Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cloudy With A Chance of Love

Just some random stuff to throw down here today.

As opposed to other days when I think oh so carefully about content, ahem.

I'm tired. Hubs might laugh at that because while I have been on the go, he has been on the go-go-go, plus he's working but still...

In the past six weeks I've flown across the country and back, made a long weekend trip to Atlanta, took an 1100+ mile road (work/fun) trip with hubs that involved stops in four cities in various states, was home for one! day before flying to Philadelphia for a week with my mom (in NJ) which included a weekend trip with a friend to a summer camp staff reunion in Maryland-

...then back to NJ, a Sunday cookout in the city (Philadelphia) at my sister and brother-in-laws house where the hydrangeas are ridiculously gorgeous-

I mean, come on!! Have you ever seen prettier hydrangeas???

After one cancelled flight and one re-booked flight, I finally made it home Monday night. Five hours later than anticipated, but nonetheless home. 

Has there ever been a sweeter word?

For some reason (actually the reason was ROOTS) I'd scheduled a hair appointment first thing Tuesday morning so was up and out Tuesday a.m., home for a quick lunch, then made the drive to the lake with hubs so we could meet the boat delivery-

...followed by a boat ride (of course!), which meant dinner at something ridiculous like 9 PM, and then on Wednesday I waved the white flag.

I was cooked, and did something I absolutely never do which is lounge in bed until 10:30 finishing a book (the Daughter by Jane Shemlit -really good!). The idea of having nowhere to be on a Wednesday morning was heavenly. Eventually I did laundry and bought groceries, then Daughter2 said she was free and we said do you want a boat ride? so when hubs finished working it was back out to the lake for dinner and a cruise.

The afternoon started off a little threatening with some dark clouds, but by the time hubs had wrestled the bimini on and off the boat the skies had turned gorgeous. And HOT. Very very HOT. A boat breeze can fix all that though, and as we headed back into our dock around 8 pm I snapped this picture of my Daughter2-

Something about this picture makes me sigh. She's all grown up now, but it's the pony tail down her back and the barefeet and the casual way she's sitting that help me see the little girl she once was.

Back when summer meant leisurely mornings at home, trips to the library to get a stack of books and whatever treat the summer reading program offered as incentive (usually a free Slurpee), an afternoon at the pool, dinners filled with something on the grill served alongside fresh corn and tomatoes and nowhere to go besides our own backyard for quiet talks and fireflies.

The weather was stirring as we made the drive home and the sky was a thousand shades of childhood summer. I thought about the words to a Psalm I love and about God's goodness in all the seasons of my life. How He sets a sky on fire with magnificent drama.

How sometimes I need to see bold beautiful brushstrokes across the heavens to remind me I am small, yet He knows my name, my longings, my heart's desire. How there is nowhere His love can't find me, including the middle of a mid-life summer.

"Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds." 
Psalm 36:5


  1. I don't know how you know where you are when you wake up of a morning. You amaze me at all you are able to balance while building a house.

    Love the picture of your daughter!

    Happy 4th!

  2. Giiiirrrl, you made me tired just reading your post! What a sweet picture of Daughter2. And that sky...GORGEOUS!

  3. Love how the pony tail brings the memories of the little girls they once were :-) Same for me!

  4. The pic of your daughter is darling! Travelling always wears me out. Have a great 4th, Joyce!

  5. You are fast becoming my favorite author. Seriously. I love the pictures you paint with your words, and I love the photos you so generously share with us. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Terri...enjoy your weekend!

  6. I enjoyed this post a lot. Your pictures and your words are beautiful.

  7. Ok. I'm officially tired just reading this, lol. Lovely post.

  8. Love Bible verse at the end! There is a praise and worship hymn: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases....Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord...
    Busy means put your feet up, and lean back.

  9. How can one person be allowed to have all those gorgeous rhododendrons? What a whirlwind life you live. The boat trips are fun and I love the description of God's handiwork and the last scripture. It's one of my favorites.

  10. Great trips and I'm diggin on the new boat. Glad y'all are having such a good transition. Nice to see your blog again, also, Joyce. Take care! Walter

  11. wonderful blog! So glad I came across your blog..even Shannon's blog is amazing. Keep writing. will def follow both of you. I blog too would be happy if you could check it out :D

  12. Your pictures are amazing - and man, I am exhausted just reading about your busy life. Hope you have time to knit today!

  13. Those hydrangeas are absolutely breathtaking. That's on my dream list of plants I want when I get my own house.

  14. It's been good to catch up with you, today. My, you have been ON THE GO! You deserved that long morning in bed :)
    And by the way, those are the prettiest hydrangeas I've ever seen!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  15. You have been so busy....way to go! Love your boat, I know you will be enjoying for many, many years. The photo of the sky is amazing!

  16. This is a beautiful post, Joyce. I can imagine being tired after all that. Then to be rewarded with such a beautiful memory and a gorgeous sky afterwards? That is just great. :) Have a blessed day.