--thanks for reminding me about the filled bath thing!! be safe <3

  23. Glad only the mail box got the brunt of that brake mishap. Glad they got all your items secured and your pillars are looking lovely.

    Great plan on the ice. So many trips to the store! I plan on filling up my tank more often because you never know when you need to getaway. Those are wonderful tips, you sound about as prepared as you can be. Gotta have cookies! (need to make a copy your list)

  24. Hi Joyce, I read your blog now and again and had to comment here. My parents are also in the storm's path. Yikes! I hope you all are safe, and that all of the preparation proves to get everyone through this crazy storm. I'm thinking of and praying for so're added to my list. :)
    Your list is great, by the way. Humor in the midst of imminent danger is a blessing. :)

  25. I am SO thinking of you! WIll say many prayers. Keep us all posted as soon as you can...

  26. Sounds like you're in as good as place as you can be at this stage, good job planning and preparing! I'll be thinking of you all on the east coast and praying the worst isn't as bad as expected.

    Stay safe. God bless.

  27. Prayers for your safety and simply amazing all you have accomplished to prepare for this horrific storm that is "Biblical in nature." Newscasters say the strangest things.

  28. Hurricanes are light years worse than tornadoes but at least you get warning so you can be prepared - or evacuate. Still, I think I'll take my chanced in tornado alley.

    Praying you'll ride it out in safety and relative comfort - and still be able to play WWF. :)

  29. Scary! I hope you are all safe and sound.

    And definitely hoping things are not "Biblical" in nature. Sounds impressive, even if it does not really make sense. ;)

  30. Wow! Your list sounds just like mind - minus the landscapers. Be Safe. Stay indoors.

  31. I'm following your twitter pics so I know you're alive.

    Hang in there!