Thursday, October 29, 2020

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin

Or maybe I should say continue because 2020 man. It's been a doozy. But here comes Pollyanna with the silver lining...

This little guy is officially ONE. 

I asked my daughter to send me a photo for my blog because that's what you do when you're 7000+ miles away. When I saw this I immediately thought of the little boy in the beloved children's book Where The Wild Things Are. 

And just like that baby brother has a blog name. Max. 

Max is not his real life name, but with the crown and the grin and the twinkle in his eye Max it is. 

Dear Max-

One year ago today Pawpaw and I were in the Land of Morning Calm. South Korea. Your birthplace. We arrived two days prior and were so thankful God chose today to be your birthday and not two days earlier or a week sooner, because we made it. Today is the perfect day for a birthday. One year ago your parents made the hour plus trek to the hospital where you were born knowing we were at home with your big brother. 

God's timing is everything little one and that is as true for me as it is your precious one-year old self. 

We are so grateful for those first weeks with you in our arms because what we didn't know then was a virus would sweep across the continents and we'd spend much of the first year of your life dousing ourselves with hand sanitizer, wearing masks, and not going anywhere, including South Korea. 

Nothing that happens in this world is a surprise to the One who made it. When life feels off kilter, uncertain, a little scary even, rest in His unfailing love. 

Your mama has been wonderful to keep us connected in the way we connect in 2020-Facetime. She normally calls when you're waking up and it's yesterday here and it's all a bit upside down but we hear her ringtone and we brace for cuteness. 

You never disappoint. 

You've gone from super snuggly newborn to squishy faced grinning baby to a running, laughing, let me get into my brother's favorite toys while he's not looking, little boy in a quick twelve months. 

You smile and clap and put your head on mama's shoulder and you make even the dreariest of days shine with the white hot sunlight of a summer afternoon. 

We love you baby 'Wheel'. You've brought love and joy into a year filled with conflict and confusion and you fill a space in our family that was waiting just for you.  

Know when you look at the stars I see them too. That God's grand design is so original, so spectacular in it's creation that you are with me even when you're far away. That my love for you is deeper than the ocean between us and not a single day goes by I don't give thanks for this day. 

The one that gave us you. 

xo Nana xo

"Stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." 
1 Corinthians 16:13-14


  1. He's beautiful! I can't believe he is already 1!!

  2. This post is excellent, beautiful, so skilled with words. "Max" is a perfect blog name for this little guy. Happy Birthday to this precious one!

  3. Happy birthday to your grandson! He is so cute!

  4. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Max!

  5. How can he be one already?! He's so cute and this is a lovely post. You have a wonderful way with words Joyce :)

  6. He is so adorable!! Such a blessing and your blog will be treasured in the years ahead as more birthdays come and go.

  7. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday, "Max"... your grandmother loves you and your brother very, very much, that makes you a lucky little boy!

  8. Indeed, as always you excelled at writing a beautiful day at Birthday tribute to your second grandson- Max. I know he will love and treasure the lovely memories you are writing for him- Max .

  9. Happy Birthday "Max". I love how you came up with his blog name. Such a beautiful post!

  10. You write such beautiful posts. Happy Birthday Max! I know it is hard to be so far away. I can't say I remember that book but then I don't even remember the books that I myself have read. I had to look up the phrase about the Wild Rumpus because I knew it from a movie. That would be "The Family Stone" when the new grandson is named Max!

  11. Wiping the tear from my eye.....a tear for you that you are so far from him and a tear of appreciation for the beauty of your words!
    I got to see and TOUCH my 6 grandchildren this weekend after not being able to since last March...and 4 of them only live 30 min from me 😢
    But one of my sons is an open heart surgery patient and one daughter in law has underlying autoimmune problems, so we have not been able to be with the families in person. It’s been horrible to be so close yet forever away....
    I’m putting ALL of my hope and love in Gods hands to take care of us....He will when the time is right, I just know it