Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Simply the Hodgepodge

Welcome to your weekly dose of Hodgepodge. Thanks for playing along...if you've answered the questions today, add your link at the end of my post then go say hi to your neighbors. Here we go-

1. Did you make someone laugh yesterday? Was it intentional?

I think it's rare I purposely try to make someone laugh, unless that someone is an unhappy toddler or a fussy baby. In that case I might try. Normally though, if I make someone laugh it's spontaneous and unplanned. I was with my brother and sister yesterday and we laughed, but I don't think I was the one who made that happen.

2. What's a simple question with a complicated answer?

Where's home?

3. Rhododendrons or have to choose. Are any currently blooming in your yard?

Such a hard question because I love them both. When I wrote the question I was thinking of all the beautiful rhododendrons I saw blooming while visiting Washington, so it seemed like I'd have an easy answer for this one. 

Except on Monday we drove down to my mom's house in South Jersey (that would be my mom with the amazing green thumb!) and her azaleas were absolutely gorgeous so now I'm conflicted. Her rhododendrons were also pretty spectacular so how to choose? 

My favorite thing is to see a combination of rhodies and azaleas, but if I have to choose I'm going with rhododendrons. We do have some azaelas, but everything is late this year so not as pretty as in other parts of the country right now.  

4.  May 21st is National Waitstaff Day. Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress? How would you rate the experience? What was the best/worst part of the job?

I worked as a waitress my last year of uni. It was a nice restaurant and I enjoyed the experience for the most part. You can never get the smell of food off your uniform no matter how many times you wash it, and that scent also clings to your hair, which I didn't love.  The worst part of the job though would be rude people. I always try to give a waiter the benefit of the doubt. 

5.  What fashion trend for women should be outlawed? How about one for men?

Men...sagging drawers. Come on! Who does that look good on? 

Women...where to begin? Belly shirts and leggings on ladies who should know better are two that spring to mind. 

6. Name a writer who inspires tell us why.

I think all the best writers make me want to write. My favorite modern day writer is Pat Conroy. His words are measured and thoughtful and a little bit like poetry. 

G.K. Chesterton died in 1936, but his writing continues to inspire. He was a man of great wisdom and I'd love to sit with him for a nice long chat over a cup of tea.   

There's also lots of wonderful writers out there in the blogosphere...Lisa Jo Baker is one of my absolute favorites in terms of the way she writes, Kelle Hampton is another. 

7.  What well known quote or saying sums up your plans for today or this week?

"Don't make change too complicated. Just begin." 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend I want to say a special thank you to the families who've lost someone they loved in service to our country. Husbands, fathers, sons and and women who gave their very lives in service to our country. 

If you've never been to Arlington I highly recommend a visit there. It's a place of quiet beauty, a place I always leave feeling a mixture of pride and sadness and deeper love of country. 


  1. That rhododendron bush is stunningly gorgeous! Love it!

  2. This was a blast to do. I had to really think on a couple. The writer one, absolutely could have had a list a mile long. So kept it simple... anyways, your mother's green thumb - yikes, so jealous of it. I agree, thank you to all who have and are serving in our military so we may have our freedom. Enjoy your week Jo.

  3. I have never seen such huge, gorgeous rhododendrons! Glad you were able to go and visit daughter. I need to remember your quote as it applies to me right now.

  4. Lisa Jo Baker... I don't think I have read anything by her. I'll have to give her a try! Thanks!

  5. I love your answer to no 7 - need to recommend that to my hubby sometimes lol.

  6. I think the sight of Arlington could leave anyone speechless. The rows upon rows of crosses, just the vast number of fallen soldiers buried there, not to mention the reason for that particular piece of land being chosen for the cemetery.

  7. Great questions and you are so right about Arlington.

  8. That is the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! ***EYES POPPING****

  9. Thanks for such a thoughtful Hodgepodge, Joyce! I agree with your #8. Arlington inspires such patriotism and pride and also sadness at so many lives lost in service to our great country.

    Those rhododendrons are amazingly beautiful!!

  10. Here's another more complicated question... where do your girls consider home. My 2 consider Texas home. It's so interesting when you move around quite a bit. Pat Conroy is definitely a fave of mine too. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend. I hope your moving process continues to go smoothly...

  11. Those flowers are huge! So beautiful. I like your quote and that one will help me too. Thanks for another great week at the Hodgepodge :)

  12. I had no trouble with the flower question but that was because of my grandmother. She had azeleas all over her yard and they were pretty but it was her love of them that made me choose them for this question.

  13. Hi,
    Wow, the flowers are amazing in your photo. I saw some of them on IG too. Amazing at the size.
    Your simple question is a good one!

  14. For an Army brat and now a Navy wife, Where's home? is a tough question for me. Where was I born, where did I grow up, where have I live the longest, where do you find most of family...the list is quite complicated!

  15. I cannot believe that Rhododendron ! Those are great choices on the clothing that needs to be gone. I love your quote, it really inspired me. I've never heard it before.

  16. Those are pretty flowers! Around here almost everyone had roses. Hope all is well & have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  17. Thanks for sharing your trip to see the newlyweds in the PNW. My college roomie lives on Whidbey Island. Hope to visit someday. Good luck with your moving and changing. Exciting and overwhelming at the same time. :) Hope you will have a weekend on the water. :)

  18. Those flowers are HUGE! I don't know that I've ever seen any rhododendrons growing around here.
    Wishing you luck with all of your upcoming changes! That lake-side home will be SO worth it in the end :)
    P.S. Brad and Jennifer got their first offer on their house, yesterday. Both are about to start new jobs, plus they will be moving back "home" as soon as their house sells. Lots of changes going on for them, as well. So glad that Evan will get to grow up around his cousins though :)

  19. "Don't make change too complicated, just begin." That really is wise. Thanks for sharing this.

    The Rhododendrons you pictured are amazing!

  20. I think all the Memorials in D.C, including Arlington National Cemetery are worth the trip. Sadly, I don't think most of our fellow citizens observe Memorial Day as we did in the days of my youth. God bless our servicemen and women. Have a great weekend.

  21. Oh, I hated to miss the HP today but just could not fit it in. This whole house building process is making me weary. :o)) But, I just keep thinking that the "prize" will be worth it in the end.

    Lisa Jo, oh, she's something. I had the privilege of meeting her and hearing her speak at last year's Declare Conference. What a gal!

    Hope to be a part of next week's, messes my week up when I don't get to link up. :o))