Monday, April 29, 2024

Hello Monday

Linking up today for a weekend recap with Holly from Pink Lady and Sarah at Sunshine and Books

We had a pretty quiet weekend here, mostly because hubs had a lot of real estate-ing happening, and that meant we needed to stick close to home. He worked with a client all day Friday and I did some things around the house that needed doing, which always feels good. We ate leftovers for dinner and watched the movie Moneyball that evening. It's been out for more than ten years, but somehow I'd never seen it. I liked it. 

In my efforts to get myself in gear this year I've started using a walking app called Better Me. Hello, yes I know it's nearly May but I'm just now getting around to sticking my big toe into 2024. 

Question-does anybody really need an app for walking? 

I mean it seems pretty straightforward, but exercise is such a mind game for me, I find the app helps. It's a series of timed walks of varying speeds, and each walk is broken up into blocks so you change your pace a few times along the way. It took me a couple of days to figure out how much faster fast walking should be than brisk walking, but I've got my pace now and have been sticking with it. Sticking with it is really the thing, right? 

Also I should get extra credit for fast walking in my neighborhood because we've got some hills that make you want to cry. Not just me! I've had runners tell me they won't run in our neighborhood because it's so deceptively steep. The app helps me keep going. 

Back to Friday night's leftovers...I made a knock off California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken salad last week and it was delish. 

I had to watch a youtube video on how to cut a jicama but no blood was shed in the process (which is not always the case with me and knives) so whoohoo. 

I followed this recipe more or less. It sounded like a lot of dressing so I cut back on that, and hubs grilled the chicken then just topped it with a little BBQ sauce. 

The salad tasted very much like what I remember having at the CPK restaurant, although it's been more than a decade since I've eaten in one, so I can't say for sure.

Wait!! It's been more than two decades? Is that right? 

Yes I know it's right because my kids were kids last time I ate in a CPK, not grown married women with kids of their own. They weren't even in high school. Gulp. 

Are CPK's still around? There was one in the mall when we lived in Annapolis and we used to go every now and then. Now I'm wondering if people even still go to the mall? 

All that to say I will for sure make this recipe again. And I promise there is grilled chicken under there. My food photo snaps could use some work. 

Saturday hubs had more real estate-ing to do and I spent a fair bit of time on the phone with my siblings and my momma and also caught up on laundry and then took care of some paper work that had accumulated in the office. Why is there so much paper when everything is paperless? 

Hubs wrapped up work on the early side and we decided to go for sushi at a local place we enjoy. An unplanned date night-

My neighbor texted and asked if we wanted to come by for a glass of wine on their patio when we got home, so that's what we did. It was such a pretty evening, the temperature was absolute perfection, and it made me so ready for summer nights, porch sitting, sunset chasing, and al fresco dinners with friends and family. 

Hubs had still more real estate-ing to do on Sunday so we didn't go to church, and I watched online instead. l got all my grocery shopping done for the week, then came home and baked peanut butter cookies for two different friends who've had a bit of a rough time lately. A homemade cookie says someone is thinking of you. 

And just in case you're wondering, the amaryllis king is still in business. This is the same plant my daughter brought home from her classroom five years ago, that she somehow dumped over in her car on the way here so it was a literal stick by the time she pulled in the driveway. She planned to throw it away, but hubs worked his magic and she's still blooming beautifully. 

You'll have to take my word for it. My plant snaps could also use some work.  


  1. The glass of wine outside with neighbors sounds excellent. It has been really warm here lately so we have done none of that. I would like to though!

  2. Jicama is not an easy beast to tame, for sure. Glad you didn't injure yourself in the process. I do love the crunch of jicama in things. I have a 'not your mama's chicken salad recipe using jicama for the crunch. Good for you on using the app and being inspired by it. I found a dvd never opened for a walking program and am surprising myself in using it for 20 days now (I don't do the program on Sundays) Happy end of April to you!

  3. I've never even heard of Jicama, will go and look that up in a minute. But, the salad looks delicious! I have an elliptical app on my watch and it keeps up with my time and steps and I like to get a whole lotta steps under my belt for the day ahead. Enjoyed your recap! Happy new week!

  4. Wow that salad looks amazing and kudos to you for experimenting with the jicama! I laughed at your walking app comment- so true but good for you!

  5. Replying to your question about going to the mall these days: seldom. The one in my town is NOT great but definitely better than nothing. These outdoor shopping areas with upscale shops combined with those that are not -- I feel safer shopping there. Does that make any sense? Probably not.

  6. That salad looks wonderful! I haven't eaten at a CPK since my boys were quite little; we found one in a mall one time on one of our family vacations and we really liked it a lot. My boys assure me that no one really goes to malls anymore (though I still do!).

  7. That salad looks delicious - oh my. I may be drooling!
    Funny, I live in California and have only eaten at one CPK once and that was at least 30 years ago or more. I prefer Round Table Pizza! I see CPK pizzas in the frozen food section but haven't bought one yet.

  8. Hi Joyce,
    My husband tracks our walks. He likes to see how many miles we walk in total for the week, month and year. We stepped up our walking this year as well, because we adopted Ernie. Hee Hee. He is my motivation to get out walking. ;-)

  9. That salad looks really good! I may have to try that. I just finished a great non- fiction book. It is not about walking but it mentioned something about it. A 2014 Stanford study revealed that participants creative output was raised by 60% when they were walking as opposed to sitting. The theory is that walking allows the brain to focus on something it already knows how to do which gives the brain free rein to wander (though the brain knows how to sit so I am not completely sure what the distinction is...) Anyway, when I can walk without a boot (right now I have a weird gait due to the boot), I plan to use this study as motivation to walk more. Maybe it will help you, too!

  10. I seldom go to a mall these days - online shopping is so much easier. I don't use a walking app but I do use a Spotify walking playlist which keeps me at a good pace. I usually work out which route I'm going to take and just go for it. It's a bit up and down here, but nowhere so hilly that I wouldn't walk it.

  11. The salad looks delicious. I will definitely give that recipe a try. The app sounds like a good way to motivate! My dog used to motivate me to walk, but now he walks slower than I do. So I need to start doing my walks solo, after taking him around the block for his exercise. Hope you have a good week!

  12. I am having a bad morning, I bugga all control over my body, standing is hard let alone walking, which is one of the reasons I rarely go to the shops

  13. Your weekend sounds like just what you needed and hopefully hubs had a sale after working for two days. It has been years since I went to our mall. Dillards is still there but we have Belk down here in my south end of town. Our "mall" is an outside shopping village, fully occupied. No need to drive 9 miles north for a nearly dead mall. Sigh. I've never tried jicama... hmmmm. No walking apps on my phone but there probably should be!! Walk on...

  14. I've never heard of Jicama, but the salad looks really good. I wear an Apple Watch and it tracks my steps, etc.

  15. Good for you on starting your walks. I need to push myself to exercise more. The BBQ chicken salad looks delicious. Way to go! So glad you had the date night. Also, how nice to get your shopping done and bake those cookies. The amaryllis looks great!