Monday, March 21, 2016

That Weekend We Stayed Home

We were home this weekend. Somehow that feels worthy of a mention, because y'all! The miles we're logging in March are ridunkulous. So many car trips to neighboring states, which in my head feels like it shouldn't be many, but when I do the math the number of miles trekked is over 2000. 2000!!!  Since the first of March. And that doesn't count air miles from a trip to California, or a flight to Newark, or one to Phila or one to Raleigh via Baltimore.

I'm declaring us officially over-traveled this month. All work and family related but still, way over-traveled.

We were at home this weekend though, and had a lot of little annoyances to deal with because we were finally home to deal with them. So we did. Because we're grown ups.

Of course there was also this-

How can you be cranky when the sky is painted all your favorite colors?

Friday night hubs and I had a date with Daughter2 and her boyfriend. We went to a restaurant we love downtown that serves Belgian beer and moules and frites in a pub like setting that makes us all miss the real thing. It's close though, and close will have to do.

Hubs and I watched a lot of the NCAA games all weekend long, and WOW there's still so much fun and excitement in college basketball. Also there's something in my DNA that causes me to get really tense when a game is close. That Xavier-Wisconsin game won with an amazing toss to the basket in the literal last second of the game made me a nervous wreck.

I don't even care about those teams, but my stomach was in knots. Also, I hate when they breakaway to the losing team. Some of the boys were crying, and it's then you remember they're college kids, not NBA pros and I think of their mamas and how they'd probably like to run out on the court and put their arms around their baby boys. They don't but I'm sure they'd like to.

Did anyone watch The Passion Live, hosted by Tyler Perry? Just curious what you thought? I wasn't sure what to expect, and initially I thought it was disjointed, particularly with the man on the street interview, but we kept watching and it definitely grew on me. I'm sure the producers will be criticized for putting a modern spin on the greatest story ever told, but I looked at the crowd that came together and thought of all the people watching at home, and I have to say I admire the effort. Also, Tyler Perry narrated the show, and had a very gentle boldness in word and tone as he spoke about God's love for every single one of us. I found it refreshing, and a welcome relief from the nastiness that's been spewing out of our televisions in recent months.

I finished two books this weekend, and enjoyed them both. The first was called The Book of Speculation (Erika Swyler) which someone recommended to me. It was an odd little story, but I got caught up in it, so carried on to the finish. The second was A Walk Across the Sun (Corban Addison) which I really liked. A heavy topic as it's a fictional account of the 'people trafficking' industry, but so well told it felt like non-fiction.

Finally here on a Monday in March, today's the day bloggers participating in this year's April A-Z Challenge reveal their theme.

If they have one.

Which I do.


Usually I'm still mulling it over, praying for a lightning bolt of inspiration to hit me on March 31st, but this year I'm good to go.

Well, not really good to go as I haven't actually written any posts yet, but I've got a theme and today that's what counts. Go me!

I like to keep my theme a bit broad so I can run with it in a variety of directions, and this year is no different. My theme is HOME. I mean we're building a house so how could it not be? Plus I have over 700 published posts tagged with the word home, so obviously it's a topic close to my heart.  My plan is to write a bit about the building process, but also a bit about what home means to me. This will allow me to look back and look ahead and also talk about the here and now.

We kick off with Letter A a week from Friday (April 1), then carry on through the alphabet with Letter Z landing on Saturday April 30th. We don't blog on Sundays because ain't nobody got time for that.  I hope you'll follow along! Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. That is a good theme and something near and dear to all of our hearts with our homes :) Have fun with the challenge!


  2. Doesnt it feel like the best thing in the world when you get to stay home after days/weeks/months of doing nothing but running around. Sometimes home never looked so wonderful :)

  3. My goodness, that was a whole lotta travel! I bet you wake up and wonder where you are. I'm looking forward to your A-Z blogging, just don't think I'm up for such a challenge. I think it might consume me. :o)) Happy new week!

  4. I know y'all needed a weekend 'at home'!! I ponder participating in the challenge each year. Still pondering...

    You wrote: "Tyler Perry narrated the show, and had a very gentle boldness in word and tone as he spoke about God's love for every single one of us. I found it refreshing, and a welcome relief from the nastiness that's been spewing out of our televisions in recent months." I couldn't agree more. We didn't know what to expect and I really thought Joe would be flipping the channel, but we both really got into "The Passion". I thought it was well done, and am thrilled that it was on a prime station, during prime time. Jesus on national TV. Amazing!!

  5. Whoa! That's a lot of miles traveled! I'm sure you more than needed a weekend at home :)

    I love the double date thing with your daughter and her fellow. Ed and I've been on a few of those "dates" with our daughter, too.

    I'm looking forward to your A-Z posts. You do such a great job, each year, and your theme sounds like a winner :)
    Enjoy your week.

  6. Wow, you have traveled a lot but I know you had a great time while you were out and about! I ended up really liking The Passion but I did not like seeing the audience all the time. I was expecting more of a musical but they did a great job all in all. HE IS RISEN....

  7. I always think of the song from the of my favorite tear-jerkers (the song, not the movie)

  8. I watched "The Passion" and was moved to tears...the story, the music, everyone, like you said, coming together. Just beautiful all around. I wish I had it in me to tackle the A-Z Challenge, but I just can't find the motivation or the time.

  9. Hello, here from the theme reveal and enjoyed your post. Nastiness spews out of the TV no matter which part of the world you are in, unfortunately. Home seems a great choice for a theme, loads of possibilities there. Wish you a great A-Z, all the best.

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016