Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Light And Airy Hodgepodge

Is it hot where you live, because it has been HOT here?! Let's dive right in to the Hodgepodge, shall we? If you've answered the questions, be sure to link at the end of my post.  Here we go-

1. Is your home air conditioned? If it's not air conditioned, is that by choice? Did you grow up with air conditioning? If not how did you cope with the heat? Share about a time or place you remember as being too hot-the temperature kind of hot, lest anyone be confused.

Yes we had air conditioning in our home. We weren't falling for that 'You don't really need air conditioning in this part of North Jersey' malarkey a second time. The first time we lived in North Jersey we did not have a.c. We didn't need it often, but the thing about a.c. is, when you need it you need it. All it takes is one 90 degree week in August with a three year old and a ten month old, both covered in chicken pox, to convince you of that!  

Our house in S.C. will have a.c. because I cannot imagine living in S.C. without it. The house I grew up in didn't have a.c. initially, but my parents had it put in after we'd been there a couple of years. I remember as a little girl sleeping in an undershirt because it was too hot for pj's. 

A time I was too hot? How about Sunday when my mom's a.c. failed and the humidity was about 1000 percent? It was repaired on Monday, but once the house heats up it takes a good long while to cool off. 

2. What's something in your life right now that falls under the heading 'up in the air'?

When will the lake house be completed? 

Also, when will the lake house be started? 

The answer to the latter is 'soon'. Not soon like your mama told you when you were a kid and she really meant never, but soon like sometime in August. 

3. Your favorite light and airy dessert?

One of my favorites would be Eton Mess, a mixture of strawberries, pieces of meringue, and whipped cream all stirred together to make the perfect light and airy dessert. 

4. When did you last feel like you were 'floating on air'?

My daughter's wedding day-January 3, 2015. How's that for specific? 

5. Airport, airmail, airtight, airhead...which have you most recently encountered? Explain.

I'll go with airport since I was there on Sunday. We were collecting my mom who was returning home after a trip down south. 

6.  Have you ever been to the Alps? If so where did you go? If not, is this a destination on your must-see list? If you were headed that direction this summer, which of the following would be your preferred activity...a gentle walk, a serious walk, a bike ride, a boat ride around one of the lakes, or summer snow skiing?

I've been to a number of storybook towns and villages in the Alps, too many to list but highlights would include Innsbruck, Seefeld (Austria), Garmisch in the Bavarian Alps, and Chamonix in the French Alps. Chamonix is one of my favorite spots btw, and I wish it were on my travel itinerary this summer. 

Sadly moving house and international holidays do not mix. If I were headed that way I'd love a serious walk or a boat ride around one of the lakes. 

7. What is one saying or phrase that was considered 'cool' when you were growing up?

I was a teenager in the 70's and a phrase that came to mind was 'to the max'. We tacked that on to a lot of sentences, but it was just another way of saying 'as much as possible'. 

'Book' was another popular term, as in "I need to book" aka run/go/hurry on out of here. They don't sound all that cool in 2015, but maybe they did in 1975? Or maybe we just thought they did?

8. Insert your own random thought here.

On Monday we unexpectedly lost our precious dog Dixie. She was thirteen years old, but still so young at heart. If you read here regularly then you know how we all feel about this girl. She was a complete love.

And we are so sad. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your dog Dixie. Sending prayers.

  2. I am very sorry to hear about Dixie, Joyce. As a pet lover myself I know how heartbreaking it is to lose our furry friends. Hang in there.

  3. So sorry to hear about your dog. I hope that your current busy life will help you cope with the loss. I also chose a wedding day as my walking on air moment. Great questions as always.

  4. I am so, so sorry to hear about Dixie! (((Hugs)))

  5. Losing Dixie had to hit doubly hard since so much is up in the air for y'all right now.
    Not having air conditioning brings back some memories...for sure!

  6. Again, I'm so sorry about Dixie. I know the love we get from our dogs, and even though we know they don't live as long as us, it's still very hard. I guess it's God's way of teaching us how to grieve. Perhaps a new pup once the house is built?

  7. Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about Dixie. There's nothing like the companionship of a sweet and loving dog.

    I laughed at your second answer. Soon.

  8. Oh Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about Dixie. Praying for comfort for you all.

  9. So sorry to hear about Dixie. Hope you have fun this weekend at the Phi Mu Reunion. I am not able to go this year, but maybe in 2017!

  10. sorry about loosing Dixie. --Thinking about the lack of ac sure brings back memories...great Hodgepodge, Joyce. Blessings

  11. Deepest sympathies for the loss of Dixie. We are dog people here and have loved and lost in the past. Our canine friends are special blessings from our Creator God.

  12. So sorry about Dixie. :(
    Thanks for keeping the HP going in the midst of all you have going on these days! I'm going to add Chamonix to my list of places to visit on our hypothetical alpine vacation. :)

  13. Oh, I'm so aggravated! I had my HP all ready to publish and when I went to publish it this morning it had somehow "magically" disappeared into thin air I suppose. Just did not have the time to do it over, so............

    Hoping your lake house gets started soon and moves along at breakneck speed and you will be moved in and somewhat settled by this time next year. We do have a "move in" date.......Aug. 11th!!

    So, so sorry about Dixie, she was such a pretty dog.

  14. I am so sorry to hear about Dixie.

    I forgot about "to the max". That is a funny one.

  15. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved dog, Dixie. I am dreading that day for our sweet Trudy. The house is so empty when a pet is no longer there to greet you and just enjoy your presence.
    To the max? I don't remember that, but it brought to mind the "I can't believe" phrase from Maxwell Smart, and also the use of groovy. Everything was groovy.
    Hope your lake house gets started too. And, of course, floating on air at the perfect wedding. (Although I do remember something about a fall?)

  16. I am so sorry about your loss, your love, Dixie. My westie is turning 13 years old in August so I know some of your feelings (my biggest fear).

    Your sayings in the 70s survived the 80s too! I remember saying "book" even today it comes out! LOL

    You crack me up about your definition of "soon"! I hope it is super sonic soon on completion!

  17. Oh, Joyce, my hear sank when I read that you'd lost Dixie. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much a part of the family she was.
    Yes, you will definitely need some air conditioning while living in SC, even if your home is located on a lake. On days like yesterday, the heat and humidity will literally suck the life out of you...
    Building a new house will teach you to have patience...lots and lots of patience. Hoping they get started soon!
    Kathy (Reflections by Kathy)

  18. To the max is one I had totally forgotten! Two of my guy friends decided to invent a word and see if it would catch on while we were in college. The word they invented was something like "plaunch" and it meant to leave (kinda like I gotta book. I'd forgotten all about it.

    By the way, plaunch did catch on at Sewanee!

    Sorry about Dixie. Hope this is a better week, Joyce.

  19. Once again I will add my condolences, Joyce. I keep thinking about you and your family. It took me 7 months to fully grieve the loss of our sweet Molly, so if you feel like talking about her or crying over her on your blog in the coming year, you have my support (and I think I speak for many of your readers). Dixie was one well-loved pup and you guys gave each other mutual joy in this life. I'm of the belief our pets go to heaven and wait for us. Not that I can biblically support that, but God knows what would make for the perfect mansion "to the max" for each of us in heaven.

    I remember "book"! "I'd better be bookin' it home before I'm grounded" Sometimes I still say it, as in, "Come on, son! Gotta book it to church!" He always says, "Book it? Is that some phrase from last century??"

  20. Oh no! Not your sweet pup. I remember the very day we lost our Buddy (golden retriever) to cancer. It was all so sudden and a fast moving cancer. We were devastated and I will still shed a tear every time I think of him. I'm not getting another pet after Tucker. My heart just won't be able to take it. I'll keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. That dessert sounds delicious!

  21. So sorry for your lose--losing a dog is never easy. We are facing the same situation soon. Our dog is 14 and we don't know how much longer he will make it. So sad when they go.

  22. So sorry about Dixie! It's like losing a member of the family! Hope the week is good to you

  23. That dessert sounds yummy. I just Googled the recipe. I agree, your children's weddings are the best day to be floating on air! Lovely family photo. Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about Dixie. I am sitting here in tears running down my face. My heart aches with you and your family. (((HUGS)))

  24. Eton Mess sounds amazing. Yum! I'm so sorry about Dixie. Think about all of the great times you had with her and never forget you were her world : )

  25. Oh goodness ... so sorry to hear about your dog. :( Those pets are family. I know you will miss her much.

    Eton Mess sounds like my kind of dessert ... might have to look up a specific recipe! YUM! :)

  26. Yes, I assumed your Dixie was one of the family very early on in following your blog. I am so sorry for this loss. But a bright spot in your life right now has to be the anticipation of starting your dream home on your dream lake. How exciting that must be.

  27. Sorry to hear about Dixie's passing. They do wrap themselves into and around our hearts, and there they stay. Take care.

  28. Oh no... bless your hearts, I know you will miss Dixie! Praying for you guys!

  29. Sorry to hear about Dixie's unexpected passing. It's never easy, expected or otherwise. Our pets are family, no doubt about it. May happy memories of your years with her bring you comfort.

    Eton Mess sounds delicious; I've never heard of it before!

  30. I've been thinking about you and your pup and sending virtual hugs and prayers. I whine about Cooper and his high maintenance self but I can't imagine how it's going to be when he's no longer under foot.
    I remember 'book it' too!

  31. I'm sooo sorry about Dixie. My heart hurts for you!!!

  32. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog this week. It is heartbreaking when they go isn't it? You have my sympathy and my condolences. God bless, Pam

  33. Joyce...I can't begin to tell you how very sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful and adored girl. Will be praying for you all.

  34. So sorry to hear about losing your beloved pup.
    The wedding photo is lovely!

  35. So sorry to hear about your sweet pup…thinking about you and sending warm hugs…

  36. Rudyard Kipling

    I have done mostly what most men do,
    And pushed it out of my mind;
    But I can't forget, if I wanted to,
    Four-Feet trotting behind.

    Day after day, the whole day through --
    Wherever my road inclined --
    Four-feet said, "I am coming with you!"
    And trotted along behind.

    Now I must go by some other round, --
    Which I shall never find --
    Somewhere that does not carry the sound
    Of Four-Feet trotting behind.

  37. So sorry to hear about your dog! It's such a sad thing to lose a member of the family! :/ (I still use "book". What does that say about me? LOL)