Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Seven Year Itch

Once upon a time we had a love affair with a country not our own.

Seven years ago this week we were here.

Corfe Castle on England's Jurrasic Coast. 

A Saxon stronghold, a Norman Fortress, a royal palace...

...a day out with your family.

A lot has changed in seven years.

Not at Corfe Castle, which has remained unchanged now for some several hundred years, but our lives? Our lives have seen significant change.

We've moved stateside, and then moved again stateside...

Daughter1 graduated from uni. Daughter2 graduated from uni. Daughter2 graduated from uni grad school.

Daughter1 got married. Daughter1 moved across all the states stateside.
Daughter2 began teaching school.

We said goodbye to our sweet pup.

Hubs retired.
Hubs went back to work.

We've lived and loved and learned so much these last seven years.

But once upon a time we had a love affair with a country not our own.

I've got the seven year itch.


  1. Such pretty pictures - someday I will visit England!

  2. It has now been two years since we moved back from England, and I still miss it every day! It's a place that leaves a permanent impression on your heart! Loved seeing these pictures!

  3. Well, scratch that itch and get a trip planned! Love the photos and your walk through seven years!

  4. Great pics, Joyce. I think you're due for another trip.

  5. A beautiful part of my country. I have an aunt in Dorset so have visited many times.

  6. A beautiful story with pictures!

  7. Beautiful photos. We plan to take a European cruise when we retire in about 7 years. I can't wait as England is on my list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. This is a very enjoyable blog post!

  9. I enjoyed my time there almost 5 years ago. On my bucket list I would love to spend a year there. What a lovely experience you and your family were blessed to enjoy.