Friday, March 11, 2016

SUYL-All About Me

I know most of the bloggers who link up with Kelly's Korner on Fridays are young enough to be my sister-ha! okay daughter but whatever, I'm linking up anyway. I love her blog.

Kelly's bringing back a link up she used to host on Fridays called Show Us Your Life (SUYL), and this week's theme is All About Me. Everyone participating is invited to tell their story so we can get acquainted. Hop over to Kelly's Korner if you want to play along.

I've been blogging since 2009 and feel like more than a few of you know everything there is to know about me. If that's you feel free to carry on with your weekending, but I'm guessing a handful of new readers will stop by via the linkup, so for you newbies here's the 411-

I've been married 32 years this June to my college sweetheart.

He is still my sweetheart.

Also in my head I'm 35.

We've moved nine times in 32 years (you do the math) with stints in Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey (twice), Maryland, England (sigh), and most recently South Carolina (the Upstate not the Lowcountry). My hubs retired at the end of February 2015, but accepted a brand new job in February 2016 so he's back on the treadmill.

Also the new job is not in South Carolina, but if you want complicated we're your people.

I am still manning the home front, fluid as that concept may be. I've worked as a speech pathologist, kindergarten teacher, school director, and have spent much of my non-working adult years as a volunteer. Volunteers make the world go round.

We sold our home in Northern NJ last June and moved into an apartment here in SC to supervise, fret over, and mostly hurry up and wait for our lake home to go up. We're halfway there, or at least I like to think we are.

I hope to goodness we've reached the mid point.

Is it possible we're not at the mid-point???

We broke ground at the end of September, and the rains came pretty much immediately after. We've had an enormous amount of weather related delays, but currently the dock is in, the house is framed, and fingers crossed the roof went on this week.

We're learning so much in the process and
thinkknow it will be worth it once we're in.

The absolute joy and deilght of my life are my two girls, both in their mid-20's. They inspire and amaze me with their brains, humor, creativity, and most of all with their tender, caring hearts. They're best buds and have been since the word go.

Daughter1 married the love of her life in January 2015, then promptly moved to the complete opposite side of the country to start life as a Mrs.

She works part time for Young Life, and full time spoiling her hard working Dr. Captain husband and their Boykin Spaniel. She blogs from Washington State at Sincerely Shannon.

Daughter2 lives right here in the Upstate (yay!) and teaches third grade. In her spare time (ha!) she keeps up with her Beach Body health and fitness program and her cute and slightly quirky Greyhound, Gemma.

Daughter2 also blogs (It's Elementary), and I so love keeping up with my girls both in person, and through their writing.

My blog is hard to quantify, but I like to say it's a slice of life, and a mostly happy one at that. I use too many words (you've probably figured that out on your own) and think I'm maybe more storyteller than blogger. You'll find a wide range of topics here, but the most common themes are mid-life observations, growing up girls, parenting young adult children, married life, the weather (sad, but true), our home build, our travels, life across the pond, home, family, and God's amazing grace.

I love Jesus, books, a cup of tea at 3 PM, all things England, 70's music, hiking, sunlight on the water, and new mercies every morning. I am a total and complete optimist (yes, even in 2016) and I host a fun meme here every week called The Wednesday Hodgepodge.

Whew. Okay, your turn. What's your 411?


  1. I'm not the same age in my mind that my body is either :)

    I so cant wait to see your finished home. I know not as much as you :)

    You have such a precious family. I know you know that :)

  2. Good morning! Doing my blogging early this morning as I've lots to do today...I enjoyed this a lot. Guess I love storytelling, lol. But I am happy to report I didn't really learn anything new here which means I have really come to know you and your life a little bit...I LOVE that for some reason, lol. This was fun! Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Glad to meet you

  4. Well, Joyce, I did learn some things that I didn't know about you and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was going to participate in SUYL but felt I HAD to blog on our devastating flood.

    Love the look of your house and know it is so exciting to be this far along.

    Happy weekend!!!!

  5. Great pics and getting to know a little more about you! Have a great weekend.

  6. Didn't learn anything new but I am glad to read it anyway!
    Woo Hoo, looking like a house!

  7. Love the picture of the house in process! Actually all of the pictures are great! Have a great weekend!

  8. I loved reading all about you again and seeing new photos! I will go over and check out this new Friday Meme. Thanks for the link!

  9. Enjoying reading about how you see yourself.
    I would add that you're as lovely inside as you are outside
    nd a real powerhouse with your thoughts and words.

  10. Ha, my 411 would be so boring it would put coffee to sleep. :)

  11. Your pier is so welcoming and the house is really coming along!

  12. Stopping in from SUYL--so fun to get to "meet" you!

  13. Good Saturday morning my friend!! OMG! It's so good to get more 411 since I am new to blogging and your blog. I am right were you are in life with many similarities. I will try to hook up later on today. Loved learning about you and your sweet family. Photos are great. Will see you Wednesday on Hodgepodge! xoxo

  14. I've only been once, but I feel in love with South Carolina. I look forward to reading more and seeing beautiful pictures of the East coast!