Friday, April 5, 2024

What's Up?

Hi. It's been a while. I say that a lot here, but I always feel the need to explain that it has indeed been a while. Nearly a month if you don't count the Hodgepodges. Which I do appreciate because that weekly link up keeps me tethered here when life pulls and tugs. 

So what is up? Well for starters, my odometer. I've logged some miles here in the past month y'all, mostly revolving around our mamas. 

My mother-in-law had a birthday in early March and hubs and I drove over to TN to spend the weekend with her. We took her out for a celebratory dinner, then drove her to daughter2's the next day so she could meet her newest great granddaughter. I posted this pic on a recent Hodgepodge but am adding it here too because its cute and it fits. 

The next week my mama came to town and I also drove her to daughter2's so she could meet our newest little love-

Then came Easter. We had a wonderful day starting with church, followed by lunch with some friends here right after. 

I love a pretty spring table. 

Spring in the neighborhood too. 

The day before Easter my mama, my sister, my niece and I all met up at a university about an hour from me for a special Easter program they have every year. Works of art relating to Jesus life and death are brought to life by actors who hold so very still you're not sure if they're real or not. There's music and narration and its beautifully done. 

The day after Easter daughter2 drove here with her crew to spend the week. Her hubs had business in our area, and his grandparents live in this general vicinity, so it was their turn to meet baby girl. 

Four great grandparents. What a blessing to be loved and prayed for by so many. 

We had a grand time all week with sweet baby J and his little sis.

 Hubs took him for his first kayak trip around the cove-

He absolutely loved it. We also read books, stacked blocks, raced cars, and we watched the birds and the sunrise too...

J caught his first fish-

With a little help but still, he was here for it. His favorite part? 

Holding the worm lol. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...

In case anyone is wondering, today I sipped coffee in my pjs until 11 o'clock. 
It was very necessary. 


  1. Wow! Such a busy but awesome time! Thanks for sharing it! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Oh, how I can relate to those PJs and coffee until nearly noon!! My March wasn't as crazy as yours but it was crazy for me. All full of love and goodness but this girl is tired. I love your photos, Joyce. The kiddos are adorable and y'all look so great! Thanks for this catch-up!! xo

  3. So sweet and they really have grown so quickly. And, all those grandparents, wow, what a blessing. Happy weekend!

  4. I read this post from Facebook. What a fabulous time you had and the photos are all so cute. Nothing like family time.

  5. Great photos, of fun times together, I like that table setting so pretty, just like the flowers

  6. I can relate to the PJs - we've just had my son and his family here for a week - they went home yesterday so it's 11.20 am here and I'm still in my pjs! Love seeing all your pics and watching the little ones grow.

  7. The best kind of busy! What a blessing to have all those great-grandparents!

  8. Oh how I understand sipping that coffee and staying in PJ"s all morning long. What wonderful times you have had and how nice to be able to drive to places to do all the things! Wonderful photos! Happy new week ahead.

  9. Oh, I just love it. The photo of the worm made me smile big time. :-)

  10. Sounds like a lovely time. I am always a little jealous of your grandparents time; I think I'm looking forward to that just a little TOO much. My kids aren't even grown yet!

  11. Aw, those are all wonderful reasons for having stepped back a bit from blogging! Blogging is about life and sometimes you've just got to live in and be in the moment.