Thursday, August 6, 2009

'so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly...Hills that is...'

Sorry...ever since we began loading the rental truck yesterday I've had the Beverly Hillbillies theme song stuck in my head. Now you will too. You're welcome.

So my weekend is going to be filled with all kinds of fun beginning with a 12+ hour drive in this-

Oh, and if that doesn't make you feel just the teensiest bit envious let me add that this 12+ hour ride will include a stop at the NJ DMV headquarters in the state capitol because we need to jump thru hoop number 372 in the US titling process for the MG. My husband has already been to our local DMV three times and made a trip to Customs in Newark to get paperwork stamped, or maybe I should say re-stamped re-stamped because it was stamped in the UK and it was stamped when the car originally entered the US. Never mind. I was going to say something about government run health care here but I'll hold back.

Anyway, back to my weekend...the 12 hour drive is just the start of all the fun because once we arrive in SC we get to move furniture. Yay! And hang curtains...more yay! If I were listing my husband's least favorite jobs I'm pretty sure hanging curtains would be near the top. We're taking some of our furniture to daughter1's apartment and then moving daughter2 back into her college dorm. The bright side is I will get to have a whole weekend with my girlies which always makes me happy.

And at least my cabana boy is with me on this trip. In fact he'll do all the driving because he hasn't quite recovered from the 'incident of 1995' when I accidentally drove into his office parking lot with our kids bicycles on top of the car. As I was apparently the last to discover the parking lot had one of those height bar thingys across the entry to which I paid no attention because I'm sure I was distracted by kids talkingtalkingtalking and the prospect of the vacation we were about to begin and whether or not I'd turned the iron off before leaving the house. You thoughts. Anyway, what's really sad is that I didn't even realize I'd dinged the bikes...not even when my then 7 yo daughter said, 'Look mom, there's my bell in the parking lot'. That's nice honey....And it wasn't until I got into my husband's office and casually mentioned how odd it was that daughter1's bell had 'fallen off' her bike as we pulled into the parking lot that my husband shook his head and asked me if maybe I'd driven into the height bar thingy. Oops. Needless to say husband will be driving the truck with the 10 ft. clearance. And my job will be not to distract him with my talkingtalkingtalking...can't have him accidentally stopping at the ATM or making a run thru a McDonalds drive thru now can we?

And by the way, you're all invited back next week to this locality to have a heapin' helpin' of my hospitality...y'all come back now, ya hear?!


  1. Oh, I'll be back! In the meantime, let the hubby do the driving and be safe!

  2. At least you have a great sense of humor about the whole thing. In June I flew to Annapolis to help my son, DIL and two grandchildren, one being a newborn, move to Savannah. Katie and I and the kids drove their car and followed Brent in the Penske truck. When we arrived in Savannah, it was 102 with 95% humidity. The realtor was supposed to meet us to unlock the house they are renting, and we had folks (volunteers) there to help unload. We'll the realtor didn't show, and we couldn't get her on the phone. Meanwhile, we were unloading the stuff onto the porch. She finally showed up an hour late.

  3. Thanks for the theme song which I am sure, will be stuck there all day long today in a sick silly loop in my brain.

    Oh how I can't wait to see the pictures from your adventure and hear just how things really went from start to finish.

    You know life is an adventure like that.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. You truly are a great person... making it fun to do all that work!!!
    I hope travel goes well and you get the "curtains " up..LOL My husband hated that job too.
    I am looking forward to teh next post. Elsie <><

  5. Keep on truckin, Joyce!

  6. Yes, now we will all be singing that song too, but it's fun!!! Have a safe trip. I will pray for travel mercies for you guys. Like you said, it will be worth it when you can be with your precious girls for the weekend. Your husband is like mine and would probably take a beating than have to move furniture and hang curtains. Oh well, Dads will do anything for their girls, won't they? Hope you get the car problem fixed too. Things like that are so agravating. Enjoy your weekend. We are heading to the mountains for the weekend to be with family. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Joyce, this move has been more work and patience than I can imagine! Good gravy. And now THIS drive???? YUCK. I do imagine it will be a very blog worthy trip however. :) Stay safe and anxious to hear all about it.