Saturday, October 10, 2020

About That Birthday And Also Life Lately

So it's been a while since I last blogged about anything interesting. Other than the Hodgepodge I mean, which let's be honest, is always fun but not always that interesting. I have good intentions to blog regularly and have several posts composed in my head, but lately they don't seem to make it on to the page. 

I want to write about turning a big number, but maybe it's too soon. Maybe I need to be this age for a while and see how it goes? I do know as a kid the age I am currently sounded positively ancient, and while 60 may not be the new forty it's not the old 60 either. 

It wasn't that long ago 60 year old women wore stockings every single day, 'put their face on' before breakfast, had their hair done weekly at the local beauty parlor and cooked three squares a day forever and ever amen. They did not carry personalized water bottles or walk around in yoga pants. In fact they didn't do yoga. 

My mom was the 'new 60' when she was my age. (That sentence makes sense in my head) Fun fact, my mom started jogging in her 40's which might not sound like a big deal now, but back in 1970 it was unusual for a mom in the 'burbs who'd never been particularly athletic to suddenly start jogging. 

I'd forgotten about 'the running years' but a family friend reminded me of it recently and my mom and I had a little giggle about it. She told me she hated jogging but my brother the runner talked her into it, so she gave it a try. 

Is this what I wanted to blog about today? Is it interesting? Does anyone else feel like one day is longer than the next here lately? I'm wondering if that's due to my new age, the exhausting insanity known as American politics, or the virus and  2020 in general? 

I choose d-all of the above. 

I'm tired of people on the internet telling me how to vote and what to think.
Just throwing that out there. 

In happier news we've had some gorgeous weather this month which I appreciate. Sunny skies and low humidity make it easier to exhale. I feel like we all need a big exhale, don't you? 

My mother-in-law was here for a few days this past week so cue the photo dump.
We boated to lunch one day-

Motored into the setting sun one evening-


And took the back roads to lunch at a nearby 'farm'. 

Mostly it's about the view here. The food was very good, but they did not have a handle on managing the queuing and the ordering and that area definitely needed a little managing. It was the kind of thing that causes me to plant my feet firmly on the floor so I'm not tempted to run behind the counter and sort it all out for them. 

Which really would have been so simple, but also rude so I refrained. Plus the view here reminds me we don't need to get worked up about life's every little annoyance. 

You might have noticed hubs has not had a haircut since pre-Corona. This is way out of the box for him, but ten months later and I'm thinking this might be the new box? I guess in this strange season we find joy where we can. 

Fun fact-if you grow up a redhead and turn gray as an adult you look as blonde as a California surfer boy. Also not so fun fact-if you grow up brunette and turn gray you just look older than you would like so you let your hairdresser work her magic and make it look sort of sun kissed. teehee.  He says he'll cut it before the wedding, but we shall see. 

Did you remember that we have a wedding coming up in not too many months? And the bride's sister-best friend-kindred spirit-this bride can't get married without her by her side- is still living in South Korea? Yeah. Not losing any sleep over that at all. I know the world's a mess and there are far bigger problems, crises, disappointments and inconveniences pummeling us on a daily basis, but if you're a praying person and want to add our wedding travel logistics to your list I'd be grateful. 

And now I'm remembering why I haven't blogged a whole lot lately-ha! 


  1. Travel plans added to my prayers, Joyce! xo

    1. Thank you Terri! I appreciate that so much

    2. I appreciate it too Terri! Thanks for thinking of us!

  2. Oh, by all means, I’ll be praying for travel plans to go without a hitch!

  3. Well I found this ALL interesting and enjoyable! 🥰. And as a fellow mom whose daughter is MANY miles away, I soo emphasize with travel logistics these “Covid” days, so I’ll add yours to my prayer list as well.

  4. No matter what you think of what you've written, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'll pray all the logistics of the wedding come together. You lead an interesting life that produces good blog fodder!

  5. Enjoy being 60! While I know that age isn't just a number I do often think it's what we make of it and it sounds like you are having lots of fun with it.

  6. Your blogs are always interesting Joyce. No idea what the situation is with travelling from South Korea to the US is but I know that our kids are stuck here in the UK and the other grandparents are stuck out in Vermont so thank goodness for being able to see their grandkids, including the new little one, on Facetime. There are a lot of prayers being offered right now.

  7. Praying right now that doors will be open for daughter to be able to come your way for the wedding. Remind us again...

    1. Thank you Ellen...I’m sure I’ll mention it again 😊

  8. That was a big deal for your mom. Good for her starting so early. I wish exercise and nutrition was a thing years ago. It's a lot harder the older you get. Actually my dad started in his 60's and I'm sure that's why he lived 96 years. Glad you're having a nice time with your mother in law. Hubby's hair looks good. Mark hasn't cut his hair either which is fine, it's his face hair I can't take!!! I will definitely pray....