Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moms in Touch

I originally began blogging after reading the LPM blog for a while. And I know I'm not alone here. On their blog yesterday Amanda created an opportunity for moms to post prayer requests for children headed back to school or for teachers who would like prayer. It was an amazing thing to read...many moms have a real sense of excitement about the coming year but there were also lots and lots of requests filled with anxiety and heartache too.

What really struck me as I was reading the requests was the number of moms with college aged students posting prayer requests. I know I did. I think when my girls were little I imagined parenting would be a piece of cake by the time we hit the college years. But college is a minefield...a time when kids are open and vulnerable yet are making some of life's most important decisions...a time when so many pull away from the faith they have embraced all their young lives when in fact they never needed it more. The sense of urgency I feel to pray for my kids during these years is far greater than anything I felt when they were small.

If you are a mom of a school aged child I encourage you to look for (or start) a Moms in Touch group in your school. If you're not familiar with Moms in Touch check out their website. In short, it's a ministry where moms get together with other moms and pray specifically for their children, for their particular school, for the teachers and staff who work there and for any issues that arise throughout the year. It's not a Bible Study, it's not a coffee morning ...it's simply moms committed to one hour of praying together each week for their specific school and everyone in it. There are already groups in place in literally hundreds of schools all around the world and if there's not a group associated with your school its easy to get started...all you need is one other mom who shares your committment.

Sometimes it's hard to know how to pray for our kids. We feel so much and we want so much for them...Fern Nichols, the founder of Moms in Touch, has a wonderful book, Every Child Needs a Praying Mom that was a real encouragement to me and that I still re-visit from time to time.

My girls begin classes tomorrow...my oldest is a college senior and lately I find myself asking how this happened...how did she go from kindergartener to nearly a college graduate in the blink of an eye? While there are some long days in the world of mothering, the reality is that the years we have to truly teach and influence our children are very short. One thing will always remain true...a 'child' is never too old to benefit from a mother's heartfelt prayers.


  1. I'm sure you already know that praying for your kids doesn't stop once they graduate from college. You'll just find that the focus of the prayer changes. But it's a powerful tool.

    Good post.

  2. This is so true. Moms need to spend time in prayer each day and lifting their child up in prayer. It may be the difference in their very day when they head to school is that their mother prayed for them that day.

    What a great organization! I am thankful that my high school daughter is part of her Christian club on her campus. At least I know they are spending some of their school time keeping God in the fore front.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Moms In Touch is a great organization and I hope alot of young moms read your post and give it a try. We need to continually bathe our children in prayer, no matter what their age!

    Wonderful post Joyce!

  4. I had friends who did Moms in Touch, but my work schedule would not allow me to go. Like you, I feel the importance of praying daily for my children. I even read a book titled "Praying For Your Unborn Child" before my children were born. As Mothers our children are in our hearts and our thoughts all the time. Today was my daughter's first day back and she is a Junior. She posted on Facebook that she felt that it was going to be her best year ever. I pray that is the case as she so deserves that! I pray that your girls have a wonderful year, as well. Thanks for your awesome post!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I haven't been on the LPM blog in a few days. I need to get on there.
    Although I don't have kids in school now, I still have nieces, nephews and close friends who are in school. My niece is going to college so far from home and knows nobody. This is all very new and scary. I've kept her in constant prayers for the past week.

    As you know I attended MIT when my kids were in college. I can't say enough about how those Wednesday mornings from 8:30 - 9:30 blessed me. Our group started out with just four, then a fifth person joined. Three of us were Baptist, one Catholic and one Church of Christ. I loved that when we prayed together denomination didn't matter at all. (it doesn't ever, but....) We were all joined in one accord praying to our God. I learned so much about prayer during that time with my MIT friends. It's awesome.

    Thanks Joyce!

  6. How funny.... I'm catching up on blogs but only have a few minutes bc I'm soon headed to a MIT kickoff brunch for our new school. I was a part of the group in Cincy, but was so happy to find one here too. PS ~ I am planning to bring a dish that requires the dough to double in size.... I'm thinking I started it too late and now realizing I might have a problem! :) Hugs, Kim