Monday, January 8, 2018

January Kinds Of Stuff

Which is code for sort of slow and not that interesting, but y'all know I'm going to talk anyway.

Let's start by stating the obvious. It's cold here. I feel like it's cold everywhere, but this is the south and we're delicate. Ha! Not really, southerners are tough except when it comes to cold weather. I probably sound like my granny saying this, but I think my blood has gotten thinner since we moved to the Palmetto State.

On the bright side I've been wearing my favorite jacket, warm boots, and fur collar which typically don't come out of the closet here in the southland. Hubs and I bundled up Saturday for a walk because even though it was frigid the sky was bright blue and the air was crystal clear. Also we ate far too many cookies over the holidays so a walk seemed in order. I had to be talked into it, but as is nearly always the case once I was out I loved it.

I also loved lounging by the fire in my cozy bathrobe but this was nice too.

We went to the movies Saturday afternoon because hubs cannot be sitting around doing nothing for more than a day even though in my mind napping and Netflix is not 'doing nothing'. We saw The Greatest Showman and both of us really enjoyed it. There weren't many people in any of the theaters and I feel like maybe everyone is sick of Hollywood.

Or is that just me?

I did not watch a single second of The Golden Globes because I'm so weary of people behaving badly then congratulating themselves for calling attention to the fact that people are behaving badly when they are those people.

Were you here for a rant today? Sorry.

The movie was good, a musical so you do have to appreciate a musical, but I loved the soundtrack. Afterwards we had a glass of wine and a small bite to eat because we just haven't been doing big dinners this week, and then we hunkered back down in front of the fire which is where January is meant to be lived.

We went to church Sunday and while I'm on a rant, if you have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cough please stay home. God understands. I feel like it's a real challenge to avoid the flu this winter, but I'm trying.

Sunday evening my teacher daughter2 texted to say she wouldn't have school today. She said the forecast called for ice and all the area schools had already announced they would be closed on Monday.  I had a doctors appointment in the small big city at 9 am today so figured I'd spend the morning rescheduling.

Except not so much as a raindrop fell.

Hubs drove me since we were thinking there would be ice at some point, but instead I was in and out of the doctors office in record time, we had breakfast at a favorite little spot in town, then hubs sat and waited for me to get my nails repolished because why not? It wasn't raining ice.

Or even rain for that matter.

Hubs pointed out I mistakenly chose a crimson shade for my nails when I really should have picked red, except when it comes to nail polish I prefer crimson. Football teams are another matter. We're going to watch the game with a bunch of GA fans tonight which is fine by us since GA has always felt like Tennessee's cousin and also we never root for Bama.

I think that catches you up on our weekend, but just to be sure I glanced at the photos in my phone to see if I'd forgotten anything. Pretty sure the only thing I left out here is a picture I sent to my daughter of the shampoo bottles in my guest bathroom because she wanted to buy that same brand.

January was made for slow.


  1. I can't even begin to say how annoyed I am for this 'it might be icy' but then it's not stuff. Currently going on two hours waiting for people to show up at my house who were going to be an hour late because of possible black ice this morning. Grrr. They make a bigger deal out of the black ice down here than in Minnesota. Sheesh. Okay, done ranting.

  2. I'll be wearing red tonight because DrummerBoy LOVES UGA and my aunt taught there and they wear red and it's UGA though I won't be crushed should Bama take it but they've been there done that so many times, ya know? We have been in the teens and 20s for 7 days. It is just now warm enough to melt some of this and I'm rather sad to see it go. It was lovely while it lasted but don't ask Tucker what he thought of it. I'm the same way about taking a walk- great once I get out. Getting me out, however...I don't go to the movies because I am not a fan of my seat being kicked repeatedly by the one person in the place who does that and always sits behind me. I never watch awards shows because I don't care about them but I did listen to Oprah's speech this morning and LOVE! I got what you did there with the cough...I was just reading that book to Marcy the other day. :) We're going to be ridiculously warm starting tomorrow, are Y'all?

  3. I laughed (with tears) about your bit about church and people coughing. Seriously...God understands. AMEN!!!!

  4. Our school system was closed today (even though I am retired still get msg) and the sleet started about an hour ago. has been so cold this past week yesterday it was 32 and it felt like a heat wave!
    Daughter is due today! But I keep texting her to see if she has any pain and the answer has been "No, Mom I am fine." It is hard waiting on this little one to enter into this world.
    Have a great evening and Go DAWGS! Not a fan of Alabama, either.

  5. I think celebrities have every right to speak out about whatever they want. And we can watch or not watch. After all that is what the Constitution allows from us. I agree with you about the coughing. But I will go further and tell them to stay home from EVERYTHING. I was in Target yesterday and wanted to bathe in alcohol when I got home .

    1. I definitely believe in free speech and that these celebs have an absolute right to speak their mind. I just don't think it works in their favor. We tune in to be entertained, not lectured or at least I do. The coughing/flu is everywhere...makes me want to stay home until spring!

  6. January is definitely made for slow but ours hasn't slowed down much! Ha! I really enjoy your posts and your writing style! Excellent posts!!

  7. Good evening, Joyce. It is nice to catch up with you! Yes, it is super cold here in the Dakotas too...
    And I agree, it is hard to find the blog worthy during January!?!
    I hope you had a marvelous Monday ~Natalie

  8. Even though January seems slow, you made it interesting with your clever and REAL writing style. I loved it.

    Forgive us. We cheer for BAMA, although at this moment, they're not looking very good. (3rd quarter of the game)

  9. LOVED your sentence about bad people behaving badly and then congratulating themselves!!!! (or something like that) Exactly how I felt watching the awards show last night. And of course, I had even deeper thoughts like where in the world did the designers find SO much black fabric????!!!!!

  10. Yes, January was definitely made for slow. I'm in total agreement with you about Hollywood. I decided to let my People magazine subscription slide, because I'm just not interested in what's going on out there anymore. However, I did love The Greatest Showman!

  11. Well I wanted to be doing stuff in January but the flu caught me so I have definitely been on SLOW....

  12. It's too cold here in Nova Scotia to even contemplate a walk, we have to settle for the treadmill at the gym. It's almost too cold to go outside to get in the heated car to go to the heated gym. Hah!

    The thing about this cough thing is that this bug that is going around causes a cough that hangs on - and on - and on. After three weeks of not attending, one thinks even God is getting tired of the excuses. ;-)

  13. I haven't been out to see that one yet but I plan on seeing it soon. We have enjoyed The Shape of Water and 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I have course watched The Golden Globes and the Critic's Choice awards. They were both okay but I totally understand where you are coming from with Hollywood. Have a nice weekend.