Friday, August 28, 2009

Boys will be Boys

My husband has some British colleagues in town for meetings this week so we've had a few houseguests coming and going. It's been fun and I love that people he worked with overseas consider us friends and want to come hang out in our home. Last night we had a bbq and the weather was perfect so we sat on the deck for dinner. I think my husband had really built up the whole wild kingdom aspect of our garden and our British friend (A) was really hoping to see a bear. Or at least some deer. He did see that pesky groundhog which is something I suppose. At least he didn't see it stalked and eaten by a fox which has been known to happen before my very eyes in my own backyard. I think it's likely that would have spoiled dinner so it was all good.

One of the girls who came to dinner was celebrating a birthday and I had a few balloons tied to her chair. What do you suppose husband and A did after everyone else went home? If you guessed discussed world politics and how much longer Gordon Brown will remain England's Prime Minister you would probably be wrong. If you guessed inhale all the helium from the birthday balloons so they could sing Hotel California in high squeaky voices and then laugh hysterically you would probably be right.

Speaking of husband is celebrating a BIG birthday next week. And I've decided I may need to mention that at least 50 times on my blog just because I'm nice like that. I mean what's the point of having a BIG birthday if people can't make a BIG deal out of it. Right?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby. I laughed at the thought of the helium laced voices singing Hotel California. So funny!

  2. Oh Joyce. I'm cracking up. My youngest does the inhale the helium whenever he can!! It is just hilarious! Good times!
    Too bad you didn't have the extra company for dinner. When I come, can you make sure he makes a guest appearance, because I do LOVE bears!!!
    Funny post I'm still laughing.
    HAGD! Karen

  3. Oh now this was hilarious about the helium. I could just picture that and I am sure it will be something that is a memory that will love after they all return home.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Hope your hubby has a great birthday. There's nothing to turning 50, but wait until 60.

  5. I've always been afraid to try that! Our staff sometimes does the helium thing and sings Christmas carols. Not me, though. Sounds like a lovely evening.

  6. Joyce,

    How great to be able to have some English friends visit and stay for dinner. The helium laden voices singing "Hotel California" is hysterical.

    Have a great Sunday!