Saturday, April 23, 2022

Tiny Blessings

It's time for my weekly (in April) gratitude list. Little things I love that begin with the letter of the day. Only problem is I made a list using this same letter back in 2019 (linked here) and I don't like to repeat myself. So here's to a brand new list and lots more tiny treasures-

Day 20-T is for Tiny Treasures

freshly polished toes
salt water taffy
happy tears
foreign travel
help with technology
a tidy house
toddlers who call me Nana
time to dream
thoughtful gestures
fresh thyme from the garden
a family Thanksgiving
trouble averted 
treasured memories
true love
tunes on the porch
East Tennessee 


  1. A few of those are definitely new to this list! Toddlers and Tennessee, especially. I love your list, Joyce. Have a blessed Sunday!! xo

  2. I'd have to substitute Twix or something else chocolatey for Twizzlers as I have never acquired a taste for those.

  3. Toddlers who call me Nana (or in my case Nanny) would be top of my list. Not sure a tidy house would make it to the list very often lol. Tranquility would be good.

  4. Great list Joyce! It's so good to take time to be thankful for the tiny things and not so tiny things.

  5. It's a great list Joyce! I see Joanne was substituting for Twizzlers and I would have to say that we are Red Vine fans.