Monday, June 6, 2016

Rainy Days and Mondays

Good Monday morning. I haven't checked in here on a Monday in a while because life and all, but today I've got time and words so here we go.

The home build is making me a little bit crazy. I alternate between sleeping fitfully and wanting to sleep all the time. Someone wake me up when it's closer to completion please. An inspection has to happen before we proceed with insulation and dry wall so here we sit. Hopefully those things will occur in a timely manner, which I think in builder's terms means more than a day but less than a month. Something like that.

A friend from NJ who worked with hubs in his previous job was in town on Saturday, so we trekked out to the lot to show her 'the house'. Still feels more like a frame than a house, although I know all kinds of things have gone on behind the scenes. Important things like wiring and plumbing and heating and cooling, but not pretty things like cabinets and granite and hard wood floors.

Another couple who live on the lake, but who also worked with hubs in NJ jetted over to our dock so they could say hi to our mutual friend too.

When I say jetted I mean they literally jetted over. And even though the weather forecast said no rain, it rained. Hubs had taken the jet ski friends up to the 'house' for a tour, and I was sitting on the dock with our friend P when the rains came a-pouring. As the rain became heavier it occurred to me that sitting under a metal roof perched atop the water is not where you want to be in an electrical storm, but thankfully this turned out to be just a really hard fast rainstorm.

I have to say it was actually quite beautiful. I took a little video which you may or may not see here because I don't have very good luck attaching video to my blog. Or maybe it's skill I'm lacking? Anyway, you may or may not see rain, but either way know it was pretty.

I can't wait to live here.

Not right here because this is a restaurant, but on the lake here. In our house. With walls and all the pretty parts in place.

Saturday night Daughter2 and her boyfriend met us for dinner at a restaurant downtown. Aren't they the cutest?

Hubs and I spent the rest of the weekend discussing why things aren't moving faster and when they might move faster, and what can we do to make them move faster and then I napped. Because in the words of Mason Cooley...'When you can't figure out what to do, take a nap.' 

Write that down and put it in your when-I-build-a-house file. You're welcome.


  1. haha I imagine I would probably be feeling very much the same way...."hurry it up any way I could" then nap to pass the time. lol. Have a good week!

  2. Yes, Daughter2 and boyfriend are very cute. Rain is everywhere, in everyone's blogs right now. Tis the season, I guess. On HGTV they can build a house in an hour. I don't understand why it is taking so long for yours! ;)

  3. I hope it all goes as quickly and smoothly as possible for you.

  4. I'd definitely be napping. But then I'm not likely to be building from scratch. Lovely family pic.

  5. It all sounds so wonderful. How nice to also have friends living on the same lake. I hope things move along quickly because I know you are anxious to live there. I like that quote, I think I will take a nap too!