Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stuff On A Thursday

Hubs and I have been discussing snakes recently because we're building a house in the woods beside water which I'm pretty sure could be like a club med for snakes and also because we spotted a big black rat snake on the trail behind our apartment which is not in the woods or beside the water so apparently snakes are everywhere.

Yes that needed to be one long sentence.

Anyway, hubs knows a lot about snakes and I know very little because I grew up in the land of shopping malls and sidewalks and the green green manicured lawns of home. We have a few rules for the lot and one is don't walk through the construction site en route to the dock wearing flip flops. I've mentioned the nailpalooza happening on site, but we also wear boots in case a snake has made himself at home in the still un-landscaped back yard/mud pit. Hubs likes to tell me if I see a black rat snake don't kill it because they sometimes eat copperheads.

For the record I will not be killing any snakes.
Isn't that why I got married?

I'm something of a snake expert now and here's all you need to know-'red and yellow kill a fellow, nose is black stay back'. You're welcome. Also (in case my mom is reading here) we have not seen a single solitary snake on the lot.

Oh, and I'm not really an expert.

Moving on...I got new glasses today. I ordered them a week ago, and nothing makes you realize how dependent you are on your prescription sunglasses than being without. The roads are safe again. Ha-kidding! Mostly.

This whole tiny house phenomenon. I don't get it. Isn't that another way to say camping? I've never watched the show, but have you seen the ad for the program where the man tries to climb into a bathtub the size of a powder room sink?

I'm not opposed to camping and I'm absolutely in favor of not being house poor, but these houses are soooo tiny. Really really tiny. They're not small houses. They're tiny. Teeny tiny. To each his own, but is that better than living in a small house with normal sized ceilings? And do you buy a lot to put it on or do you move it around? Maybe I need to watch the show.

Google plus. Another thing I still don't get.

For the record I do read those Facebook posts where the poster says they're trying to see who actually reads their posts and to prove it please answer a question, then copy and paste it to your own page. I never copy and paste it to my own page. I'm a rebel like that, but if you're my friend on fb I do read your posts. Promise.

Who watches Ninja Warrior? I'm absolutely amazed at the sheer physical strength of the participants, particularly in their arms. I still sometimes feel like I could break my nose doing my push ups, and a pull up? Forget it. Pull ups remind me of the President's Test on Physical Fitness we had to take back in elementary school. Do kids still have to take that test?

I had to look it up, and apparently in 2012 it was changed to The Universal Youth Fitness Program. A sign of the times I guess that the focus now is more on helping students develop healthy habits. I will say that test we took in the 60's and 70's was 'character building'. And I'm pretty sure successfully completing 2 pull-ups would still be the hardest part for me.

Y'all if you're a pray-er will you please pray in earnest for our nation? I honestly look at the choice we're going to have in November and it makes me want to cry. This is what we've come to? I know some people out there are fully on board one band wagon or another, but I also know so many people like me who don't want to choose between horrible and awful. Please don't rant in the comments about how your candidate is not awful or somehow not as awful as his/her opponent.

When my girls were growing up if they tried to wriggle out of something by telling me someone else had done something worse, well that just never flew with me. Let's not hold ourselves up to the lowest standard out there. I believe that's true for teenagers making questionable decisions and true for each one of us in this very ugly and volatile election season.

It's America and everyone's entitled to their opinion and their private vote via the ballot box (I'm talking to you Miss America judge!), but what do you do when you're a conscientious person who wants to vote but cannot find your way out of the murky messy muddy waters we're all forced to swim in right now?

You pray that's what you do. And you remind yourself there are many months until the election (it only feels like it's been happening for about two years now) and much can happen in a day.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.' Phillipians 4:6-7 


  1. I am with you on the election thing. Horrible and awful: what a choice. Sigh.
    Tiny houses make me so claustrophobic. I need me some space! I saw one episode where a young couple was moving into a tiny house with a dog the size of a bear. I wonder how that turned out in the long run.
    All I remember about those President Physical Tests is walking around with sore stomach muscles from trying to do too many sit-ups in too short of time and that I never could do pull-ups worth a hoot.

  2. We buy Liquid Fence Snake powder and each spring we do the boarders of the back yard. Of course yours is pretty darn big but it does work and you could sprinkle it around certain areas and walkways!
    I watch the Tiny House show sometimes and it is amazing what they can fit into them. Could I live like that....I doubt it very much. But when I think about running away from home I think that maybe I could afford to live in a Tiny House community....LOL! I don't want to choose between horrible and horrible but if you don't pick one the other one will end up winning.

  3. I'm praying for our country. You know I am a conservative, but I feel the same way you do about our very sad choices. I've been saying we get to choose between a criminal and a clown. It's extremely sad. I have watched Tiny House on HGTV. Joe and I just laugh. Neither one of us could live alone in one of those. I don't know why they don't just buy a RV camper. Some of them have more room than those tiny houses. We have black racer snakes around in our yard. They eat bugs and lizards, so we are not unhappy when we see one as long as they don't come in the house (yes - three times in 27 years). I killed a pigmy rattlesnake a few years ago, but capture the racers and get them back outside. They come into the screened pool area sometimes. The cats play with them and are the culprits who brought the baby racers into the house. Keep those boots on for now and be careful!

  4. Snakes and spiders are why I got married. lol

    I love Ninja Warrior. Those people are amazing!

    I will be praying too.. There's really nothing else to do.

  5. It was only 15 minutes ago, as we were watching the news, that I said to my husband once again...our world is so screwed up right now. I honestly do not know how our country will continue to be successful. So sceery.
    AND.......there was a black snake crawling up the gutter on our house this afternoon....we do live out in the country but really??? Come on! it was huge!!! Again, sceery.
    So crazy that your post today was right on target with my day!!

  6. I've watched Tiny Houses 2-3 times and it is absolutely amazing what they fit into 600 sq. ft. Our Master Bedroom is that size. I don't get it at all and yes, some of them are on wheels and are moved from place to place and some are permanent.

    Oh, I hated those crazy fitness tests.

    I'm with you on the election....may the Lord have mercy.

  7. During a difficult uncertain time in teaching, I "took up camp" in Phil. 4:4-7. It brought peace to an anxious heart.
    Snakes. Just saying that word sends chills.

    As for the election: Pray without ceasing.

  8. You had me at SNAKES,! I do not like them much either and when we moved to our little neck of the woods here in NC, we thought for sure we would have many to deal with, although we do not live right near the water. In the 24+ years that we have been here I could count on one hand (well, maybe two) how many we have seen...mostly black snakes. Here's hoping you won't see that many...or none! I am in total agreement with you about the upcoming election...which is worst of the two evils?? Thankfully, God is still on the throne and He will carry us through! And I'm totally with you on the facebook stuff...I never copy and paste ANYTHING like that...especially the ones that say things like "share if you love Jesus and you will be blessed". We all know that God has been patiently waiting all these years for facebook to come out so He could bless His people, right?? Great post! Have a great weekend :)

  9. Snakes! We've had a few and I hope I never have to deal with one by myself. I am praying for our country and the election. God can do anything. But I'm concerned that we are getting what we deserve. May God have mercy on us as we go into this election.
    Being tall and my husband too, I don't want to live in such a tiny house. I want the ceiling to be a few feet over my head and we all need a little space.

  10. Snakes!!
    Here in Wisconsin we do not have any poisonous snakes. Most are small and skinny.
    But the stories I hear about people who have pet snakes. Golly, crazy. And some have gotten out and have killed the snake/pet owner.

    Praying for the election too.

  11. There is so much to comment about on this one post!
    Snakes, shudder. But I have to say that I did know that black snakes are good and useful critters to have around.
    That tiny house show is fascinating to me in an odd sort of way! I think they can be so creative and clever in the planning but who could live on top of each other ALL THE TIME!!!! And like Judy said above, I saw the one with the HUGE dog and my only thought was the whole place would smell like a big stinky dog!
    Abby loves Ninja Warrior, so I have also been watching. They are amazing!
    As far as the election, I shake my head in disbelief that this is the best America has to offer. More proof, as if we needed more, that this world is not our home.
    I am in the market for new glasses, always a trial. Hoping my new ones help my old eyes see better!

  12. As beautiful as your house is going to be and in such a wonderful setting, if I thought there was any chance of a snake coming even close I don't think I could live there. Yes I know it's a totally irrational phobia I have but I have it. Hope your hubby is good at dealing with them!

  13. AMEN to your urge for us all to pray for our country. Thank you for all you said.

    As for the snakes, thanks for the info. It's pretty much just rattlers and garter snakes here, although thankfully I've not seen any of them near my home. I have decided in the last year that my days of hiking dirt paths are done. Give me a wide concrete walkway (of which my town has a lot), and I can more easily see any snakes that might be out there.

    'Nut said. Politics and snakes. I need to think about something more pleasant.... and sorry to be so late on commenting on this post. Been outa' town.