Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekends That Last

We had what felt like a very long weekend. I think it was only the usual Friday-Sunday but when we got home Sunday night I told hubs it felt like we'd been gone for a week. Hubs and I had planned to go out to the lake and measure the covered deck space to see if the furniture we bought last weekend will fit the way we envision, and my daughter's in-laws also had plans to be out at their lake house so they suggested we meet them for dinner, spend the night, then go for a boat ride on Saturday.

While on their boat we swung by our lot to see what sort of progress had taken place on the build and were pleasantly surprised to find someone there working on the insulation. Whoohoo! Once the insulation is in the drywall can go up and that's what I'm most excited for.

Well actually a finished house is what I'm most excited for but right now I'll settle for walls.

It was a true scorcher on Saturday so after the boat ride we went back to the in-laws and spent most of the afternoon in the water. Their next door neighbor was barbecuing a Boston Butt on his green egg and invited us all to dinner. Trust me, if you'd smelled this pork roast smoking all afternoon you'd understand why we couldn't say no. We ended the evening skywatching beside the fire and as long as we're still hanging around might as well spend the night too.

We did leave on Sunday morning because we still needed to go by our lot and measure the floor space on the covered deck. Hubs and I had our first official swim off the dock too because have mercy it was close to 100 degrees outside.

Somehow my phone froze on the Siri screen early Friday and I tried every trick in the book to correct it, but nothing worked. It wouldn't shut off, I couldn't trick Siri into turning it off, that whole wavy motion thing some people say works didn't work, and in the end I had to let the battery run down to zero in order to get it to turn off.

I crossed my fingers and toes hoping Siri wouldn't still be there when it restarted, and she wasn't. I don't even use Siri so don't ask me how I ended up frozen there.  And why does my battery barely last when I need it to last, but take three full days to run down when I want it to quit? Grrr...

Anyway, as a result I didn't take any pictures other than a quick couple of snaps with hubs phone because the sunset was too perfect not to.

While we were on our dock Sunday a former co-worker of hubs who lives in GA texted and said he and his wife were spending the weekend on our lake with some friends, and did we want to come by and catch up? They were only a couple of miles from our lot so we drove over there and sat on their dock for a while, then more friends came by with their boat and we ended up taking a little late afternoon cruise before heading home.

Without measuring for the furniture which was the whole reason we went out to the lake in the first place. Bother.

So what did your weekend look like?


  1. When you do get to move in, you will have friends coming from all around that lake to welcome you! Kind of nice to know your neighbors before you even move in!! Maybe a call to the contractor would work for the dimensions you need. He should have the data on hand I would think. Anyway, sounds like a wonderful weekend and I too love those that seem to last longer than they really are. That sunset is amazing, by the way.

  2. You really just want another excuse for a trip out to the lot! lol Sounds a great weekend.

  3. Cant wait to jump off your dock!!

  4. Sounds like a perfect summer weekend and a glimpse of your future :-)

  5. What a beautiful weekend and gorgeous sunset!

  6. Well, no wonder you felt as though you had been gone a week. You crammed a whole lot into one weekend for sure. Know you are more than ready to move into your beautiful house on the lake. Happy week!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Joyce...retirement sure sounds like quite the life!

  8. So you never measured the furniture but it sounds like a really fun weekend you had. Now you have a good excuse to go back!