Friday, October 30, 2020


Well it's been quite a day. And by day I mean year, right? 

Thursday morning situation.


Also yowza! And oh crud! and possibly a few other choice words which I will leave to your imagination. 

Of course I need to also say whew! and thank goodness! for the place and the time and the fact that exactly five minutes prior I happened to notice hubs car had been left out overnight and he dodged the rain to pull it into the garage. 

For the record hubs never leaves his car out. 

The tree hit the garage/attic end of the house where nobody lives and where nothing is stored, and nobody was injured although the sound of this big boy striking the house may have taken a few years off my life. 

The tree is actually on our neighbor's property and was perfectly healthy. It doesn't take much to blow a pine to the ground (or onto a roof) and we had crazy winds courtesy of Zeta.

I have been on a bit of a news boycott so hadn't heard anything about the storm until late Wednesday. My daughter2 who is several states away mentioned her SC teacher friends said school would be virtual on Thursday due to bad weather. 

Hmmm. Bad weather? Maybe I better tune in? So I turned on the news and still wasn't overly concerned but we did pull in loose pots and moved the porch furniture back and took all the normal precautions just in case. The winds were nuts and the lake neighborhoods looked like a war zone on Thursday with so many downed trees, power outages, and boats and docks on the loose or damaged (not ours!)

Shout out to my hubs the squeaky wheel which in all honesty can sometimes be annoying, but in this case got the job done. The tree fell around seven am, and he managed to have the tree guy in the driveway by nine. They had to wait for the crane because did I say ugh? It's never good to need a crane is it? 

Anyway, super super nice people who got the job done and they work within a network so also had the roofer there to put up tarps immediately after, which people tell us is a minor miracle. Then the guys came back this morning to finish the clean up, and we're on the schedule with the insurance adjuster a few days from now. 

Hubs and I are currently in the local Starbucks charging devices and making up for all the coffee we didn't drink yesterday because we're on day 2 of no power which is only a hair less aggravating than a tree through your roof. 

Did I have two neighbors over for happy hour yesterday afternoon? Why yes, yes I did. We sat out on our porch and it was a happy distraction from storm damage and insurance claims and basically the year 2020. 

So what's new with you? 


  1. Yikes! Glad no one was hurt, and they got tree removed and roof covered in a timely fashion. 2020 has been A LOT!

  2. Oh, Joyce!!! I am soooo sorry and I know that y'all were unharmed but it is still soooo aggravating. We have this sort of picture all over our town and it will be literally months before all the repair and cleanup work is complete. Needless to say, Hubby's insurance agency has not lacked for something to do. Again, I'm so sorry!

  3. I'm so sorry Joyce. But so glad you are safe and got help there so quickly!

  4. OMG! I'm so sorry but also so thankful because it could have been so much worse. I've been seeing a lot of pictures on Facebook of trees down. Glad your hubby was on the ball. That's pretty amazing how quickly they got there.

  5. WELL DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad it wasn't worse damage & no one was hurt.

  6. Oh dear. So sorry that the tree decided to turn on your garage. Happy it wasn't your living quarters and that no one was hurt. Yikes!

  7. Yikes! That’s pretty scary! Where were you when the tree fell? I would have had to change my pants!

  8. Wow! We definitely feel your pain. We had a big tree come into our house with Matthew about 4 years ago. Similar pictures. I’m so sorry... but it’s just stuff... fixable stuff.

  9. Ohhhh. Ewwwww. Everytime I show another picture to Daniel his face screws up even tighter. Glad you are safe! Did you hear it fall? Was it LOUD??

  10. Glad you are not injured - my advice - three words - Whole House Generator so you don’t miss out on coffee. We installed one after having no power for a week (twice) due to storms when we first moved into our house - since we invested in it - we have not needed it much - but the occasions we use it -are priceless.

  11. Oh my gosh, Joyce! What a mess to have to deal with. Thank goodness that no one was hurt and that it wasn't worse than it was. I'm glad your Hubs got on the phone and got to be first in line to get the tree moved and the tarps on the roof. Whewie! The neighbors over for cocktails sounds like a great idea!! Keep us posted!

  12. Oh no! Glad you were all OK though and that your husband was great about getting workers out there ASAP.

  13. Oh wow. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. That's really something! I'm so glad no people were injured and your cars are still operational.

    What's new with me? Not only does my husband hav COVID (diagnosed Thursday) but now I do, too. We are both imprisoned at home and are hopeful this is a relatively mild case for both of us. We have no idea how/where we got it.

  14. Hi Joyce,
    Thank goodness you all are well. 2020.. just keeps rocking us along.
    I am with you, on a news boycott, so I had no idea a murder happened just a few miles from us!

  15. I'm so sorry that you have so much damage! What a mess!!!! I'm so glad that y'all weren't hurt.

  16. oh wow! Makes my crazy unpacking life seem easy. I'm glad the repairs are already started.