Monday, July 27, 2015

On the Road Again. Or Still?

It's Monday which means time to check in here. I'm so ready to get settled into our apartment and then hopefully into some sort of routine with my writing. We shall see.

Hubs and I have been on the road all week which I know surprises no one, and guess what? We'll be on the road all this week too. As I've been saying for several months now... 'tis a season.

Except I think 'on the road' is a way of life here as opposed to just a season, but I like to pretend one day we'll be settled down with our feet up and no place to go.

Also we really do enjoy all the going, we just need a little staying now and then for balance. ahem.

We left NJ last Tuesday and took our time getting to SC. We arrived on Wednesday morning, and headed straight for the lake to dump a carful of belongings. Not in the lake, but in the storage unit we're renting near the lake. We've got the little red car in storage there too, and she started right up on the first try. That doesn't always happen with the little red car, but apparently heat and humidity agree with her, so whoohoo!

Next stop was back to town to my sister and brother-in-law's home to dump the rest of our luggage, shower, change and then head back over to the other side of town to collect Daughter2 for dinner with the in-laws. Not her in-laws or our in-laws, but Daughter1's in-laws.

Course Daughter1 and her hubs were way over on the west coast where they currently reside, but their families had a lot of fun catching up over dinner. Both sisters were there too, just no newlyweds. Pretty sure we're going to see the kid's in-laws more than they do, but that's okay because it gives us a chance to talk about them. Hi kids!

Thursday I broke down and got a haircut, my first since we moved. I went to my daughter2's stylist so it wasn't too traumatic. Y'all finding a new girl to cut my hair ranks high on the list of move stressors. We had a nice lunch afterwards with Daughter2 (I'm not even living there yet, but already loving how easy it is to see her) and then we drove back out to the lake to meet up with our builder.

He had our actual large blueprints and also the gazillion pages that go behind the floorpans. All the lines and squiggles and footnotes referring to insulation and electricity and foundations and muckity muck muck. Oh I know it's all important, but I want hubs to worry about the part that's not fun. Just skip straight to the pretty drawings of my house please.

It feels very official to have blueprints, although there are still one or two little bits and pieces that need correcting, and we have to tag trees on the lot as to what stays and what goes, and then somebody has to come say it's okay because you can't just knock down all the trees when you're beside the water, nor would we want to, and then there's all the choosing and the paying of course, but still... it's nice to have blueprints.

On Friday we met Daughter2 for breakfast, then hubs drove me to meet up with some college friends so we could transfer my luggage to their car for the ride to North Carolina. We're moving to South Carolina which I know is confusing, but I was going to a sorority reunion in North Carolina. And hubs was going on to Tennessee to catch up with his folks, because we were in the neighborhood.

More or less.

I had a fabulous weekend in the mountains with college girlfriends. The kind of weekend where we talk too much and laugh too much and relax to the nth degree. In other words-perfection. 

The view's not bad either.

The weekend went by way too fast, and on Sunday hubs picked me up and we headed back to NJ. It was slow going because have mercy, the traffic! Yikes! What should have taken ten hours took fourteen so we didn't roll into my mom's driveway until 1:30 in the morning. I know! 

We have a glorious forty eight hours with no where to be, then it's back in the car and over the border. Legally of course-ha! We're going to a wedding in Canada, and since Prince Edward Island is basically the end of the earth, we're making some stops along the way. It's a beautiful part of the world, and we are so looking forward to catching up with friends as we travel north.

Life is a highway, and we're riding it that's for sure!


  1. Great looking group of Phi Mu sisters, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'll be doing that with five HS friends in a few weeks! Your lake is beautiful, and it will be wonderful when it's all done. Enjoy!!

  2. I'm tired for yall. I'm also ready for you guys to be in your apartment (lake house really, but I'll settle for apartment) so then I can come visit you and sister in one fell swoop! yipee!

  3. Glad you made it to the reunion and had some R & R! Enjoy the wedding in Canada.

  4. Beautiful pictures and wonderful plans, but reading this made me very tired and wanting to put my feet up too. I hear you on the haircut woes.

  5. Gpsh it all sounds exhausting but you seem to be enjoying yourselves :)

  6. Can we just say, "Slow down a minute?" I'm exhausted! But, it's all fun and part of the joys of retirement. I do look forward to the part where you can write from the dock or the deck or the front porch or wherever on your beautiful lake you choose to sit for a spell.

  7. You're getting closer. I'm sure you cannot wait.

    Ok, seeing your picture of the mountains looks so familiar ... whereabouts in North Carolina were you. We were along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina on Friday. We might have crossed paths for all we know. Ha!

  8. What part of NC did you visit, Joyce? We were in Bryson City? Don't you just love NC? Enjoy your time to take a bit of a breather before things pick back up, again.

  9. Oh, my goodness, I wonder how you know where you are when you wake up of a morning. Know you will be glad to get settled for a while and hang your hat. I love Canada and wishing you a happy week of travels.

  10. What fun to see your "old" girlfriends! Catching up with friends is a great way to unwind. You and hubs are so busy! Thank you for taking time for Blogger and all of us! I'm enjoying your journey from the comfort of my home, while you are still creating yours. Bless you.

  11. I admire your patience in this season of life you're in Joyce. Where in SC are you moving (no, I won't stalk you)? I live in south Charlotte, NC and SC's border is right down the road from me. I love the mountains in NC too, a nice get away. Was just in Boone last month with my daughter. Beautiful part of our state for sure.

  12. It is very official to have the blueprints! How exciting. Yes your view is gorgeous. Sounds like you have had a great time visiting and glad you got a haircut. Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  13. Hope you have a great time in Canada this weekend.