Monday, October 19, 2020

The Sweetness of Autumn

I think in the age of Corona and conflict and crazy political ranting we have to really look for life's sweetness. It's still there, but you have to step over a lot of dooty to find it. 

Question-does anyone above the age of three use the term dooty? 
My girls will say no. 

Anyhoo here we are on this sunshiny Monday morning where the air is cool and the sky is blue and the leaves are tinged with gold and that right there is pretty sweet. Embrace it. There is a sense of melancholy that rolls in this time of year but I don't hate it. Cozy follows close behind. 

This is cozy and also super sweet.
And NO, the pup is not allowed on the furniture ahem.

My grandson yelling 'Hey Nana!' when we're on Facetime is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. I literally feel my heart dissolve into a puddle inside my chest. 

Baby brother (who still needs a blog name) turns one this month and he is handsome and loud and walking and throwing and clapping with delight and is just the sweetest little almost one year old I know. 

The geographical distance between us is not so sweet, but we see what we choose to see and today I'm looking for silver linings. 

Want to know what else is really sweet?

This beautiful bride who was celebrated on Saturday by some of the groom's family and friends. 

The shower was small because that's the world we live in currently, and was in a private room with plenty of space for the same reason, and everyone turned up wearing a mask because again weird times, but still it was completely lovely.  

We enjoyed every minute including the almost three hour drive there and back because my sister and niece (who is also a bride-to-be) rode with us and we were long overdue for an in -person catch up. 

The weather could not have been more fabulous and there was a delicious lunch, yummy mimosas, fun gifts, marriage advice, and a beaming bride who is loved far more than words can say. 

Everyday we have a choice. Look at this not that. Think about this not that. Focus on this not that. Wedding planning in a season where the rules change on what feels like an almost daily basis is not a simple thing. But love is in the air and all around too and we are keeping our eyes and our minds on this not that. 

Life is sweet and sure it's salty too, but on this gorgeous Monday in October I choose sweet.


  1. I LOVED this post! With so much negativity and craziness it's sometimes hard to find the good... and the sweet. Thanks for starting my day out right!

  2. I have a quick question... I just noticed your copyright statement. I never thought of doing that but it sure would help to ease worries about people sharing things we don't want shared other than on our blogs. Do you mind if I used your wording on my blog (with my info of course!)?

  3. Thank you for this timely reminder and sharing the good things in your life. She's going to make a beautiful bride however the wedding turns out to be.

  4. Those boys are growing up so fast!! Is that baby almost a year old already? Time just goes too fast. Maggie looks so lovely (you too) and how great to have a wedding shower - sweet indeed!! The pup is not on the furniture... he is on the Hubs!! :)

  5. How wonderful. Daughter #2 looks so beautiful and happy!

  6. Such a lovely post. You have expressed how I'm feeling and encouraged me to continue to look for the sweetness.

    I love all the pictures.

  7. That's a sweet photo of hubby and the dog. Also it's rather sexy with his longer hair if you don't mind me saying so. I've been a sucker for gray/white hair since my 20's. I'm so glad you have Facetime with your grandson's. They are both so cute! The party looks like it was wonderful. You're right, we have a choice at how we look at things.

  8. Those grandsons are so cute. The bride to be is a beauty. Glad she could get showered!