Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Playing Nice In The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post then leave a comment for the blogger linking before you. Or all the bloggers linking here today.  Let's go-

1. What's one part of your everyday routine you'd be better off without? 

Facebook. It used to be a much looked forward to part of my everyday routine, but other than linking my blog and sending birthday greetings I am rarely there these days. I won't yammer on about why because surely everyone can agree it's not the congenial little corner of the Internet it once was. 

2. October 5th is/was National Do Something Nice Day. So what did you/will you do? 

I baked peanut butter cookies. Does that count? Hubs would say yes. He brought his mom over from Tennessee yesterday (Monday) and what should have been a 3-hour drive took them five. Ugh! Peanut butter cookies fresh from the oven made his day. 

3. What question do you hate to answer? 

These days pretty much anything relating to politics. So much hate and judgement out there. 

4. Do we have control over technology or does it have control over us. In that same vein, have you watched The Social Dilemma (available on Netflix) and if so what did you think? 

Y'all.  If you have not watched this documentary you need to, particularly if you're a parent. Prior to watching it I might have answered this question differently, but since I have seen the program I'm going to say technology does control us, and it controls us in ways we might not have considered. Unless you're off the grid, but of course if you're here reading this blog I suspect you're not off the grid. teehee. 

5. What are three small things that make your day better? 

that first cup of steaming hot coffee, a cloudless blue sky, dinner plans

6. Insert your own random thought here.

As much as I hated to say farewell to my beautiful geraniums that bloomed all summer long, these huge mums were too pretty not to buy.

And if you give a porch a mum you need to add a pumpkin. And a pansy. And maybe a baby pumpkin and also a white pumpkin and then another mum in a different color. Did I tell you I love fall? 


  1. Your porch decorations are very pretty...gorgeous mums! I, too, have not been on social media (Facebook) much because of too much ugliness.

  2. Thanks again for the questions. I, too, hate political questions. That was not my answer - my answer was quite shallow :-). I'm so tired of everyone being so hateful to each other and it is seems that most of it is political.

  3. Life is crazy right now, so decided to join you this week! Fun questions!

  4. Joyce,

    I am in total agreement with you about Facebook and you're right also about politics. It pays to keep your opinion to yourself unless you're speaking to someone like-minded. The hate I've seen is like nothing else I've seen in my life. All I can say is I'm glad my late in-laws don't have to bear witness to this madness. My poor ole MIL would be fretting herself to death. I was just telling DH I need to makes some PB cookies as I have some that's fixing to go out of date I figured that would be a great use of it. Note to self: MAKE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES! *wink* Thanks for hosting the mid-week Q&A meme, my dear. Stay safe, be well, and enjoy some beautiful fall weather!

  5. Beautiful pictures of your mums.
    I enjoyed your questions and answers today.
    Have a great Wednesday my friend.

  6. Your front porch is lovely and I'm terrified to watch that video. I feel certain you are right in advising us to watch it.

  7. I can definitely agree with you about Facebook. Enjoy your time with you MIL. I will definitely check out The Social Dilemma and pass that on to Adam and Gabby. I could definitely agree with your three things to make your day better. Beautiful front door and decorations!

  8. Your entrance is stunning Joyce, I am hesitating about removing my plants on the porch as they have been so pretty all summer, even with so much eat and humidity.
    I enjoyed reading your answers, and agree about the technology and how it is affecting our everyday lives..
    I apologize for not getting back sooner to you about the pot roast recipe, here is the link I found, as I alway do I tweaked it some what, not using bouillon cubes, and using london broil instead of Sirloin tip. You are probably like me, using a recipes as a guideline. Wink.
    Thank you for hosting.

  9. OOPs! forgot to leave the link. so sorry.

  10. Hi Joyce,
    I love your porch, and agree you have to add a pumpkin here and a mum there. Hee Hee.. I will have to show my husband your words here, so he will understand it is not just me. ;-)

    I will have to watch the documentary.

  11. Mums are a very happy part of a fall garden. My daughter has two beautiful yellow ones.
    I do plan to watch the documentary. I've heard so much about it. I own the book Screen Time in the Mean Time and have heard the author speak.
    Enjoy these autumn days!

  12. Your door looks so welcoming! I haven't seen the video but perhaps we will look for it now. Yikes! I enjoyed reading your answers to this week's Hodgepodge and thank you for this weekly meme. Love it!!

  13. Yum, peanut butter cookies. I agree you can't have a Mum without a pumpkin. Your entryway looks so inviting. Fall is the best!

  14. I didn't say this in my answers but you are absolutely right about politics. ugh. The mums are so pretty, it is mum season!!

  15. LOVE your porch ... so appealing! I totally agree with your take on what FB's become. So far I've not felt compelled to unfriend anyone, but there's a few I've sent on 30-day recess.

    PS - Almost 12 hours later, now I'm teetering on my response to #4. (*smile*)

  16. Your porch looks so nice! The white pumpkins have become very popular here it seems.

    It's been a while since I've had peanut butter cookies. Yum!
    Thanks for sharing about The Social Dilemma, I plan to watch it after viewing the trailer for it.

  17. My son was talking about that show and we'll need to check it out. I am so done with Facebook. I do so much hiding and blocking and you are right, it's a downer. Love your front door!

  18. Your porch looks lovely and yes social media can be trying at the moment.