Monday, April 8, 2024

The Heavens Declare

The sun rose with quietness and great beauty on this springtime Monday morning-

Later the skies did their thing. We were not in the path of totality for this particular eclipse like we were back in 2017, but we still popped outside and wore our special glasses to take a look. The sky grew darker than normal, but not complete darkness like we experienced seven years ago. 

Seven years ago. 

Is it just me or has our nation gone crazier? Nuttier? Meaner and less harmonious than ever before in a quick seven years? I mean I imagine 1775 was rough, but there was no social media, no internet in fact, so news traveled slower and civility amongst strangers was a thing, even though there was a literal war going on.  

I remember in 2017 how excited we all felt for the big event. There was a real buzz in the air, parties were organized, the media was it's usual over-the-top self, but in an upbeat sort of way. This time around there's been a lot of doom and gloom in the reporting. A bit of fear mongering about what this particular eclipse might mean. 

2024 America is exhausting. 

While our country may not be in a literal civil war it certainly feels like we're in the middle of something more than a quarrel. When I sit down to blog I find myself thinking about what areas of our lives remain untouched by anger and friction, and I'm hard pressed to come up with a single one. This weighs heavy on the minds of almost everyone I talk to. Most of us are longing for less conflict while struggling to see how we as a nation get there. 

Then today happens. The intricacy and design of the heavens remain mysterious and unfathomable. 

As the moon passes into the path of the sun I'm reminded once again that God is on His throne. Still master of the universe He created and set in motion. Still working out His plan for this tired troubled earth and the people He loves.

Which is all of us. 

Keep looking up.  


  1. Most assuredly keep looking up to the creator of everything.

  2. Awe, Joyce, such an encouraging post. I just said to someone yesterday that I can face tomorrow because HE is still on HIS throne. What joy, what comfort!

  3. Yes, yes, yes!! You nailed it. Thank you for putting my angst about American today into words that make sense. Yes. Praying and I know God is in control.

  4. Beautiful words! I totally agree.

  5. This post is beautiful and your words are the truth about our country today.

  6. A damn good post, life everywhere is exhausting in my opinion

  7. Yes, it is amazing all the things that have happened in these past 7 years and where our country is today compared. Yikes. So good to be reminded every day that God is in control and we have hope for our future in eternity.