Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beauty and the Beach

Wrapping up our trip to the Evergreen State today because who wants to sort, shred, file and pack up an office when they can look at pretty pictures instead? 

We got a taste of true Washington weather once the weekend ended. I think we had a little bit of rain each day, but we still squeezed in a lot of fun.  Hubs spent some time doing a few things in the yard for the newlyweds because yard work is his love language. I'm not kidding.

Monday morning our hosts both went to work so hubs and I drove in to Tacoma to meet some friends from our UK days. Few things make my heart happier. We met at Starbucks of course, because isn't the PNW it's mothership? We  had such a nice time catching up in person. 

On Tuesday afternoon we were all a little giddy as we drove to the base with Daughter1 to meet the dog breeder for the puppy handover. Oh my stars! There is nothing like a puppy is there? Hunley is a love and we had so much fun watching him explore his new home.  

Thursday morning we took advantage of a break in the weather to see 'the neighborhood'. The Puget Sound sits within walking distance of their home, and the vastness of it, the beauty and solitude you feel as you stand in front of this body of water is hard to put into words.  

The trail to the water begins in a forest my Daughter refers to as Jurassic Park. The trees reach to the sky and all around are ferns and moss and lush green gorgeousness. 

Hunley came too, and he was a trooper. We took turns carrying him, but nobody seemed to mind-ha!

As the forest breaks you enter an estuary, where wildflowers bloom and a gently rolling stream meanders through the landscape.

You walk through a tunnel that does not feel oddly out of place, more like something from Alice in Wonderland, and no the light at the end is not a train...'s the Puget Sound and it is absolutely breathtaking.

Such a contrast to the forest you left behind not a minute ago.

This stretch of rocky sand was made for deep thinking and big dreaming.
Just ask the heron.

You can take the boy out of Tennessee...

Rock skipper extraordinaire-

Knowing my daughter lives within a stone's throw of so much natural beauty makes the miles between us easier to bear. 

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and we had a plane to catch so it was back to the woods for the walk home.

It's easier to be far now that I've been close. I like to picture my daughter and son-in-law at their kitchen table, walking their sweet dog around the neighborhood, and shopping in the commissary.

To know they stand and marvel at God's amazing handiwork and the path that led them to a rocky beach beside the Puget Sound.


  1. How wonderful that you got to meet up with a friend from the UK. Puppies....can't live without them! What a beautiful area to visit, absolutely stunning! Love all the photos.

  2. It is true - when you can picture them living their life in surroundings you have seen, it makes things easier :-)

  3. What a wonderful visit to make your heart happy and put your mind at ease. So sweet. Thank you for sharing!

  4. It will be very hard to leave. I can't imagine. The beautiful surroundings. I would love to walk among those woods. So funny to see you wearing jackets when we are warm here in the south. Safe trip home.

  5. I agree, it does help with the distance once you have visited where they live and what a grand area they live in. You will never lack for things to do when you go. Happy packing!!!!

  6. Simply beautiful! It's amazing how calming a body of water can be. And just today I told Crash that it is against the law to go to the lake without skipping rocks. And that puppy is adorable!

  7. Beautiful post, Joyce! It must have been so reassuring to know that they're happy and among beauty...and that you have a grandpuppy!

  8. I stopped by to copy the Hodgepodge questions and could not help myself from looking at your photo's from your walk along the Puget Sound. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. Love the new puppy. Also, I learned that Hubs and I have something in common, we are both southpaws. Some of the finest people I know are southpaws. Enjoy your day!

  9. Looks like you had one amazing trip, Joyce! I know you're heart is full!