Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday Miscellaney

It started out a gray Monday here today and we made a wasted trip to the DMV which is a little snapshot of how it's going so far. Who knew you could make an appointment at the DMV? I think it's a grand idea and will put that in the plus column when sorting Corona fallout, but of course knowing it's a thing would have been even better.  

I try to take care of all DMV business online, but this task requires an in person visit so hubs masked up and went in, paperwork in hand, and they told him without an appointment it would be an hour and forty-five minute wait. An hour and forty five minutes!! And oh yeah, don't leave the parking lot. 

So we left the parking lot and ate Mexican food instead. Much better. 

Let's talk about last week when Daughter2 was in the house and the weather was glorious and we enjoyed a  leisurely fall boat ride in our own backyard. We accidentally took the dog which does put a little kink in your level of relaxation, but nobody wanted to tell him he wasn't going and he was all in. 

He is always all in. When he's wearing his life jacket he thinks he's going for a swim and he was not going for a swim. 

Which took some convincing. 

Hubs and I have not had a 'day out date ' in a while so we made plans Friday to drive over to a nearby mountain town for lunch, browsing the shops, and leaf peeping. It sprinkled a little but was still a gorgeous ride up and over, and the color was lovely. 

fyi-we were not the only ones who thought a day out was a good idea. The place was hoppin'! 

Highlands is a charming little burg with loads of fantastic eateries, beautiful homes, and plenty of shops all plunked down in the middle of a scenic mountain landscape. I don't think I'd want to live here because it's a destination and has destination-like traffic but it is a great day out, and a trip to the mountains helps clear my head. 

Daughter2 had a little bridesmaid weekend with her girls, minus her favorite sister, and she brought me back a fun little mug as a gift. There are many things that make my girls think of me, but tops on the list are London and hedgehogs. Not related in any way shape or form except to say my run in with the hedgehog occurred while we lived near London. 

Also, run-in might be overstating things. More like an encounter but I shrieked a lot so maybe my girls will say run-in is accurate.  

I know, I know it's too early for Christmas mugs, and I'm someone who doesn't like to rush the holidays, but I'm going to rush it for a quick minute. I had a cup of coffee in it last night, snapped a picture in front of the candy corn so as not to confuse anyone about which holiday is happening now (aren't we all confused about the day-time-month-season???) then put it back in the cabinet until Thanksgiving has come and gone. 

Happy Monday and Merry Halloween everyone!


  1. I did not know one needs an appointment at the DMV. Hmm, is this a COVID thing? Hard to keep track these days. I love how happy daughter2 looks! Positively glowing! When is the big day anyway? I'm actually looking forward to Thanksgiving this year as it will only be the 8 of us or 9 depending on my mom's plans. So not 47 for dinner, yay!

  2. Beautiful photos on the lake and beautiful fall colors also. Beautiful mug. And I hate to say, but I am rushing the season some. Been listening to Christmas music at work for a couple days. lol

  3. So happy to see your daughter celebrated. I'm making note of Highlands. We are going to be in North Carolina for a niece's wedding October 2021 close to Hickory and might venture out to enjoy the surroundings, too. Love the mug!

  4. I've heard of Highlands but I've never been - sounds lovely!

  5. I love the way you used the candy corn with the candle! Cute! Great mug. D2 looks so beautiful! Hunley has sure become a water-loving pup! Glad you and your hubs got away for a day. Always fun. xo

  6. I should decorate with candy corn. That's a homey touch you've got going there.

  7. It's so crowded in California you have to make an appointment. I had to renew my license this year but decided not to go. They changed the Real ID until next October and my passport is still good so I just did it online. I will however have to fix that at a later date. Yum on the Mexican food. The weather on the lake looks perfect. Poor guy wanted to go swimming. The trees are beautiful and I love the mug.

  8. I don’t like to rush the holidays, but I’m feeling we all need some Christmas magic this year. Isn’t it sweet when your daughters “know” you.