Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Having One's Cake and Hodgepodge Too

Welcome to this week's edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Grab your coffee and some cake to go with, because it is national dessert day and it's also 2020...aka the year in which cake for breakfast is a very good idea. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, and before you hurry off be sure to leave a comment for the blogger who linked before you. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond

1. Let's start things off right...Wednesday is National Dessert Day. What are we having? How often do you make/serve dessert? Store bought or from scratch?

Finally a National Day I'm on board with! When dining out I almost always look at the dessert offerings first and plan my entree accordingly. What can I say? I'm a fan of dessert. Wait, I'm going to amend that to say I'm not a fan of just so-so desserts. I won't eat store bought cookies just to have something sweet at the end of a meal, but if you give me a truly delicious, perfectly concocoted, perfectly baked, perfectly set dessert I'm a happy camper. Also, make it pretty. Pretty is good. 

What are we having tonite? Nothing. I mean I'm not having dessert today because dessert is not an everyday thing here. Hubs will likely have a bowl of ice cream because that's his favorite, but I save my sugar consumption for occasions. Dining out definitely counts as an occasion. 

fyi-the month of September was chock a block full of special desserts which is why October needs to be dessert-lite. There's a dress I need to wear in the not too distant future and too much dessert might spoil that. And I am all about from scratch but if it's a really scrumptious store bought treat I won't say no. 

Apparently I could have written a blog post sharing my thoughts on dessert. I kinda did. 

2. Slow as molasses, icing on the cake, that's the way the cookie crumbles, have your cake and eat it too, half-baked idea, that takes the cake...which phrase might be applied to something in your life in recent days? Explain. 

We had a wonderful lunch with a spectacular view on a gorgeous blue sky day where the service was s-l-o-w as molasses. When anything in my world is not moving as fast as I think it should I feel like God is telling me to chill. So I do. Mostly. 

3. Something that's 'easy as pie' for you to do?

Answer the Hodgepodge of course. I mean I do write the questions-ha! 

4. Are you someone who likes to 'sugarcoat' news you think might not be well received, or are you more of a tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may? Do you like to receive your news the same way you give it? 

Pour a little sugar on it please. Find some tiny sliver of good in whatever bad you need to tell me because I'm going to set my mind on that. I give and receive the same way. Blunt is not my love language. 

5. Something you did recently that made you feel like a 'smart cookie'? 

I've had to figure out a fair amount of technology lately and with a wonky computer to boot. Anytime I accomplish even the smallest of tasks I feel like someone should give me a high five. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Are you watching or listening to any of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings? I don't care which side of the political fence you land on (and please no need to tell me or explain why these hearings should or should not be happening) but Amy Coney Barrett is one smart cookie. She's enduring hours and days of questioning without a single book, note, or index card in front of her. It's both remarkable and impressive. 

I can't remember what was on the grocery list I wrote ten minutes prior to leaving the house. 

She clearly and articulately (and I might add with great patience and restraint) recalls details of a long list of court cases, written decisions and opinions, the precise wording of our constitution, and the rule of law like it ain't no thing. I so admire her intelligence, poise, and grace under pressure and I do hope students are watching.


  1. Yep dessert is the course that dominates when we eat out too. Well done on sorting out the technology and thanks for posting another good set of questions.

  2. Technology! for sure! but I am thinking just as soon as I figure it all out, it will change...ugh!
    I am a blunt person something hub tried to change in me but he never succeeded...not mean in my words just blunt.

  3. Joyce,

    DH has a worse sweet tooth than I do. We generally have something in the house to delight his cravings even store bought cookies. :) Not just any, his favorites are Keebler Pecan Sandies. I do need to bake a batch of home-made cookies soon, though. I haven't done that in awhile. I'm undecided on which to make oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies. I could mash up the two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which I have done in the past minus the oatmeal cookie spices and that's pretty good. I'll let DH pick. Yum, I love ice cream! I'm so glad we only have one carton of it in the freezer or else I'd find myself into it all the time.

    I haven't watched any of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings but what little I've seen of Amy Coney Barrett I agree she's one smart cookie. I have to have lists and notes to keep important things fresh in my memory. I can forget about recalling details of much of anything from years ago. It all becomes blurry after a week's passed. Maybe I need to excuse my brain differently.

    Thanks for hosting the mid-week Q&A meme. I hope y'all are doing well.

  4. I started a tradition here that allows cake for breakfast the day after a birthday celebration, as long as they have a glass of milk with it. Some protein to balance out the sugar ;)
    I agree with you about Amy Coney Barrett. I am the same age as her but she has obviously not started forgetting things! She is as poised and graceful as anyone I have ever seen. I would have lost my cool numerous times by now.

  5. Your random is right on. Smart and courageous! Thanks for the Hodgepodge, Joyce! Eat a slice of Williamsburg orange cake for me.

  6. I enjoyed your questions and answers today, especially #3.
    We all need a good laugh.
    Have a good Wednesday my friend.

  7. You are in my wheelhouse when you talk about the hearings. I've found that women in the high levels of government, regardless of ideology or party affiliation, are usually impressive like this. Some men are, too, but...Brett Kavanaugh cried and lost his cool, Amy Coney Barrett won't lose her cool or get emotional. Because sexism is alive and well and living in America.

  8. It would be a pleasure to make a dessert for you! I have one brother who would not have minded eating dessert first and the main course later. That Amy is a smart cookie and I hope she continues to persevere under this trial. Ugh. Thank you for asking the questions each week!

  9. I have not watched the Supreme Court hearings but have read many people with the same comments and impressions.

    That's a good attitude to take when something is slow. I was stopped two afternoons in a row by a train and I thought okay I'll just be patient and slow down.

    Have a great day!

  10. I most appreciated your responses to #s 4 and 6. 😁 I can't wrap my head around all those who want their bad news straight up. Such presentations can literally kill. Hope is a good thing.

  11. Thanks for yet another great Hodgepodge, Joyce! Ms. Barrett is QUITE impressive and I sure hope they get her approved soon! I struggle with patience ALL.THE.TIME an need to always stop and remember that God is in control and I need to chill. Slow as molasses should give us pause to do just that...

  12. We love Costco's vanilla ice cream and I will have a one scoop small cone once a month. There is one cookie that comes out at Christmas at Costco that I do buy otherwise I never buy store bought cookies. I enjoyed reading your answers. I have not been listening to the hearings. I heard that they have been brutal to her. I have to admit that I never watch the news. I'm definitely praying for our country.

  13. Like you, I am of the opinion that Amy Coney Barrett is a woman to admire, respect, and emulate. She is remarkable under fire.

  14. I just hate that I had to miss today's HP. I love these questions and would have enjoyed answering these. And, oh, my goodness, ACB has done a stellar job with these hearings. WE have listened to most of it as we traveled to Ok. We're both beyond impressed with her intelligence. Off the charts!