Monday, April 4, 2022

Brotherly Love

Moving right along in the April A-Z blog challenge with the second letter of the alphabet. My theme this year is 'these are a few of my favorite things'. It feels broad and I'm sure will go in a hundred different directions, or at least 26. 

Day 2-B is for Bourbon

Okay technically bourbon is not one of my favorite things, but we hit the Bourbon Trail a little over a week ago with hubs brother and brothers are one of my favorites. As are birthdays, but I digress. I took a lot of pictures and they gotta go somewhere. 

Also, I don't drink bourbon. 

Anyhoo, my brother-in-law celebrated a birthday a little over a week ago, and my sister-in-law planned a fun long weekend in the Bluegrass State to mark the occasion. 

Best of all daughter2 and her hubs joined the party and we had a great time hanging out, dining out, playing cards, and watching college basketball in our cozy lodgings. 

We stayed in a cute Airbnb in Bardstown and I didn't have to do a thing in terms of booking, planning, or reserving. My sister-in-law had the most perfect itinerary set up well in advance, and note to folks wanting to visit the ahead. Most places allow cancellation up to the day before and you may not get in to some of the more popular distilleries without a reservation. 

Bourbon country is also horse country and I love the scenery. 

We toured many a distillery and even though I don't drink bourbon I do really enjoy seeing the process, the landscape, and shopping in the small towns that dot this part of the Kentucky countryside. 

While all bourbon is made in much the same way no two distilleries are exactly the same. 

The pregnant lady sipped zero bourbon lest anyone be concerned. She may have ordered two pieces of pie but she did not have even a drop of bourbon-ha! Actually we all had a bite of the pies, but she did do the ordering. 

A highlight for the birthday boy and the hubs was bottling their own at Bardstown Bourbon Company. It's a newer and more modern facility and their marketing department knows what they're doing. 

We had sunny skies all weekend long, but it was cold. And windy. That feels worth a mention. The tours are mostly inside but you do walk outside to get to the rickhouses where the barrels are stored. I had mittens with me which everyone made fun of but were secretly wishing they had thought to bring lol. 

Cheers to the birthday boy, to brothers, and to blogging a Bourbon Trail road trip! 


  1. Looked like a fun adventure and spending time with those we love is always good thing! I have visited many a winery but never a bourbon distillery. That would be fun down the road if ever in Kentucky or the like! Good luck with the rest of the challenge!


  2. My husband has been wanting to do the bourbon trail. I could go along as the designated driver!

  3. That sounds like a great trip! I don't drink any alcohol but I have toured a few different places to see how beer and wine are made (I don't think we've ever toured anything with hard liquor though). I love seeing the different processes and hearing about the small changes they can make that completely alter a batch.

  4. What a great trip you had. I would love to go on a tour like that. Glad you had a nice time. Enjoyed all of your lovely photos.

  5. I actually used to drink bourbon and water as my drink of choice when I went out with friends. Not so much anymore. The trip sounds like it was so much fun and I'm sure the birthday boy enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing the good times! xo

  6. What beautiful country! So fun to have road trips with those you love.

  7. Ahh...what fun. So nice to have someone plan a great itinerary! I don't drink Bourbon but 'Dear' does.