Friday, January 5, 2018

Out With The Old

I kind of feel like the new year should begin January 5th or 6th because that's about how long it takes me to regroup after the holidays. Decorations are finally down, thank you notes have been written, laundry is finally done, frig restocked, and naps have been taken. Priorities people.

Now we can move on to the new year.

Except I didn't post any pics from the end of the old one so how 'bout now? Auld Lang Syne and all that jazz.

We had friends coming for the new year weekend, plus Daughter2 was enjoying the remainder of her break at home so a full house. We were supposed to have three couples here, but one friend's daughter-in-law had her baby early so they needed to meet their grandson. You don't have to explain that to us-ha!

Anyway we had a fun weekend filled with too much food, matching mugs and PJs, music from the 1970s , and games. Lots of games because we girls love them and the guys go along with that.


We girls take our games seriously. There was pool, Hearts, Skipbo, Five Second Rule, and Pictionary. This crab with a dinosaur head is actually a cow which is why the guys say they prefer shooting pool to playing Pictionary.

Secretly they prefer Pictionary.

And remarkably they guessed cow.

One couple bought everyone matching PJs and we wore them the whole ding dong day New Year's Eve. They were so comfy some people might have worn them all day New Year's Day too. Hi hubs!

I'd picked up these cute initial mugs at Anthropologie way back when and added hot chocolate spoons which was a good thing because it was sooo chilly! Hubs built a fire in the outdoor pit and the guys sat down there for a while. We girls put in an appearance, lasting just long enough to drink our hot cocoa. Too cold!!

We had dinner out Saturday night then grilled pork tenderloins on New Year's Eve. We used a recipe from our Big Green Egg cookbook and it was a keeper for sure. Coffee rubbed tenderloin with a peach BBQ drizzle. Yum!

One couple left on New Year's Day but the other stayed to watch football, finish up the leftovers, and possibly play more pool. We won't talk about that Clemson game, but will say we're excited for an SEC vs. SEC championship match.

The friends left Tuesday morning but Daughter2 eked out all the winter break she could and didn't leave until nearly dinnertime. We'd recorded The Bachelor and had fun watching aka discussing the nonsense that always is when 29 girls are vying for one guy on national television. We had a nice afternoon before she loaded up the car and headed home. Her other home, not her home home which is here with her mama. Just felt that needed clarifying.

We're tired. Hubs and I have kept it low key this week, sleeping in, leisurely morning coffee and lighter meals in general, not giving ourselves a deadline to get the decorating undone, and then settling in for some Netflix early evening. We're hooked on The Crown and are sad we've watched the whole series so now will have to wait until who knows when for more. The show is fantastic and Claire Foy especially is remarkable in the role of Queen Elizabeth. Due to aging factors there will be an almost entirely new cast next season, but this one will be awfully hard to top.

Today I did what I think is the last of the laundry (will it never end???) and then spent time working on my calendar and writing down some things that need writing down. Not this blog post because pretty sure you could have gone all year without reading this, but some thoughts on the old year/new year, things I want to change and accomplish, and not resolutions per se but something related. Oh and I wrote a letter to my grandson which is definitely something I plan on doing more of in 2018 because I'm just old enough to know a hand written letter is a treasure.

 I feel a little bit more ready now for the new year so Happy New Year everyone!


  1. What a heck of a Jan 1! great family get together!

    My own washer and dryer have been going for the whole day. My daughter w/a 5 yr. old and 1 yr. old was nonstop with their stuff, and ours built up until today.

  2. You and Hubs must be the most hospitable folks around. You are always welcoming company but it's no wonder. You treat them so well and I'm sure everyone can hardly wait to come back. Enjoyable post!

  3. What a fun time! It's been cold here, too. We've been in the teens and 20s and ended up with nearly 8 inches of SNOW! I have been in heaven. Pure heaven. I'm excited for the GA/Bama game. No one here was discussing the Clemson game but I was secretly happy as I am a Bama fan though I'd never tell my wonderful SIL because I'm not even allowed to say Nick Sabin to him. LOL I felt like I couldn't lose that night. Same with the GA/Bama game. And no, no matter what laundry never ends. LOL I'm so glad Y'all enjoyed the holidays. Is your teacher girl back at school? Mine was supposed to go back Wednesday and the kids on Thursday but they changed it to teachers on Thursday and kids on Friday but then had to change it to teachers on Monday and kids on Tuesday. The thing we couldn't believe is that the teachers get to keep their workday. :)

    1. She went back to school Wednesday. No snow here. We’re Vol fans so cannot root for Bama. I like this Ga team plus most of our neighbors if they’re not Clemson fans are Ga fans. I hope it’s s good game! So glad you got your snow!

  4. I enjoyed every word and every photo!! It does feel good to have the decorations put away and life getting back to normal (sort of)!

  5. My decorations are almost all down. I can only do a few hours each day. I hope to do my calendars and thank you notes today! Looks like you had a great time for New Years. Love the PJ's and the mugs. The laundry never ends!! Mark isn't good at binge watching but I enjoy it and I just started season 2 of the crown. I know....waiting for the next season isn't easy.

  6. What a great way to celebrate the end and the beginning of the new year. Love the jammies!

  7. Loved your recap!
    We have kept some particularly hilarious Pictionary drawings in the box and call them "The Hall of Fame"!
    Snazzy jammies!
    Have heard very good things about The Crown, also Poldark and Broadchurch.
    What a nice, long visit you had with Daughter 2 <3
    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year, Joyce! It looks like y'all had a great time ringing it in :) I love the matching pj's and the initial mugs. What a cute idea!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  9. Looks like you had a fun New Year's Eve. It's been a while but I enjoy playing Skipbo. The initial mugs are a great gift.