Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Go Jump In The Hodgepodge

It's been a hot hot week here in the Palmetto State. Let's sit in the air conditioning and answer random questions about everything under the sun, k?  If you've played along today add your link at the end of my post. Be sure you leave a comment for the blogger linking before you because that's what good neighbors do. Here we go-

1. If you could sit beside and/or jump in any lake in the whole wide world today, which lake would you choose and why?

Something Italian. Lago Maggiore is one of my favorites, but I'm not too picky. Plunk me down beside a lake in Italy and I'm good. 

2. What's your favorite 'fruity' drink?

Probably lemonade. Or Pimms. I do love a Pimms cup on a warm summer day, and we make ours with fresh strawberries, sliced citrus fruits, and a sprig of mint so it's fruity. 

3. I read a list here of thirteen things to do right now to simplify your life. They were-

clean as you go, re-evaluate your relationships (cut toxic ties), unsubscribe (too many blogs and websites), de-clutter, write down your daily goals, reply to emails right away, forget multitasking, create a morning routine, re-evaluate your commitments (which hobbies and responsibilities are most important to you), say no, clean up your computer, and plan your day ahead

Which of the tasks listed do you currently find most helpful in keeping life simple? Which item on the list should you adopt in order to simplify your life this month? 

I do or have done most of the items on this list. The one thing I could do this month that would be most helpful around here would be cleaning up my computer, photos in particular. I still don't have a handle on the photo system since iPhoto became My Photos. 

4. What did you do the summer after you graduated from high school?

I worked as a camp counselor at a girls camp in Maryland. 


It was and always will be one of my life's 'happy places'. 

5. Are you a fan of podcasts? If so what's a favorite?

I'm just now jumping on the Podcast bandwagon. I've been listening to some while I walk, and am hoping to find some good recommendations here today. I listen to pastors mostly, but I do have season one of Serial downloaded for hubs and I to listen to, maybe on an upcoming road trip. 

6. Do you think today's fathers have it harder, easier, or just different than fathers in the past?

Not harder or easier, just different. Every generation has it's challenges, expectations, and disappointments when it comes to parenting and I don't think that's any less true for today's fathers. 

7. Tell us one way you're like your father? Or not at all like your father if that's easier?

Well I've got his eyes for one. I'm a lot like my mother and not sure I've thought much until today about how I'm like my dad. He was determined, a hard worker, he loved Jesus, and had a tender heart. In those ways I think I'm like my dad. My mom has a lot of those same characteristics too, so let's just say I had good examples to follow on both sides of the parental DNA. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Hubs and I celebrate 32 years of married life tomorrow. I made a little Smilebox video for our 30th and am posting it here again today because 32! Whoohoo! And still true believers! 

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Happy Anniversary hubs!



  1. Happy anniversary! We're a few months behind you. Our 32nd is in November.

    What will you do for your special day?

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Happy anniversary. I often attended a girls' summer camp when I was growing up. My mother was a troop leader and I had to go with her. I earned every badge the girl scouts offered, but I was never awarded one. Have a good week.

  3. Wishing you and your hubby a very Happy Anniversary, Joyce! Hope you have a fun celebration! Yes, I need to devote some major time to organizing and cleaning up the photos on our computer. We have many that are duplicates and so some need to be deleted. I dread it.

  4. Happy anniversary! 32 years ago, did you ever think you'd be where you are today, with the experiences you've had?
    We just had our 32nd last month. We can't be that old, can we????

  5. A happy anniversary to you. Congratulations and many more years of joy together. I liked your answer about your dad. And gee, I completely forgot about those beautiful lakes in Italy.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Hub who will not fly says he would go to Italy one day--hoping that one day is soon!

  7. Happy anniversary! I hope you have a lovely day...maybe you will boat on the lake!

  8. What awesome photos!! Happy Anniversary and wishes for many more. smiles

  9. Cute smilebox presentation. Congratulations on your anniversary. True believers. Isn't it nice to be at this stage of your lives where you've worked out what really matters. God's blessings on the years ahead.

  10. Wow, a lake in Italy....not picky at all! Sounds lovely. I've never tried Pimms. I've never enjoyed talk radio so I don't believe I would like a podcast. Your right, each generation has its challenges. Happy Anniversary. Ours is next Friday!

  11. Happy anniversary, Joyce! Love your video. Enjoy your week.

  12. Happy Anniversary, and I loved this weeks questions!

  13. Happy anniversary! I enjoyed seeing the photos in your SmileBox! Thanks for another fun HP today, and for sharing your family with us through your blogs!!

  14. Happy Anniversary! We'll celebrate our 44th in just 3 more days. I loved your video trip down memory lane :)
    I wasn't able to see the link to join up today. If you get a chance, could you please add me to the list? Thanks in advance.
    Kathy (Reflections)

  15. Happy Anniversary. Oh, that was a sweet video.
    I will be out of town next week, so I will miss the Hodgepodge. I will be visiting a Flower Farm. :-) I am really excited, this is a dream of mine to do.
    Have a great week!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I like the sound of a Pimms cup, but have not had the pleasure of trying one - hopefully someday sitting somewhere pretty in England :-)

  17. Happy Happy Anniversary to you!!!!! Loved the pictures!

  18. Happy 32nd Anniversary! Loved your slide show. What a blessing to be together and have all those memories! The lake in Italy looked so beautiful.

  19. Happy 32 years. That is quite an accomplishment!!

  20. Well, we celebrated #45 last week and I just can't believe it because I do not feel old enough to have been married that long. And, truly I am not. I married at 18, have mercy! Thankfully Hubby is 6 years older or we might not have survived.

    I had great influence from both my parents too and I feel so blessed because of that. I am more like my Dad but I certainly have traits that are directly linked to my precious Mom.

    Happy rest of the week!

  21. Happy Anniversary! Miss G likes her Pimms too. Must be a British thing. :)

  22. Happy Anniversary! Oh and I thought you might have said Lemoncello was your fruity drink! LOL I never could drink that stuff.

  23. As everyone else said--Happy anniversary!

  24. The girls and I enjoyed Serial on a road trip. It's pretty good. And it keeps people quiet in the car. Until the discussions ensue. LOL Lemonade and I have a complicated relationship. It has to be just right for me to enjoy it completely. :)

  25. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great celebration. Love the smilebox and I also love Pimms.

  26. I love lemonade as well. Congratulations on your wedding Anniversary!

  27. Happy anniversary to you and your husband?

  28. Our lakes are relatively warm but are usually spring fed. Sometimes as you're swimming or wading you go through a spring. Feeling the cold of the spring is refreshing. SWMBO would love your warm water lakes. Happy Father's Day to Hubs!

  29. That's a great Smilebox feature!! Congrats on your anniversary!