Thursday, May 21, 2015


I know everyone is moving into Memorial Day Weekend mode, but I'm still over here talking about Mother's Day. Remember Mother's Day? It was sooo last week, but I'm gonna mention it here anyway. 

This is what I'm calling our Seattle selfie. My daughter took the picture which is why we're both in it. Had I taken the picture you might only see half of us. True story. 

Mother's Day is always more of a treat if I get to spend it with one or both my girls. Both would be my favorite but I take what I can get, and this year we were out west on Mother's Day visiting the newlyweds. By the way they are super cute. 

So much to see in this city, and we barely scratched the surface. I forgot the glass artist Dale Chihuly was from the PNW, and am definitely planning to see more next time round. His work is absolutely beautiful.

These 'flowers' are not his, but another artist's work. It's called Sonic Bloom, and is located outside the Science Center. The blooms are solar and light up at night, but they were interesting to see in the daytime too.  

My daughter booked us Mother's Day brunch in the Space Needle and it was lovely. The restaurant (SkyCity) at the top revolves ever so slowly giving you 360 degree views of Seattle and the surrounding area.  

The food was delish and the portions way too large, so we all felt the need for a walk afterwards. Plus after more than an hour spent revolving I needed my land legs. 

My son-in-law works very long hours, so it was a treat to have him with us for the day. I told him a Sunday nap was okay by me too, but he was a trooper and we spent most of the afternoon wandering around the Public Market. 

Pretty sure a trip to Pike Place Fish is mandatory when you're in Seattle, and we got to see the famous fish toss. Here's the pitch (below), look hard and you'll see the fish in mid-air...

...and now the catch-

It really was such an enjoyable day all the way around. Maybe I'll spend every Mother's Day here-ha! Hi Kids! The weekend weather was perfect, there was too much to see and do in a day, and then of course the best part...

...the company. People are my favorite. Especially my people.


  1. I want to go to Seattle so badly!!! ...
    I had to take a selfie with my mom too just to get us both in :) Its a mom thing I guess :)

  2. Great pictures - love the fish toss. We really like living here - the Navy won't be keeping us here long but we hope to return.

  3. wonderful pictures of a memorable day, for sure.
    Love the fish toss - I gotta get down there to see that one of these days.

  4. You clearly had a great time :)

  5. It all looks so lovely. How awesome to have brunch at the Space Needle! What a great visit you had.

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Mother's Day adventure with us. The space needle restaurant is probably fabulous, and definitely has a wonderful view. So good to spend time with a daughter.

  7. Fabulous! Looks like the weather cooperated too, Score!

  8. I went to Seattle last year on vacation. You brought back so many memories with your story and photos. Chihuly is amazing! He had a display at the Dallas Arboretum I got to go to and experience. Just amazed! Hope you get to experience it soon.

  9. You must go to Chihuly's Museum and watch the glass workers. It is so amazing and they have a wonderful gift shop.

    And, the Market. Oh, we saw the fish toss too. What a place!

    Happy weekend!

  10. We are in preliminary talks of taking an Alaskan cruise. We were discussing where to fly - Seattle or Vancouver. I admit that I was leaning toward Vancouver because I thought that there would be more to see there than in Seattle, but now after your post, I'm not so sure. ;-)

  11. My son surprised his precious wife with a week in Seattle for their 20th anniversary and stayed in a lovely hotel in the market. She was in love with the city the minute they landed. I think you both may have that in common.

  12. Loved reading your version and your daughter's!! Such a great time! I will most likely never see Seattle, so hearing your stories and seeing the pictures is a real treat!