Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Complimentary Hodgepodge

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. We're having some absolutely gorgeous weather here at the moment and we are loving it! If you've answered this week's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger linking before you. Then get outside and soak up the sunshine. Or the snowshine. Or the rain if that's what's happening in your neck of the woods. Hi Daughter1!

1. January 24th is National Compliment Day. Is it easy or not so easy for you to accept a compliment? Share a recent compliment you've given or received.

I think it depends on the compliment, but for the most part I'm able to accept one graciously. Not sure if this was the most recent compliment I've given, but I did tell daughter1 yesterday she's a wonderful mother. 

Because she is. 

2. Ten little things you are loving right now.

Bright blue skies, a daughter in the house, porch sitting...

...regaining a little of my writing mojo, bluebirds, Victoria on PBS,  a cup of tea midafternoon, the warmth of an evening fire, the anticipation of an upcoming trip to Washington, and Brach's Valentine candy hearts (this last one maybe a little too much, ahem)

3. Would people describe you as a positive person? Do you see yourself that way?

I would say yes and yes. I'm an optimistic, glass more than half full, find the silver lining, rose colored glasses wearing girl. 

I read here  a list/description of eight things positive people do differently-

Positive people find something to look forward to every day, they celebrate the small stuff, they're kind, they stay busy, accept responsibility for their actions, forgive themselves, know when to move on, and resist comparisons

Which action on the list would you say you do regularly? Which action could you add to your life to give you a more positive outlook? If you're a positive person, what's something you do regularly that's not on the list?

I do most everything on that list pretty regularly. Something not on the list? Make gratitude a habit. Writing it all down helps me see it when it's hard to see. 

4. Homemade chicken soup, beef stew, or a bowl of chili...what's your pleasure on a cold winter's day?

I like all of the above, but if I have to choose I'll go with homemade chicken soup. Besides it's healing properties, great taste, and the magical way it has of making a bad day better, chicken soup simmering on the stovetop is one of the best cooking aromas in all the world. 

5. The best part of my day is....


Early morning coffee, quiet time, and a perfectly perfect pink sky.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I don't typically write whole blog posts about the books I'm reading, but I do occasionally mention them here. I finished a really good one this week-Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew J. Sullivan. What have you read lately that you'd recommend? 



  1. You are so lucky with the weather no wonder that you are in a good mood ! Here people get depressed and have sour faces, it's since November that we had 12 sunshine !! Imagine !

  2. Jo,

    How nice it is to have your lovely daughter home! :) I enjoyed reading your all of your responses but especially your 10 little things you're loving. I found most of your answers reflect mine. But, I forgot to include my last compliment which no doubt was to DH. I tell him often what an excellent husband he is because that's the way I feel. He's truly a blessing in my life. God knew exactly what I needed and brought us together. What beautiful blue skies and inviting setting you captured with the lake behind your daughter!!! Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun, my friend and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Your grandson is so adorable! Making gratitude a habit is something I need to add to my list. :)

  4. I am very much enjoying the show Victoria as well! I've been doing some fact checking along the way and have been pleased to see that most of what is depicted on the show was, in fact, true! I've got to say that I used to think that Queen Victoria was rather stuffy; however, this show has really opened my eyes to the well-rounded, warm, and funny woman that she was.

  5. Baby boy is growing so fast! Ours are doing the same thing and I have no idea how to slow it all down. I just try to cherish every moment. I see there's a trip to Washington in your future! YAY! I cannot wait for those pictures! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Love the pretty picture of your Girly!
    I wrote down your book recommendation, always looking for those.
    I have been reading The Martian by Andy Weir at Abby's suggestion. I really liked the movie but she said the book was better, as is usually the case.
    Our grandbabies are getting so big!!! Mancub is adorable!! <3

  7. Oh how i love birdsong! Thank you for that. We're way deep in snow and five below zero this morning. I'm with you on practicing gratitude, every single day. That little grandson is such a cutie. I too remind my daughter of what a wonderful mom she is. xo

  8. Hi Joyce... we both have good taste in titles. Thanks for the book recommendation. Have a delightful day!

  9. Yes, grandchildren and daughters are the best! I wish we had decent weather. So sick of winter this year!

  10. Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore was on my last reading list that I posted - I haven't read it yet, but I'm happy to hear you liked it. I'll look forward to reading it soon.

    1. I think that might be where I first saw it. My niece had it on her list too. It's good!

  11. Your grandson and daughters are beautiful. Your daughter most likely is a good mother and I'm sure is following the example of her mother. All your little things that make you glad sound positively wonderful and gratitude is definitely the way to stay positive. We have so much to be thankful for.

  12. Love the photos of your girls and your grandson. I think a gratitude journal would help me a lot. Love the video too!

  13. Loved the video from your deck overlooking the lake ... I will be returning to that when I need a dose of beautiful calm.

  14. Wow, your little man cub is growing up so fast! (babies have a way of doing that, don't they?)
    I'm a fan of the show Victoria, too. I was hooked after the first show of the first season.
    I love, love, love your view...
    Kathy (Reflections)

  15. Yippee for your upcoming trip to Washington State to get some cuddles in! You have some gorgeous and peaceful views.

  16. Joyce, ALWAYS A GREAT PLACE!! thank you for hosting.
    your video is amazing. I think we could all use a gratitude journal!
    Blessings my friend

  17. Loved the video of the sunrise over the lake and the photo of your daughter on the deck with the lake behind her. Sure wish our weather was more like that. Instead, it's more like the weather you described in your previous post, with the huge icicles, ice dams, water damage and so on.

    You know, I really thought that the ten little things you are loving would be the little grandboy's fingers and toes! I enjoyed reading the ones that you shared.

    Thanks so much for hosting ... always fun to join in the Hodgepodge!

  18. I love Victoria! What an excellent series! I will look for your book. I haven't read any really good ones lately that I would recommend.

  19. I am definitely a positively charged person. Whenever I go to a party all the balloons stick to me.

    God bless.

  20. Definitely envy you your weather. And your daughter has a great example to follow as she continues her journey as a new Mum.

  21. I think I've found the one thing we do not agree on... candy hearts... not my favorite. Well, not the original ones anyway. I can get behind the starburst flavored ones. ha. Yay for a trip West! We're making up for our lack of rain last month. eh.

  22. What an absolutely perfect spot for your quiet time (or ANY time!). Loved your 10 little things...I think you're doing pretty well with that gratitude. A recent read? On the Edge by Parker Hudson. It's fiction, but whoa! does he paint a picture of demons and how they scheme to get our souls.

  23. I promise I wrote my answers before I read yours. Seems we had a couple that were very similar. lol I’m currently reading The Undoing of St Silvanus. Very good.

  24. As a life long Patriots fan, I hope that you and all Eagles fans are disappointed on Super Bowl Sunday. I remember the days way back when the Patriots were the "Cleveland Browns" of the NFL. That said, I believe that on any given Sunday any team can win...with the possible exception of the Cleveland Browns.
    Your grandson is growing so fast, as babies do, and looks so handsome. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your random thought was beautiful. Thanks for another wonderful Wednesday Hodgepodge. Have a great week.

  25. These were very thought=provoking questions this week...well, actually they always are for me. It sounds like we share many of the same thoughts concerning these questions. That little guy surely is growing and getting cuter and cuter! Oh yes...that lovely pink sky...just breathtaking! Thank you again for bringing us the Hodgepodge every week. :)

  26. Interesting and challenging questions this week, Joyce. Thank you for the time you spend pulling this group together each week. Your girls are such delights and that grandson is an absolute doll.

  27. I read The Turquoise Table a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was really good.