Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Five Ish

I intended to participate in Five Minute Friday today, but I saw the prompt and changed my mind.  This week's one word prompt was 'intentional' and that felt too deep for me this morning even though I did  just use a form of the word in my first sentence

Let's talk about fluff instead. 

First of all, this little mancub! Look at him sitting up in the grocery cart! 

Y'all he is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. We FaceTime often and I wish I could crawl right through the screen and kiss his rosy cheeks in person. 

Hubs and I and refer to him often as the mancub because he's like an adorable little bear, and so full of personality. I think mancub might become his blog name. 

In other news, we had snow this week. Not SNOW!!! but snow. It stuck to the grass and made the trees gorgeous, but our roads have been fine. My daughter2 teaches a couple of counties over and they are still closed today so I guess they had more ice than we did. It doesn't take much 'round here. 

Snow was predicted to begin overnight Tuesday into Wednesday and I was so happy to wake up and see a blanket of white. Not a deep blanket, more like a flimsy coverlet, but still so pretty. Hubs will tell you he does not miss the snow at all but I miss it a little. I love the way snowfall brings a silent stillness to a planet that surely needs it. 

Plus here in the southland there's no chipping ice off the front steps for days on end, no fifteen foot icicles hanging from the gutters causing damming which then causes water to run down the interior wall of your home, no sooty black snow mountains in parking lots making it hard to see, and no week after week of sub zero temps. In fact it's supposed to be sunny and low-60's tomorrow which makes it easy to love a snow day in January. 

Hubs and I have both been reading a lot this month, mostly by the fire because snow!  I just finished  The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine. Has anyone read it? The book got great reviews on Goodreads, but I didn't care for it. The characters are so unlikable and the dialogue felt like high school. It's been compared to a Gone Girl type thriller, but I'd say that's a ginormous stretch. Would be curious to know if anyone else has read it and what they thought. 

One interesting thing, the 'author' is actually two sisters who've combined their names to form the name Liv. They live several states apart but write back and forth via FaceTime and email. 

Besides reading we've been watching some Netflix and catching up on our favorite shows including The Good Doctor, The Brave, and Victoria. Is anyone watching Victoria on PBS? It's really good and filling the TV viewing void left by The Crown. 

Our girls gave us a Legacy Box for Christmas and we finally got that sent off. It seemed simple on the surface, but of course I excel at complicating the simple. We could send ten items in our box-VHS tapes, 8 mm tapes, photos, or slides. Twenty five photos count as one item. We have all our 'baby' tapes on VHS and I knew we needed to start with those, but hubs was keen to send in some 8 mm too because all the Europe years are on 8mm. I think it's 8mm? It's not VHS and it's not DVD so it's whatever that technology thing was that came after the DVD but before the iPhone camera. We'll be getting everything back on DVD plus a memory stick. 

We knew the VHS tapes were in a box in the garage, and hubs was certain the 8mm were in the camera bag. Except they weren't which led to us opening all kinds of boxes in the storage area which led to a trip to Goodwill and the dump and then turning the house upside down trying to find those tapes. I was 100% certain I had not seen them or touched them since the move. Hubs was positive we had them when we left NJ, but I swore up and down I had not laid eyes on them. 

Except somehow they ended up in a totebag in my closet. 

oops. I kind of sort of now remember dropping the bag in there mid-move and then promptly forgetting about it. Obviously. On the bright side, we got some of that storage area emptied and the legacy box mailed so all's well that end's well.

Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Hello! First off that little "man-cub" is just adorable! And I know all about wanting to climb right through those screens and kiss little cheeks. MY daughter's 4 year old was allowed to call me on Facetime a few days ago because he had heard that there were mud slides in California and he was worried about us. He told his mom, "We NEED to call up grandma and see if she's stuck in any mud!" Little sweetie knows we live in California and its a long, long ways away from him His little face showing up on my phone just melted me. And my hubby just found a recipe book he KNEW we had and I was sure we didn't have anymore, so I know all about that too, lol. How fun to have snow. If we woke up to it here I can't imagine how we'd all act. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I like fluff and I like THAT kind of snow too. :) Perhaps a moving fairy put that tote bag in your closet.... teehee.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. ha ha don't you just love it when one thing leads to another and another and ....... But sounds like it was productive for you. And yes your Mancub is adorable. Always good to hear when UK shows are being well received in the US. I love Victoria and have just finished the second series of The Crown.

  4. Your little Mancub is indeed the cutest. Those cheeks, the smile and those eyes are beautiful. Such a blessing! We can probably all relate to the film story. So glad you found them. But wouldn’t it have been a better ending if they had been in Hub’s closet? LOL

    1. Definitely would have preferred them in his closet : )

  5. Love the name Mancub, just so cute, just like Tommy. Can't believe he's already sitting up. Before you know it, he'll be walking. So glad we have FaceTime. Sounds like "the hunt" was most productive, so that was a nice reward. Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh! your little mancub is so so cute. He looks quite ready to shop sitting in the grocery cart and his smile is the sweetest! Glad you can enjoy reading while the weather is colder. We've been enjoying The Doctor and Victoria, too. A new Great British Family cooking competition has been good, too, on Netflix.

  7. Mancub is totally adorable and so is that name. Love seeing his pictures.

  8. Your grandson/mancub is beyond adorable. I'm picturing you both looking for the movies. Your descriptions put us right there beside you. Shannon's photos are so great! I am always excited when she posts!